surly cross check reviews

Surly Cross Check Reviews – Detailed About This Bicycle

They say sitting is the new smoking, and that goes for all of the sitting we do in our daily lives, including sitting in our cars, in traffic, across this great country. When I gave up my car for a year, and rode my bike, took busses, shuttles and trains everywhere, I was categorically more Read More

pure fix bikes reviews

Pure Fix Bikes Reviews – Top 3 Pure fix Original Bicycle

Are you looking for a fixed gear bike for a great ride? Pure fix bikes should immediately come to your mind. These bikes are now the best sellers, because of their great quality. They offer the best in terms of style, speed, as well as simplicity. These products are considered the best even for any Read More

royal baby bike reviews

Royal Baby Bike Reviews – Top 3 BMX Freestyle Bike in 2019

Choosing the baby bike is not easy. There are various brands on the market. Most parents prefer BMX bikes because of their unique design, great features, and functionality. There are at least two kinds of BMX bikes on the market, they include the freestyle and racing bikes. Freestyles are the best choice for kids. The Read More