Schwinn Men’s Volare 1300 Drop Bar Bike Review

When it comes to looking for a road bike, Schwinn has made its brand is known to be of high quality in materials used, design, frame, and features. They produce a large variety of quality and versatile bikes for women and men.

Their bicycles are long-lasting with solid construction. If you are in the market for a model that you can use to commute and for work, for exercise purposes, or for fun cruising around your neighborhood, then there is nothing better than a Schwinn Men’s Volare 1300 Bikes, 700-C, White Shimano. So, Let’s have a deep look at the Schwinn Volare 1300 review, Here we will discuss details about the product.

Schwinn Men’s Volare 1300 Bike Review

This model is made to be road-ready and can tackle just about any terrain with ease – be it rough, dry, or wet surfaces. It comprises a strong aluminum frame, a rigid fork, Shimano 14 speed shifters, Shimano rear derailleurs, 700c tires, and Caliper brakes. All these features combined make Schwinn Volare 1300 a great bicycle.

This exceptionally sleek and attractive model comes inclusive of a standard black seat, seat post, tires, brake levers, handlebars, and pedals. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at some key features of this Volare 1300.

Schwinn Men’s Volare 1300 Drop Bar Bike Review

Features & BenefitsPerformance

Schwinn Volare 1300  is a highly functioning best road bike that delivers top-of-the-line performance, thanks to its high-quality features. You can use it on any road regardless of the terrain – be it soil, gravel, paved areas, etc. It is a great item to purchase for commuting purposes, exercise, or just fun riding around the block. Volare 1300 is available in a beautifully finished white color that does not fade over time. Your bike will still look as good as new when well taken care of.

If you want exceptional performance, it is best to purchase new and high-functioning tires to replace the ones it comes with. However, this is not to say that its original ones do not function well – but for those pro riders, these high-pressure tires might not provide you with the freedom to speed up as fast as you would wish.

Frame and Design

 It comes with a beautifully finished double-butted aluminum frame. This makes it a strong and durable bicycle. You never have to worry about breaking your bike regardless of your weight. What materials your machine is made from is very critical as it determines how strong, durable, and lightweight it is. You want to keep an eye out for a model that has all these three characteristics.

Schwinn Volare 1300 is a light bicycle. You will be able to haul it up and down the stairs with no difficulties whatsoever. Even if you live in a duplex apartment, feel free to store your bicycle in that spare closet upstairs. The trip up and down will be easy and safe, thanks to how wonderfully light this bicycle is.

Gearing and Braking System

Road or hybrid bicycles are mainly used for road purposes just as the name hints. Therefore, since you want to avoid pedestrians, and oncoming traffic (human or vehicle traffic), a major thing to inquire about is the braking and gearing system.

Schwinn 1300 boasts a 14 gear setting that a rider can use to crank up the speed or switch it back down for slower speeds. Its gearing system is easy to use as well. When you are late to work/ class, simply crank up your gear for more speed and fly to wherever you need to beat.

A good braking system will allow you to come to a complete stop in no time at all. Avoid hitting those unforeseen obstacles. This model has a fantastic braking system that allows you to have complete control of your bicycle as like as mountain bikes. Avoid oncoming cars and maneuver your way through that hectic rush hour traffic with no worries.


Money can make or break a deal. How affordable is a specific model? What key features does it entail? Are those features worth that amount of money? How durable is that specific bicycle? Will it last long enough to be worth every penny spent? Such questions are of great importance when bicycle shopping.

Volare 1300 is a highly affordable road bike and can be purchased for approximately 300 dollars. Once you buy it, you will have access to some fantastic features that are truly worthwhile.
Schwinn Men’s Volare 1300 Bike


  • Very easy to assemble and use.
  • The lightweight frame, making it easy to carry when need be.
  • Very comfortable saddle.
  • Has an impressive braking system.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Highly durable.


  • Some past users have found their assembling to be a bit difficult.
  • This model is bigger than advertised meaning that it can be a bit bigger for some person frames.

Top Features

  •  700c Tires.
  •  Schwinn Aluminum frame.
  •  Frame size: 56cm to 56.5cm.
  •  42/52 Chainrings.
  •  Schwinn Alloy crankset.
  •  Shimano rear derailleurs.
  •  Shimano 14 speed A050 shifters.
  •  7 Sprockets with teeth rear cassette.
  •  Caliper brakes.

Who Can Use

This bike is for any men who want a lightweight bike under a cheap budget. Schwinn Volare 1300 has a 19-inch frame size. But the manufacturer confirmed that the latest edition of this bike has 22 inches frame and it is a perfect fit for 5.5 ft to 6 ft tall man. Finally, we can say it is a tall man’s bike.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Question 1: Is this model fully assembled when it arrives or will I have to assemble some parts myself?
  • Answer: It comes 70% assembled. However, if you follow the instructions in your manual, the rest is a breeze.
  • Question 2: Does it come inclusive of pedals?
  • Answer: Yes, it comes with pedals. However, you can always opt to buy others and replace them if you prefer something else.
  • Question 3: What are its measurements?
  • Answer: Its frame size is 22 inches (not 18 as advertised), Height of 31 inches, and the frame length of 41 Inches. Its end-to-end length is 68 inches.

Other Model Of This Bike

Considering the convenience and inconvenience of the customers, the company has brought two more Schwinn Men’s Volare models to the market.

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Schwinn Volare 1300 is a highly functional and durable road bike. If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing a Schwinn before, then this is a perfect entry-level model. You can use it for casual riding, commuting to and fro work/ school, or for exercise purposes. For a road bicycle, this model holds its own.

Thanks to its fantastic gearing and braking system, you can crank up the speed when you are late for something and still manage to avoid those unseen obstacles in a matter of milliseconds. With Volare 1300, you have full control over your machine. Travel safely and reach your destination in one piece every time.

If you have any questions about Schwinn Volare men’s 1300 road bike, do comment below and we shall get back to you ASAP.

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Last Updated: August 8, 2022


  1. You stated the frame size is 56 cm, but it was answered on a comment that the frame size is 19 in. 19 in in cm is 48 cm. Is there a difference here? I fit in a 56 cm frame but I want to make sure that is the true size. Thanks!

    1. Hi Eduado,
      It frame size is 22 inch. Manufacturer confirm the correct size. So I think it will perfect fit for you.

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