Pure Fix Bikes Reviews – Top 3 Pure fix Original Bicycle

If you’re looking for unbiased pure fix bikes reviews, you landed in the right place. We test ride and analysis all the models from this brand and pick the Top 3 Pure fix Original Bicycle for you to buy.

Are you looking for a fixed gear bike for a great ride? Pure fix bikes should immediately come to your mind. These bikes are now the best sellers, because of their great quality. They offer the best in terms of style, speed, as well as simplicity. These products are considered the best even for any stormy weather. Most consumers like the quality.

The costs are affordable, and they are easy to ride. The affordable cost does not in any way interfere with the quality. The designs are also fantastic and they remain the most comfortable. There are different kinds of such bikes on the market. It may not be easy for you to make a choice. To ensure that you get the best of that brand, the top pure cycles are reviewed and recommended for you here.

Top 3 Pure Fix Bikes Features Chart

1. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike
Frame  Steel frame pure-fix-original-single-speed

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Fork Steel fork
Brake Style
Rear Brake
Juliet Matte Black
Size Multi-size
2. Pure Cycles Adventure Gravel Disc Road Bike
Frame: Steel Frame pure-cycles-adventure-gravel

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Fork: Steel Fork
Wheelset : 700c
Brake Style : Promax alloy disc
Color : Multi-Color
Speeds : 16 & 18 speed
Size: Multi
3. Pure Cycles Classic 16-Speed Road Bike
Frame: Steel frame pure-cycles-classic-speed-road-bike

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Fork: Steel frame
Wheelset: 700c.
Brake Style : linear pull
Color : Multi-color
Speeds : 21 speed
Size: Multi

pure fix bikes reviews top 3 bike


3 Pure Fix Bikes Review

In this section, the top 3 pure fix bikes are reviewed here. They were chosen because of their quality design, superior performance, comfort, ease of maintenance, and most importantly their affordability among other factors. Here we are going to review the top three recommended products from the pure fix bike brand.

1. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Bike

This product is the most outstanding on the market because of the simplicity of design. It is fixed with minimal components. Many starters find it easy, to begin with, this brand. Because of the simple design, you discover that it offers a superior ride and you will feel comfortable when you use it. The design is such that it offers you the fullest potential.


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This bike is great, and it offers you everything you should get from any modern fixies bike. For efficiency and a comfortable ride, the bike offers it. If you are getting into best fixed gear bikes for the first time, it would be nice if you start off with this model. It has everything you want, and it is one of the best you can buy with money.

Features and Benefits

Parts and accessories

The parts and accessories are readily available. It offers arrays of styles and components. Some of the accessories it offers include handlebars, water bottle cages, saddles, as well as foot straps, and more. Even if any of the parts destroy, you will not find it hard to get a replacement. These parts and accessories are readily available. Most importantly, the product offers a constantly rotating selection.

Because of this, when you get this wonderful product, you discover that there are always things fresh for you. If you are looking for a great bike that offers you everything that you need in terms of components and accessories, you can consider this top-notch product. It has an edge over several others.


Another great feature of the product is the fact that it is easily customizable. Because of that, you can always upgrade to the latest design whenever it is available and if you like the new features. For instance, it is easy to change the style of saddles and handlebars to the most modern ones.

In addition to that, you can upgrade the water bottle cages as well as the foot straps if you want. It does not mean that they would come with the product when you buy one. They are readily available in reputable bike stores. You will get the kind of experience you want when you use the product.


When you get the bike, you would not find it had to install it. The reason is that the bike is ninety percent shipped. Assembling the remaining parts would not be a difficult process. Furthermore, you are not going to find it difficult to maintain the bike when it damages. Everything that you need to fix the remaining parts are provided. In addition, the instructions as regards to how to install it are also provided.

You do not have anything to lose when you buy this product because the manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on the fork and the frame. Most importantly, manufacturers provide a one-year warranty for most of the components. You have plenty of things to gain and absolutely nothing to lose when you order this item.

Highly durable

Furthermore, the bike is also durably constructed. The bike is designed to live forever. Most users rate it high because of the superior quality frame. The frame does not only make it last for a long time, but the other interesting feature about the frame is also that it is available in various colors. This means that you can easily make your choice.

In addition, other components of the bike such as the saddles, handlebars, foot straps, as well as water bottle cages are available in different colors. This makes it easy for you to make your choice. From the features above, you can see that this is the most comfortable and affordable bike on the market. You will have value for your money when you procure this item.


  • The most outstanding benefit of this bike is the fact that it is highly affordable. Most people can afford it. You do not overstretch your account before you can buy the item.
  • Secondly, the bike is durable. If you want a product that can last for a long time, this bike is the type. It is sturdily constructed.
  • Furthermore, the bike is upgradable. If you want, you can upgrade some components of the bike to make it new. This is one of the most customizable bikes you can buy with money.
  • Moreover, the bike is simple and easy to assemble. More than ninety percent of the parts are preassembled. You do not find it hard to assemble the remaining parts.


The freewheel gear can malfunction easily. When that is done it makes plenty of noise and it becomes uncomfortable to ride

The tires are also trashy. This means that it is not as solid as other parts. Because of that, it raises a serious issue for the users, especially for the learners who want to start off with the bike.

Sizing issue

There are various sizes on the market. The smallest frame size on the market is 43 cm while the largest is 64 cm. irrespective of your weight, you can always get the correct size that fits you very well. The frame sizes include 47cm, 50cm, 54cm, 61cm as well as 64cm, and, so on.

This remains the most comfortable bike because irrespective of your size, you can get a frame that is going to fit you very well. It is the most comfortable bike that you can buy with money and it is highly recommended for those that are looking for the best.

How to assemble?

You are not going to find it hard to assemble this bike. The reason is that the information that is needed for the installation is provided. All that you need to do is to follow the instructions that are provided and fix the bike and begin to use it.

In addition to that, the tools that you require to guide you in the whole installation process are also readily available. Installation would not be an issue.

2. Pure Cycles Adventure Gravel Disc Road Bike

Are you looking for a simple designed and adventurous bike on the market? Pure cycles adventure gravel disc bike is there for you. It is very comfortable to use. The tires are well beefed and your safety is guaranteed when you use the bike.


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Furthermore, because of the design and excellent tire, this bike is easy and very simple to control. For your safety, it is designed with the finest quality braking system. It is obvious from the features that the designers of these pure fix bikes are concerned about your safety. You can use it with full confidence that your safety is guaranteed. When you have an issue, help will come because of the wonderful customer support.

Features and Benefits


Most importantly, this bike is lightweight. This is because it is designed with superior quality light materials and this makes it easy for everybody to use it. The frame is composed of the finest quality frameset materials. In addition to that, the product is compatible with beefy Hutchinson Override tires.

This also makes it compatible with 650B wheels. Most importantly, this item uses an STI drivetrain and it is good for a speedy ride. It delivers excellent gearing. Because of that, you engage it for different riding purposes. The bike offers everything that you want for quality riding. Due to weight, younger people can use it without difficulties. It features everything you want for a comfortable ride.

Partial assembled

Moreover, the item is more than ninety percent assembled. You only need to install remnants of the bike parts. Everything that you need to put it together is available. It is not difficult to put together as all the materials that are needed to have the bike completely installed are all there. Even to install the bikes, you must follow the instructions provided. The bike is also user-friendly. You can get everything you want.

If you invest in this superior end bike, you would have one hundred percent value for the money you spend on this fantastic bike. There is hardly any other bike that can compare with this great item. The manufacturers offer a wonderful incentive as well as a good return policy. Most importantly, the manufacturers offer the most wonderful customer service.


The most outstanding feature of the bike is its comfortable design. Because of the way the bike is designed, you would not find it hard to use it. Secondly, it offers you a versatile ride. You can engage in different kinds of riding without difficulties. All the components are tailored to your comfort. It is available in different sizes and any size you choose is going to fit you very well.

The frame is designed with good quality chromyl steel frame, and this is durable. It uses high-volume tires. The tires are also wide and because of that, you can use them the way you like. The grip feature is also wonderful. You can achieve various kinds of riding if you use this bike.

Upgradable and customizable

One of the common features of the pure fix bikes is the customizable and upgradeable feature. It comes with attachment and mounting points. This is very important because it makes it easy for you to upgrade the bike components. When you upgrade it, you can use it for different purposes such as commuting, camper, and other different purposes.

You can equally turn into a grocery getter and all that you need to achieve that is to input optional racks. Furthermore, you can customize it by adding fenders, panniers, and other bike components. This bike is designed to offer you the best of functions, and it is recommended for those starters looking for the best.


  • The most important part of the bike is that it is customizable and upgrade able. Many people like it for this wonderful feature. When you customize it, you can use that bike for different purposes such as commuting and so on. It can fit any user.
  • Secondly, this is a bike that is comfortable to use. Anybody is going to use the bike and when you use it, you are not going to find it difficult. It can fit you very well. You can, therefore, use it for different purposes.
  • The bike is also lightweight. You can take it along with you. Even younger kids can use this bike without difficulties.
  • It is ninety percent assembled. The remaining parts of the bike would not be difficult to fix. You only need to follow the instructions provided to you.
  • Price of these gravel bikes under 1000.


  • The braking system is not the best. It is not in a specific order and because of that, it could pose some safety issues.
  • The company’s customer support is not as effective as it is supposed to be. There is an urgent need to improve the braking system to enhance the safety of the product. Apart from that, this bike offers you everything you want.

Sizing information

There are different sizes on the market and the small is the 46cm size. This is good for those five feet riders. The other size is 48cm and this is also good for five feet riders. The third size is 51cm and this is the medium size. Once you are up to five feet and above, you can also use the bike. The next size is 54cm and this is for large-sized individuals.

The next which is the third to the biggest size on the market is the 57cm and this is also a large size. It is meant for taller people. The second biggest size is the 57cm bike size. This is also known as the extra-large size. The biggest size is 60cm which is the largest of the models and it is also meant for six feet extra sizes.

How to assemble

To assemble the bike, you need to follow the instructions provided. It is well detailed such that even a novice can get the bike installed without difficulties. Moreover, before the bikes arrive, it is more than ninety percent installed. You only need to install the remaining aspects of the bike and everything that you need to get those remaining parts of the bike to be installed are one hundred percent available.

You only need to go through the instructions that are provided to you. With that, you can get it installed without difficulties. You do not need to be an expert to have the bike installed.

3. Pure Cycles Classic 16-Speed Road Bike

Are you looking for the best pure fix bikes on the market? You can begin with this pure cycle classic 16-speed road bike. It is an affordable and easy way to commute around. It’s comfortable to ride and because of the simple design, you can use it to take your riding skill to the highest level. It is stylistic and simply designed. The effectiveness is such that you can ride with confidence.


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When it comes to comfort, there is hardly any other product that can compare with it. Because of the comfort, you can have an edge when you are competing with others using another brand. If you were actually finding it hard to get the bike of a perfect choice, this is good for one. It is a top-notch starter bike and it is recommended for those looking for the best.

Features and Benefits

Durable and sturdy design

One of the key features you look out for when you are looking for this kind of product is construction. It is designed with a superior quality steel frame and fork. Because of that, it is not going to destroy easily. Because of its sturdy construction, you can ride it with confidence and you can take it to places.

The frame is composed of 4130 graded chromyl steel material. It is a big deal and you would have value for every penny that you spend on this model. Because of the materials that are used to design this bike, it implies that it is lightweight. There are lots of advantages you get from using lightweight bikes. If you are looking for the best you can use the model.


Another interesting feature of the bike is that you can easily customize and upgrade the bikes to fit your lifestyle. There are some components of the bike which you can add to improve the value. For can add such components like fender, pannier as well as a rack. You can make it in a way that suits your need.

If you are a technician and you work with a tool, you can customize the bike so that you can take those tools along with you. It is possible to turn your bike to the thing that you want it to be, and it is a matter of getting those additional components. These components are within reach as the bike itself is affordable.


Comfort is an important aspect of any bike. You can experience that from the bike in the way it is designed. It features a butted seat tube. You will be comfortable on the seat because of the tube. Because of this, you can ride to any distance without difficulty. It is not that kind of bike that inflicts pain after long-distance biking.

When you ride the bike you would become the king because you are going to be very comfortable riding the bike. Whether you ride it on a straight or rough road, you would not feel it because it is comfortably designed and you can ride with the best comfort. If you are looking for the best, you can start off with this model, it features everything you want.

Effective braking system

Another outstanding feature is an effective braking system. It is designed with the finest quality alloy dish rims as well as alloy caliper brakes. This makes it safe to use as it can stop you where and when you want it to stop. You will feel safe using this bike becomes it comes with the rear as well as front alloy caliper brakes.

When you want to stop, it would halt at that spot. This is good in case of emergencies. You can just apply the brake, turn, and take to another direction. Your safety is one hundred percent guaranteed with the bike and this makes it one of the best on the market today. Many starters found the bike very useful.


  • Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the bike is its lightweight. You can just ride it without difficulties. It is light because it is produced using the finest quality steel materials. Because of the weight, learners and starters can easily use this bike.
  • This is an extremely comfortable bike. You can ride it without difficulties as the seat is well-cushioned. You can ride to any distance without feeling it.
  • Quick to assemble the bike. This is because it comes with other remaining parts. Tools you need to assemble them are provided. On arrival, it is ninety percent assembled.
  • Most importantly, the bike is customizable. This means that you can upgrade it by adding some components that are not available with the bike.


  • When you are going uphill you are going to add more effort and this is going to consume your energy. This is because it contains only 8 sprocket cassettes at the back.
  • The shifting index of that bike is not accurate. You can observe this at the front derailleur.

Sizing information

There are different sizes of this bike on the market. It is designed such that you can easily make your choice. The sizes range from 43cm, which is the smallest size. There are other sizes that are bigger than that one.

Therefore, when you are making your choice, you have to put the issue of size into consideration. All you need is to be sure of your size and buy the model that fits your size and your lifestyle.

How to assemble

You already know that the bike is preassembled. It is already assembled for ninety percent. You only need to install the remaining ten percent and begin to ride your bike. Those things that remained to be fixed are very simple and you can do that without difficulty. To make the installation process easy for you, instruction guides are provided.

You only need to study the guides that are presented and begin to install the bike. Moreover, you customize it by adding those components that you want, but they are not readily available on the bike. Apart from that, items that you need to make those installations are provided. Follow the guide and fix the bike and begin to use it.

The FAQs on Pure Fix Bicycles?

Q-1: What is the wheel size of the pure fix bikes?

Answer: Though these bikes are available in different frame sizes when it comes to the wheel size, it is going to be the same normal which is the 700c. It does not matter the size of the bike; the wheel sizes are the same.

Q-2: What is the maximum size can those bikes support?

Answer: bikes can support different weights. The most important thing, however, is to ensure that you are using the bike with the correct weight. There are different weight sizes and this ranges from 43 cm, 51cm up to 64cm.

These are designed to carry different weights and sizes. If you are heavy-weight, you can opt for the biggest size. If on the hands you are featherweight, you can go for the smaller sizes. Even if you are more than 250lbs, you are sure of getting comfort.

Q-3: I am a woman; I want to know whether this bike is gender-specific.

Answer: This bike is not gendered specific. This is one thing with these pure fix bikes. It is not designed for sexes and this means that you can use any of these products irrespective of your sex. You will derive the same value from the bikes whether you are a woman or a man.


Are you looking for the best bike to spice your bike riding experience? You can get that from any of the pure cycles reviewed above. These are the best you can lay your hands on the market. They are designed for your satisfaction. They are durable and comfortable to use.

Most importantly, these bikes are upgradable and customizable. Any of the products you buy would serve you very well. This means that when you use them that you would get real value for your money. They are the best and they are recommended.

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