What Socks Do Pro Cyclists Wear?

If you love riding your bike now and then, I am sure one of the questions in your mind is, Do cyclists wear unique socks? It may seem unnecessary at first, and you may be comfortable with workout socks, but as you continue riding, you’ll need several pairs.

So, what socks do pro cyclists wear? Pro cyclists know that cycling socks make your workout sessions more comfortable. Allow me to share my findings on what socks pro cyclists wear, along with some of my bests recommendations.

What Socks do Pro Cyclists Wear?

Finding a pair of professional cycling socks can sometimes be challenging. However, don’t worry because I will list some socks worn by pro cyclists that are fashionable, cozy, and cool. In today’s market, there are many options available, and getting yourself a pair that is not fit for cycling can be very easy.  Though some socks come in amazing colors that will go well with your whole outfit, some may leave your feet smelling like gone bad cheese.


Let me help you avoid this humiliation whenever you ride your bike. These socks on my list are some of the best, and they will make your cycling experience better, leaving your feet dry from sweat while avoiding smelling. However, you list the top 3 cycling socks that pro bikers wear. Finally, Below is our list of the 3 pro biker cycling socks.

1. Swiftwick Aspire Cycling Socks

These firm, compression-fit socks are my first recommendation regarding what socks pro cyclists wear. Pro cyclists love these socks because they are thin and comprehensive and help keep the toes safe from crushing on an extended ride. Swiftwick Aspire Seven cycling socks are available in the seven-inch cuff, four-inch, and two-inch cup, making them ideal for both short and tall riders. These socks are made up of 29 percent stain and 65% nylon. In addition, their fabric is made of perspiration-resistant Olefin, with 6% of the fabric being spandex.



  • They are breathable socks that help reduce heat around your feet when cycling.
  • The Swiftwick Aspire Seven cycling socks are very comfortable.
  • They come with minimum cushioning, which gives you a responsive feel keeping you in sync with your feet when riding.
  • These socks have an almost invisible toe that helps reduce friction.
  • They also have a tall crew cuff height that protects you from debris that shoots at your feet while cycling.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Their durability decreases with the amount of use.

2. Compressprint Cycling Socks

These socks are another excellent option, in my opinion, because they are good at preventing muscle injuries while promoting better blood circulation. They are also very comfortable, and riding becomes painless in these socks.

Compressprint Cycling Socks are designed with targeted compression zones and support the foot, reducing fatigue, cramping, and soreness. These socks are available in the range of 6 to 11 fits and are breathable. It would help if you worried about smelly or sweaty feet. They are the perfect socks for riding in style and convenience.




  • They are made of moisture-resistant and breathable fabric.
  • They hardly pill off your legs.
  • They come with targeted compression zones that help in increasing comfort. Their shape for a long time.


  • These socks cannot be tumble dried.
  • They only are only ideal for tiny feet.

3. lin 7 pack sports bike socks

This is another great option for pro cyclists. The lin 7 pack sports bike socks are high-quality and performance-enhancing materials. They are an excellent fit with a stretchable fabric that includes nylon, spandex, and polyester. These socks offer comfort even after having them on for a while.

In addition, they provide excellent blood circulation to your feet muscles because they are designed to compress around your foot and ankle. Made of moisture-resistant material treated with an antimicrobial agent, they help absorb sweat, leaving your feet cool and fresh.




  • They have reinforced cuffs that help them not slip down while riding.
  • These socks have a mesh vent structure that helps in breathability.
  • They are durable.
  • The Y-design’s newest design has an integrated gel pad and an arch support band that helps cushion your feet without added bulk.
  • A flat toe seam that reduces friction.
  • The antimicrobial agent keeps your feet from smelling like stale cheese.
  • This sock is for both men bikers and women bikers.


  • They begin to pill when machine washed.

Long or Short Cycling Socks! Which is Better?


When do you ask yourself what socks cyclists wear? you should also consider what height is the best for your riding experience. The traditionally ideal socks for cycling socks should be 7.5cm long. Anything below or above it will hinder comfort and performance.

This classic height is considered valuable and cool at the same time. However, if they are too short, your legs will be cold during the cold seasons. You may end up with bold tan lines during the summer and if they are too long.

So, long or short cycling socks?

Pro cycling socks come in a variety of lengths. However, long socks are favored more because of their increased temperature regulation. Ankle mid-crew length socks are also very popular with riders. With ample foot and ankle support, they protect your feet in the event of a crash.

When it comes to these two lengths, longer cycling socks are sold more often than shorter ones because they are spacious and have improved muscle support.

The written rule of wearing cycling socks

The official rule on pro cycling socks written by the UCI dictates that socks worn during cycling competitions should not be higher than the half of your leg. The rule states that the socks should equal half the distance between the midpoint of the middle of the fibula head and the lateral malleolus. This update was made in May 2020.

Why can’t they be higher, you ask? This is because some higher socks offer more aerodynamic capabilities than your skin, giving the cyclist an advantage over another athlete.


What socks should I wear for cycling?

Always go for thin cycling socks and snug, breathable, sweat-resistant fabric. Your personal preference will define the height, but I recommend longer socks for more space and muscle protection.

What length should cycling socks be?

As we have mentioned, pro cyclers prefer longer to shorter socks. Therefore, if you plan on getting a pair, I recommend you go for what these pro cyclers consider better. But, ensure they do not exceed half of your lower leg’s length.

Do you need cycling-specific socks?

They help increase your performance and comfort and come with many more features, such as breathability, that make your riding experience convenient.

Is cycling socks different from regular socks?

Unlike regular socks, cycling socks are made to fit closely and snugly inside your biking shoes. Also, like most athletic socks, these socks are made with quick-drying fabric that makes your ridding less sweaty while protecting your feet from odor.

Final Verdict

If you are unsure what cycling socks to buy, please follow some of the ideas I shared in this article. Indeed, you will get one of the best pro cyclist socks on the market. These three and more I have mentioned will give you the best comfort and athletic features you need for a smooth ride.

Though they are ideal for smaller feet, my best choice would be the Compressprint Cycling Socks because of their numerous integrations. They also come in three pairs per set, with colorful and exciting varieties that will help you remain comfortable and stylish.

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Last Updated: July 12, 2022

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