Roadmaster Bike Review – 4 Best Roadmaster Mountain Bikes

If you are looking for a roadmaster bike review, and your question is roadmaster a good bike brand, then you are in the right place, We reviewed the 4 best roadmaster mountain bikes. Read and choose one from our list.

Roadmaster bike has earned a reputation in the mountain bikes industry. They started the journey in 1936 and continued to improve such that the best quality bikes in the markets are products of that brand. They are miles ahead of other models in the industry. Their style and unique design set them from various models out there.

The beauty of the company is that they produce different categories of bikes including the middle and low-end bikes meant for beginners and low-income earners. The brand is indeed reliable and inexpensive. Because the company has so many varieties on the market, it becomes difficult for many buyers to make a choice. If you are a new buyer and you are confused as to which of the models to use, these roadmaster bike reviews are meant for you. The best four of such roadmaster bicycles are reviewed here. If you are finding it hard to manage such bikes, you can rely on this for a guide.

At a glance: Top 4 Roadmaster Granite Peak 26″ Mountain Bikes

1. Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 Inches Navy
Frame Steel frame Roadmaster-navy-mtb

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Fork Steel fork
26 Inches
Brake Style
Linear pull
For Man
2. Roadmaster Granite Peak Girls MTB
Frame Steel Frame roadmaster-granite-peak-girls-mtb

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Fork Steel Fork
24 Inches
Brake Style
Linear pull
Suspension Front
18 speed
For Girl
3. Roadmaster – 26 Inches Granite Peak Black
Frame Steel frame roadmaster-26-Mens-granite-peak-mens-bike

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Fork Steel frame
Wheelset 26 Inches
Brake Style
linear pull
Suspension Front
Speeds : 18 speed
For Man
4. Roadmaster 26 Granite Peak White
Frame Steel frame Roadmaster-Granite-Peak-womens-Bike

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Fork Steel frame
Wheelset 26 Inches
Brake Style
linear pull
Suspension Front
Speeds : 18 speed
For Woman

Roadmaster Bike Review


 Top 4 Roadmaster Mountain Bikes Reviews

Roadmaster bikes are more popular for mountain bike production. So, after testing and considering many more things, I will review the top 4 Roadmaster mountain bikes for you in this article.

1. Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

This granite design is for men mountain bike riders. It is a versatile cycle because it can be used right in the home, in the street, as well as the commute to work. It is designed for multipurpose use. You can use it on different terrains because of the fantastic design. The frame consists of the best quality steel material. Also, it uses a front suspension fork, and because of that, it can withstand different terrains without difficulties. The design ensures that you can navigate difficult paths.

Most importantly, you are going to ride this bike with the utmost confidence as it features a durable tire. The tire tread grips the ground very well and because of that, you are highly secured as your cruise around the city. The alloy rim makes it more stable and durable.

Most importantly, it features 18-speed shifters as well as a Shimano rear derailleur. This makes for maximum performance as you ride. These are the most popular bikes on the market. It is good for the poor and the rich. Once you have this great bike you would reap the benefit for a long time to come. Many people would opt for the model because of the weight. It is light and this makes it easy and very simple to use. Even inexperienced riders would become king of the road within the shortest time. This model is the friendliest bike for riders.


Features and benefits

Front suspension fork

One great feature that makes the difference between this bike and several other models is the front suspension fork. It makes it withstand the most difficult terrain. Even if there is a sudden gallop, the fork is going to withstand it, and the impact on the rider would not be severe. It makes you more secured when you use the system.

For distance riders, this innovative feature makes it easy to withstand the stress associated with long-distance riding. You would not feel serious pain in your lower back, which would have been the case if the suspension is not active and effective.


The most outstanding feature is the frame. The bike frame is designed with the finest quality steel material, and this makes it very stable. Both the frame and the steel handle ensure that you have the most comfortable ride.  This makes it the best for beginners because as they fall in the course of the learning, the frame and the handle remain stable. It is such strong that it can withstand the roughest of use. You can use it with confidence. It is designed to withstand the most difficult terrain and your safety and security are guaranteed as you use the model.

The best tire quality

Something was said about the durable tires in the introductory part of this work. The makers of this bike have great regard for the safety of the rider and that is why they produced the most durable tire.

This is the most quality you can lay your hands on. It is good for beginners because it can grip very well on the ground irrespective of the type of surface you want to use this bike. To ensure that the bike does not slip away from the road, it can hold the ground very well even on loose surfaces. You are sure of your stability when you use it. In the same way, if you ride at the fastest speed, you do not need to worry about your safety because of the wonderful tire traction.

Effective braking system

The tire braking system is great. It features a linear track system and because of that, the brake will bring the bike to a halt even if you use it on the most slippery background. A wonderful braking system is one of the greatest features. The makers of the bikes are certainly more interested in the safety of their users. One of the key factors that make a great bike is braking ability. This certainly meets the condition for that and it is highly recommended for those looking for the best.


When it comes to the overall bike performance, you see that this model is ahead of its competitors. You can hardly believe that it is sold at that affordable price when compared to the high-level performance. It uses the SRAM drives levers, and this makes it stand on its own and also ensures that the whole system runs in harmony. Both the rear and front derailleurs work perfectly together and that is why it would always satisfy its users.


  • The bikes are highly affordable
  • It is solidly constructed and can withstand the toughest ride
  • The braking system is very reliable and efficient
  • It is beautifully designed and looks great
  • The front suspension system is also great and it can serve as a great shock absorber


How to assemble

It is not difficult to assemble the bikes. If you had an idea about assembling similar bikes, you can assemble this one as well. You require a Philips screwdriver and two crescent wrenches.

For quick assembly, two people are required to have the bike assembled and running. Ensure that everything you need such as the bike parts are ready before you begin to assemble it. You can require wire cutters, 5 mm as well as 6mm Allen key, and so on. The wrench must be adjustable. Then you have to start by unpacking the bike and setting the handlebars, as well as the bike seat, the front tire, and the braking system, and other components of that bike. Setting the bike is simple once you follow the instructions provided for that.

Frequently asked questions

Question-1: Does that bike come assembled?

Answer: You can see from the section above that you have to assemble some of the parts. Some of the bike parts are already assembled, you only need to complete the remaining parts, and the instructions provided would guide you in doing that.

Question-2: Is this a good bike for tall people?

Answer: One of the key benefits of the bike is the frame size which is considered great enough. It can accommodate riders of 6 feet and more than that.

Question-3: How many gears does it have?

Answer: It comes with 18 variable gears. Because of that, you have to be careful in selecting the gears.

Are you looking for a roadmaster mountain bike you can buy with money? This model remains the best and it is highly recommended. You have a lot to gain from this product.

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2. Roadmaster – 24 Inches Granite Peak Girl’s Mountain Bike

The 24 inches granite peak mountain bikes are great for girl riders. It is great for outdoor riding and entertainment. The Roadmaster bicycles have similar components as the traditional bike but you can notice the difference in its steel frame design.

Most importantly, it uses a front suspension fork which can serve as the bike shock absorber. Whether you run on a difficult or smooth path, you can hardly feel it. The model also features 18-speed twist shifters. You can just increase the speed as you ascend or descend the mountain.

Besides, it has the safest features such as the rear and the classic handbrakes. When you apply that brake, it would stop you at that very moment you want it to stop. Furthermore, the tires are great and they can handle different kinds of terrains. The most important thing here is that you are well protected and secured with the tire traction system. It has other fantastic features that make it the best for girl bike riders.


Features and Benefits

Suspension fork

The bike fork suspension system is the most outstanding feature. This ensures that you ride through different terrains without any impact on the bike or the rider. The bicycle is designed to last for a long time. This has to do with the wonderful suspension system. The makers of this model have the safety of the rider in mind when they manufactured the bike. Whether you are cruising around the neighborhood or you want to engage in a casual ride, this is a great product you are going to enjoy, and credit would go to the fork suspension system.


When it comes to speed, the bike has an edge over similar models out there. It features 18-speed twist shifters. This facilitates your movement from one location to another. A wide gear selection range ensures that you have smooth riding. You gradually adjust the gearing system as you ride. Most importantly, shifting from one gearing to another is not even difficult and you do not notice when you do that. You can just customize the bike to suit your riding preferences. It is great for girls and it is specifically designed for them.

Braking system

Before you purchase any mountain bike, you must consider the braking system to ensure that it does not disappoint you. Makers of this model know that girls needed absolute safety when they ride this. They do not leave anything to chance and that is why they incorporated the most effective braking system you can get in that industry. It features both the rear and front braking system and the bike can come to a stop exactly at the point you pulled the brake. It does not disappoint and it does not difficult to apply the braking system.


It is necessary that when you look for this kind of bike, you look for the most durable type. Determining the durable cycle is simple. You have to consider the frame design and the type of materials used in making the frame and the handlebar. Once they are designed with the finest steel materials, then they can serve for a long time. The frame is designed with steel materials. The same thing applies to this product. It is designed with the best quality frame materials and this does not damage easily. When you buy this, you would be happy with the purchase because it is going to serve for a long time.


It is pretty easy for girls to use because of the lightweight. They do not find it hard to ride the bike. The lightweight design also makes it easy to control. Even if they encounter the most difficult bumps ahead, female riders do not find it hard to climb down and take it along with them. This is one of the reasons many parents prefer to get this Roadmaster bicycle for their daughters.


  • The bike features the most advanced braking system
  • It is an 18-speed twist gearing bike and runs at great speed
  • The cycle is lightweight and very easy to carry
  • Most importantly, it is not difficult to maintain


  • It is not easy to install

How to assemble

Assembling a Roadmaster takes the same process. If it arrives from the factory, you need to fix the components together. Some of the parts you need to install include the seat as well as the seat post. Furthermore, there is the need to have the handlebar installed as well as the steering stem. After that, you have to install the front wheel of the bike and the pedals. With the correct tools, you can have all these installed within a few hours. If you are an expert, you can do that without any help. However, it is always recommended that you get a helper to assist you in that installation process.

If you had an idea about how such things are done, you can easily do that. If you check the installation manual, you can get help.

Frequently asked questions

Question-1: Is that bike assembled on arrival?

Answer: If you get it from the factory, certainly, it is not assembled on arrival. It only means that you have to do the installation. There is a user manual that can guide you through the process.

Question-2: Is the bike meant for girls?

Answer: Yes, the bike is purely designed for female riders. It is meant for you if you are a female rider

Question-3: How am I going to carry the bike I am a girl.

Answer: Even if you decide to carry it, there is no problem with that as the product is lightweight.


Do you have a female bike rider in your home? If you do, you can consider acquiring this bike as a birthday gift. She would value it more than any other thing.

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3. ROADMASTER R4047WMJ 26″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Women’s Bike

The Roadmaster granite peak 26-inch bike is another great product from Roadmaster. The bike is suitable for all kinds of terrains and that is why it is described as an all-purpose bike. You are going to have a wonderful ride when you try this wonderful and great product. It is one of those you can use with confidence knowing full well that it contains all those features that can secure you on the road.

The frame is designed with steel material and this makes it very durable. Also, it features a front suspension fork. The fork ensures that you are comfortable and stable as you ride. Should you encounter any serious bump on the way, the suspension has a way of carrying that shock which is transferring it to the rider. Most importantly, the braking system is very efficient. It can stop at the point you want it to stop. This model is one of the best and it is recommended for those looking for the best. In addition to this, it has great features and benefits.


Features and Benefits

Steel frame for durability

The most outstanding feature of any granite bike is the durable steel frame. As an entry bike, the makers opted for this material because of the security and safety of the riders. Most of the time, users of these products are not well experienced in the act of handling the most expensive bicycles.

The makers see something valuable in the steel materials and that is why they do not opt for aluminum materials which would have been easier in terms of weight and control. The benefit of the steel frame material is that it can make it serve you longer. You would have real value for your money when you invest in this.

Perfect gearing change

The makers of this product want riders to overcome most of the challenges in gear selection. Selecting gears in a mountain bike is the most difficult challenge users of this kind of product would always complain of. You are going to find it very hard and simple to ride because it can make gear changes easy and fast. This is possible because the Shimano rear derailleur ensures that you do not find it hard to change the gear. You will find it easy and fun to use this model.

Runs at a great speed

Even though this model is a mountain bike, you are not going to find it hard to operate it. It runs at the most wonderful speed and the result is that you are going to reach your destination with ease. The granite peak makes it possible to run at a very high speed. It gives you that freedom and this is one of the features that make it different from other mountain cycles out there. Furthermore, it features three-piece mountain cranks as well as 18 variable gears. You can just customize your ride and run at the best speed. With this product, you are the king of the road.

The best quality wheelset

Perhaps the best thing going for this product is the fact that it has the best components as far as mountain bikes are concerned. The rims and the wheels are produced from lightweight materials and the implication is that you would find it easy to control the bike as you cruise through the streets without challenges. Because of the lightweight alloy materials, there are other benefits that you can derive from that which include control, strength as well as durability. Furthermore, with the great thread of the tires, you see that it would grip the land very well. Your safety is one hundred percent guaranteed when you use this product.

Safe to use

When it comes to the safety of the user, you discover that this model has great safety features. Because of that, you do not exercise any fear once you are on the product. It has the most effective braking system and the implication is that the bike will come to a halt at the exact place you want. There is another safety feature in place, and you would have justification for everything you spend to have this bike. It is just the best and you can start with it.


  • It uses the most adjustable seat
  • Furthermore, it is easy to assemble
  • The product is highly attractive
  • Most importantly, it looks great and attractive


  • You need to adjust the brake regularly

How to assemble

You have seen that you do not need to be a professional before you can fix those components. Usually, when it arrives, you have to assemble the remaining parts because it is not fully assembled. If you follow the instruction manual accompanying the product, you can install it. For easy installation, you can get somebody to assist you during the installation process. If you have previous experience with this kind of product, you can easily install it.

Frequently asked questions

Question-1: Can I do the installation by myself?

Answer: The bike is not fully assembled on arrival and this means that you must put the remaining components. If you are not experienced in installation, you can hire a technician to do that for you.

Question-2: I want to find it out if the back and front tires are quick releases.

Answer: They are not quick release; you already know that it is a mountain bikes.

Question-3: Is it possible to include a child trailer?

Answer: Yes, it is possible, to do that.

This is the best female bike model. It has the most fantastic features and is simple and easy to use. If you want the best for yourself, you can pick this model.

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4. Roadmaster – 26 Inches Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike

This model is specifically meant for men and it would not be surprising if you see masculine features here. It is ruggedly constructed to withstand any kind of environment it is exposed to. They can afford to do that because of the wonderful suspension system. This is where Roadmaster has an edge over designers. Furthermore, the tires are the best you can get. The design is such that it can grip the surface very well. It does not matter the kind of surface you want to use it.


Features and Benefits

Very attractive

The bike is the most attractive of that category on the market today. The craftsmanship stands it out among several others out there. It looks great and is very attractive. Furthermore, it is durable and ruggedly designed. You can just ride this with confidence because there is absolutely nothing to lose about the product.

Perfect gearing system

The gearing system is indeed great and it is smooth as well. To gear this bike, you do not need to spend all your energy. The system is designed such that the gears shift from one position to another one. It does not take time and it cannot consume your energy in the process. Everything is simplified for your perfect and comfortable ride.


Furthermore, the speeding system is another outstanding feature. It runs at a very fast speed. This is possible because of the unique gearing system. When it comes to speed, this model has an edge over others.

Braking system

The braking system is perhaps the most outstanding feature that makes the bike wonderful. It can stop when you want it to stop. Because of the braking system, the safety of the user is one hundred percent guaranteed as the brakes do not disappoint. If you want the best you can begin with this model.

Rims and wheels

The bike features the best quality rims and wheels. These are not only durable; they are lightweight as well. If you want to engage in any outdoor adventure, you would not find it hard to use the product. The lightweight wheels and rims make them easy and simple to use. It is not going to be a burden to move it from places and you can do that with the greatest confidence.


  • It uses the best quality suspension fork
  • The product is simple and easy to assemble
  • The bike is sturdily constructed
  • It is highly affordable


  • The seat can become uncomfortable for a long ride

How to assemble

Before you can use the product, you must first try to get all the parts together. It arrives at you in a carton and you have to unseal it to inspect what is available to ensure that the components are complete.

When it is complete, you have to assemble all the necessary tools that are needed. A screwdriver and a few other tools can help in the installation process. If you cannot do that installation all alone, you can get somebody to help you during the installation process. Just follow the instructions and you would set it up in a short time.

Frequently asked questions

Question-1: Do I get assembled tools from the manufacturers?

Answer: No, you have to get the tools yourself and install it

Question-2: How many gears do I expect from this product?

Answer: It is the 18 gearing system and it enhances the riding speed.

Question-3: I am a fully mature man can I use the bike?

Answer: It is designed for men like you. If you are 6 feet you can use the product.

Getting the best Roadmaster bike is not easy. Now that you have one of the best on the market, what are you waiting for to make your order? Make haste before it runs out of stock.

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Roadmasters are indeed the leading mountain bikes in the world today. You have seen that these bikes are not only durable, but they are also lightweight and very easy to use. It has the most effective braking system. The roadmaster bike review and four items recommended above are the best you can buy with money and they are all recommended.

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