Vilano Diverse 3.0 Hybrid Bike Review

Going road racing, or racing around your city this summer and need a new ride? Look no further than the Vilano Diverse 3.0 Hybrid Bike. This is a fabulous bike geared toward the in-town biker and is used often for commutes. It has high ratings for its very strong disc brakes.

Considered an easy ride, this bike will get you around town and on beach runs easily. Riders can change the brakes on this bike if needed. They aren’t stuck with disc-type brakes if those aren’t their preference.

This bike comes updated in matte black with silver decals and is considered one of the best selling hybrid bike. You will note the lightweight of this bike. At only 24 pounds, it is easy to get on and off the bike rack. Additionally, the tires are easily removable for storage in houses.

You can put this bike together yourself but it sings when put together by a pro. Or, do both: assemble the bike yourself and get a tune-up as recommended by the manufacturer afterward complete with a safety check.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Hybrid Bike Review

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike Review

Road hardiness

This bike is considered quite a road hardy. The tires, being standard, take the wear and tear well. It’s a little on the light side for high winds but is considered a great commuter’s bike. The brakes are long-lasting and the cable is an easy fix with an Allen wrench if it becomes loose.

Very breakage of materials was reported, and aside from regular chain crossing, this bike is easy to use. The hard alloy bike frame makes it a long-wearing ride that you can use for hundreds of miles without a tune-up. With 24 gears, this bike makes it through just about any terrain.

A great beginner’s road bike

This Vilano looks like it costs more than it does. It comes with cheaper pedals and a 3-piece crankset, which may need to be removed for cleaning. Overall, the Kenda tires wear well, but they might be a tad heavy for biking across grass and mud. It has been noted that these tires are suited to concrete and city zones better than cross-country biking.

Even though Kenda usually makes heavy tires, they have stretched out on this one to create a more road-friendly heavy-duty tire. Without the accouterments that keep the mud out of the gears and the brake cable tight, this is rated as a good light maintenance road bike for under 500 dollars.

Gear shifting

The gears are supposed to be first-rate on this bike. Made by the Japanese company Shimano, they shift easily but may need cleaning. Depending on your weather, they could use some rustproofing as well. It’s been noted that these gears cross-chain, so they can feel like the lower amount of 14 gears rather than the full 24 gears that are on the bike. You don’t have to take it easy on these gears, though; they are reliable and tough.

N.B: If your budget is a little high you can read our best hybrid bikes under 1000 or if you are on a tight budget read our best hybrid bikes under 200 reviews.

Handlebars and sizing

You won’t likely like this bike if you are under five foot nine inches; however, if you are between five foot nine inches and six foot three inches, this bike could be a perfect fit. It doesn’t take tire changes, so make sure that your height works with this bike if you are going to purchase it. The handlebars, while sturdy, do not adjust. The seat does raise of course but that is about the only sizing you will get out of this bike.


If you are looking for hybrid bikes under 500 or even 200 dollars, this bike can be best for you. If you choose this for your next ride, you will get a high-performance bicycle within a tight budget.
Vilano Diverse 3.0


  • This bike is easy to assemble and an easy ride. Its Kenda tires are the standard size for easier shopping, and the disc brakes have high user ratings.
  • The handlebar is upright, making hills easier to manage.
  • This bike is optimized for those five feet nine inches (5’9”) to six feet three inches (6’3”) tall.
  • Its black frame hides dirt easily and the matte paint keeps it from being too slippery in the rain.
  • This bike does tune up well with a professional tune-up, but you can do some of the maintenance yourself as well.
  • It comes with free pedals and the fork is raised fairly high for higher speeds.
  •  This bike looks like a much more expensive bike.
  • The tires wear well, and the gears are solid.
  •  This bike is road hardy and you can put a lot of miles on it without needing too much maintenance


  • Handlebars are not adjustable on this bike.
  • It is optimized for persons five feet nine inches to six feet three inches tall, and persons shorter might have a harder time clearing the bike.
  • Persons taller will have a hard time as the handlebars are not adjustable.
  • This bike does not have a dust cover for the gears and is rumored to rust on the spokes early, so you may need to put rust protection on that.
  •  This bike does use cross chaining, so that is a consideration at high speeds. You cannot substitute the tires for another size on this bike.
  • Some people note that the seat is too hard, so it may need switching out for long rides.
  • Also, the pedals may not be the best, even though they are free. These may need to be changed out.

Key Features

  •  This 24-speed bike with disc brakes has high ratings in the hybrid bike category and comes disassembled.
  •  While it’s not a mountain bike, it has sufficient speeds and brakes for going up and downlight hills.
  •  This bike comes with free pedals in the box and with Shimano components.
  •  With 700c tires, this bike is a sure bet for a smooth ride on light trails as well as rougher roads in town.
  •  With a hydroformed alloy hybrid frame, this bike is strong and tough enough for all your light trail and in-town treks.


Question1: How many teeth are on the gears?

Answer: The gears have 40 teeth.

Question2: Are the tires changeable on this model?

Answer: No, you must use the specified 700c tires.

Question3: Does this model come with a warranty?

Answer: No, it does not.

 Final verdict:

This is an outstanding road hardy beginner’s bike. Be prepared to shell out for the tune-up as it’s worth it. It comes with well-known brand-name parts from Kenda and Shimano, so you can depend on getting thousands of miles out of this bike.

The frame is extra sturdy, but the fork is high so it is best used on the road. Some light trails will be enjoyable with this bike, but don’t plan on anything too heavy. Plan on replacing the pedals and taking the crankset apart for cleaning.

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Last Updated: October 9, 2022

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