Schwinn Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bicycle Review

Schwinn Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bicycle is the perfect bike for riding and commuting around your neighbor. In this article, I will cover every single consideration on this bike, this guide will help you to make a decision, whether you buy this model or not!

Do you feel jealous, when you see someone riding on a bicycle very comfortably with a smiley face and you are riding in a bus or car or train on the way from home/office? We all feel that, to take off from a bus, ride on a cycle, and press on a paddle to go forward by overtaking one of our friends making him the competitor. Which will make it more fun?

At home at long winter training rides & way of daily commutes to the office, a Schwinn Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bicycle will make the joyous filling on riding with its best feature of a lightweight & aluminum frame with the suspension fork. This Schwinn Capitol Bicycle is perfect for women who are searching for front & rear alloy V brakes, comfortable soft hybrid seats with springs, derailleur, and lightweight for precise gear shifting.

They have a road-style aluminum frame, lightweight with a focus on speed and agility. They typically have an upright riding position and flat handlebars, which makes it easy to keep an eye on your surroundings when riding in traffic.
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Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bicycle Reviews

This Schwinn bike is known as a commuter, urban, or city bike, usually sitting somewhere between mountain and road bikes in their design. Schwinn Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bikes EZ-Fire shifters ( 21-speed) with rear Shimano derailleur for precise gear shifting, Schwinn Hybrid aluminum frame with the suspension fork, Soft hybrid seat with springs suspension seat post for the ultimate comfort, Alloy wheels, and plenty of gears for easier hill climbing.

Schwinn Capitol Women’s Bicycle is an affordable and great bike that is priced at a pocket-friendly value. And it’s an excellent choice for short women recommended by a lot of customers.

From lots of features, I mention some key features below to give a reason for this: Schwinn Capitol Women’s Bicycle


An aluminum hybrid frame with Schwinn suspension and 32 forks makes this bike more comfortable. Its weight is 40 to 50lbs which is pretty lightweight. The hybrid aluminum frame is part cruiser and part fitness put together into one comfortable ride. It’s really the best frame model for short women.

Soft Seat

Soft Hybrid Seat with spring: In Schwinn, Capitol bikes used the soft hybrid with a spring suspension seat for ultimate comfort. The seat is small and flexible for anybody.


Alloy V Rim Brakes on front & rear translate into smooth, stable performance, even at high speed and under hard braking.

Gear & Wheel

For precise gear shifting In Schwinn Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bike used 21 numbers speeds EZ-Fire shifters with Shimano rear derailleur & 700 centimeters high profile rims alloy wheel. With the facilities of plenty of gears on Capitol, it’s easier to hill climb together into one comfortable ride.

Technical details of Schwinn Capitol Hybrid Bicycle

  • 21 number of gear speeds.
  • 16 Inches/Small Schwinn aluminum Hybrid frame.
  • Rime-style beaks.
  • Item Dimensions – 70 x 25.5 x 70 inches.
  • 40-50lbs weight.
  • Soft hybrid seat with springs.



  • Not perfect for short women or girls.
  • it’s not come with assembling. you have to assemble it.


Question-1: Is this a 24 or 26-inch wheel bike?

Answer: 26 is perfect for a shorter person and u can adjust handlebars and seats. It is called a 700c, which is a metric equivalent of approximately 26″.

Question-2: I’m 5.1 inches. Would this be comfy to ride for and my height? Is this easy to ride in uphills? Is this easy to carry up the stairs?

Answer: I’m 5’3 I find it comfortable for me to ride and my height. when it comes to riding it’s uphill learning to shift the gears makes it easy to ride up hills but then it also depends on the individual person.

knowing the gears will help a lot with the hills. The bike isn’t that heavy about 50 or so pounds if you have the upper body strength it’s not so bad to carry upstairs. I don’t have an issue when I need to carry it upstairs to the train.

Question-3: Is this a good bike for riding on bike paths or strictly pavement? How are the treads on the tires- more similar to a road bike or true hybrid?

Answer: I have this bike and I ride it on gravel, pavement, or grass with a good performance. I had not used it on mountain bike paths because I don’t do that. However, I think it could work well from time to time only because the tire is thinner than the mountain bike type.

Considering all over, the Capitol Women Hybrid bike is a perfect bike for women with its all features. This bike will give a feeling of adventure riding on the bikes by transforming every ounce of effort at the pedals into blistering straight-line speed.

Moreover: to make a lovely smile on the face of a wife or girlfriend, give this bike as a gift. She must enjoy riding on it & feel happy.

Final words

Finally, if you Capitol women’s 16 Hybrid bike from Amazon they will ship this free in the US. Front-wheel, handlebars, and brake pad clips need to be assembled which you can do by own self.
Finally for more information please visit the below link. You also get lots of review customers and frequently answer different questions about this bike.

Last Updated: August 8, 2022

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