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Do you like to get out in the fresh air and do something thrilling? If your answer is yes, then you should consider riding BMX bikes, for either fun or competition. Maybe once you get used to the thrills of being on a Mongoose BMX you will do both. The Mongoose BMX bike range is intended to have at least one bike most suitable for your age group. They have bikes designed for young children, teenagers, and adults.

Each bike is specially designed for the rider to enjoy riding it and to improve their skills while doing so. Getting on a BMX means learning how to ride over all kinds of terrain. If you feel up to trying it, you could learn to perform tricks and stunts on your bike.

Top 3 Mongoose BMX Bike Features Chart

1. Mongoose Legion BMX Bike
Frame  Steel frame Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

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Fork Steel fork
 20” x 2.25”
Brake Style
Multi-Color Available
6 style available
Size Multi-size
2. Mongoose Switch Children’s BMX
Frame: Steel  

Mongoose Switch Children's BMX

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Fork: Steel
Wheel: 18 inch
Brake : Coaster Brake
Color : Black
Chain: Durable
Size: 18-inch
3. Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle
Frame: Steel frame

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Fork: Steel frame
Wheel: 20 inch
Brake Style : U-brakes
Color : Orange, Sliver
Speeds : single speed
Size: 20-inch

Mongoose BMX Bike Reviews

Top 3 Mongoose BMX Bike Reviews

There are specific tracks and courses for BMX bikes across the whole country so why not find out the nearest one to where you are. On courses and tracks, you could really put yourself and your new Mongoose BMX through its paces. Only by pushing yourself will you experience what a good BMX can do.


1. Mongoose Leighton Freestyle Legion L10 20 inch BMX bike

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike

A great starter BMX

The Legion L10 is an ideal starter BMX in many respects. It has 20-inch diameter wheels and the size of the frame makes it most suitable for riders between 4′ 4″ and 5′ 0″ in height. It is a suitable size for young and aspiring BMX bike riders. This is a robust bike that will allow riders to get used to riding a BMX, especially when being in off-road conditions.

Its frame is tough enough to withstand all types of terrain. Just be sure to put the young BMX rider in protective clothing and a helmet whilst they learn the best ways to handle the L10. Spills, as well as thrills, should be expected when using this bike.

A starter BMX with a tough frame

A good BMX requires a tough frame to cope with the variable terrain bike riders have to ride over during practices and races. The frame of the Legion L10 is made from Hi-ten steel so that it is able to endure been taken off the road on some of the most challenging BMX courses.

The steel frame means the bike can survive some punishing courses and crashes. Young riders, providing they have enough practice and enough adult supervision should consider performing basic stunts too.

Fast Responsive braking system

Given the sometimes difficult terrain and adverse weather conditions, it is great that this BMX has an effective and responsive braking system. The brakes are precise because of the U-brake system besides the aluminum or resin brake levers.

The responsive brakes are connected to the steering system allowing the rider to continue steering or change direction while they are braking. Allows the rider to brake with confidence that there will be enough time to stop and avoid serious injuries.

Highly responsive steering system

Provided via the Hi-ten handlebars and fork, which are connected to the 48mm stem and a threadless headset. The steering is linked to both the brakes and the wheelset. That is to maximize the control the rider has over the bike.


  • This bike is tough, the steel frame means it can take a fair amount of punishment
  • The L10 has a good braking system, which is useful when the rider needs to brake quickly
  • L10 features a steering system that young riders can soon get to grips with
  • It is a BMX that provides good value for money, some good features for under $200


  •  The packaging is not the best, so watch out if anything is broken or missing, so open the box as soon as it arrives

 Sizing info

  • It is meant for children up to 5′ 0″ tall though adults do ride it, generally without sitting on the saddle if they are taller.

How to assemble

The L10 comes in a box and it needs to be assembled. Generally, the different parts of the bike are put together using nuts and bolts, so you will need a spanner. The bike should arrive with all the parts in the box. It is important to check that all the parts are in the box, and contact the supplier immediately should anything be missing. Assemble the bike in the order given by the instructions.

Who can use this bike

The L10 is meant to be ridden by children between 4’4″ and 5’0″ in height, as they would be the best height and weight for it. Shorter and lighter adults could use it, though they might be able to sit on the saddle depending on their height.


Question-1: Do you have to assemble the bike, or is it already made up?

Answer: Yes you do, all parts and instructions are included.

Question-1: Can the L10 be used on all terrains and surfaces?

Answer: Yes it can, but make sure that it is checked between races and rides to ensure that tires, brakes, and steering are working properly.

Question-1: Can adults ride the L10?

Answer:  They can do, but need to remember that it is designed for children no taller than 5’0″ so they do so at their own risk.

Final remarks

For a budget beginner BMX bike, it is good value for money. It is rugged and strong, being able to cope with all terrains. Some riders may find it a little rough around the edges, yet it is good enough to improve your skills. It has a strong steel frame, good brakes, and steering. The packaging is not good, so assemble it as soon as it arrives to make certain all the parts are there and nothing is damaged.

If all the parts are there and in the best condition it makes a good BMX bike for children to begin competing with. It is certainly enough to endure all but the most rugged terrain and riders should find that it can take some punishment and still remain in working order.

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 2. Mongoose Switch Children’s BMX Sidewalk Bick 18 inch wheel

Mongoose Switch Children's BMX

Great BMX for first-time bike riders

This is a good bike for children who have never used a bike before. It has smaller 18″ wheels and also includes training wheels, allowing children to gain confidence in riding bikes. It is available in a 20-inch wheel version if the children are taller than average for that age group.

Gives children confidence

Aside from training wheels, this bike has a foot brake to allow children to learn to brake confidently. The low frame means that the bike is not too high allowing children to gain balance sooner. The gaining of confidence means that the training wheels should not have to be used for long.

It looks like a proper bike

Unlike some children’s bikes, it looks like a proper cycle once the training wheels are no longer in use. It has metal spoked wheels as well as black grips. In terms of paintwork and colors, it looks like an adult bike, and its performance is reasonable for a first-time BMX.

Cool for kids

This bike is aimed to be the best for children between 5 and 7 to ride and it looks stylish. It looks like a smaller version of the adult Mongoose BMX instead of a kid’s bike. So it does not have childish designs or characters from kids’ TV shows or cartoons on it.

Good safety features

It comes with a foot brake and a wheel guard. Low to the ground, padded grips plus the training wheels for the youngest riders. To put the children in helmets and padding to make sure they are safe.



  • A strong and robust frame means that the bike is safer for children
  • The bike is suitable for 5 to 7-year-olds with training wheels and foot brakes
  • It comes partially assembled, you only need to put the pedals and wheels on


  • The instructions do not tell you that the handlebar has more than likely been assembled wrong and the left and right stickers may be placed on the wrong pedal.

Sizing Info

  • With its 18-inch wheels and optional training wheels, this BMX is designed to be used by children ages 5 to 7.

Who can use the bike?

This is meant for use by children between the ages of 5 and 7. It would not be particularly safe to have children over 7 use. If children between 5 and 7 are heavier or taller than average then it may be worth switching them to a larger BMX bike earlier.



Question-1: Does this bike include a kickstand?

Answer: No it does not come with a kickstand, these need to be brought separately.

Question-1: Is it difficult to assemble?

Answer: That depends on whether the handlebar has been put together correctly and the pedals have the left and right stickers on the correct side. Have an Allen key to hand. With an Allen key and bearing in mind the issues with handlebars and pedals, the worst problems can be worked around.

Question-1: How good is the packaging?

Answer: It ranges from poor quality to terrible. Boxes frequently arrive dented or opened with parts missing or hanging out. Check the box as soon as you receive it for broken and missing parts. Then contact the sellers if parts are missing or if there is any damage. People that delay assembling the bike could miss out on the returns or refund deadline.

How to assemble

This bike should only need to have the wheels and the pedals attached to the frame. However, the instructions are not the easiest to work out and Allen keys are not included. In theory, the handlebar should not have to be touched as it has been assembled already though some have been put together wrong and these will have to be reassembled.

The pedals can be sent with the wrong left and right stickers on, or screw holes that are not the correct size. So if the handlebar is not right to reverse it, and if the pedals do not tighten switch the sides over.

Final remarks

This seems to be better if the one you order arrives intact and you are able to follow the instructions. The instructions are not clear and having an Allen key is useful. Once assembled the bike looks good and allows children to get used to riding bikes. It is good that the design makes it appear like a junior bike instead of too childish.

Having said all that if the bike assembles as it should do then you actually have a good quality BMX starter bike on your hands. When the handlebar, brakes, and pedals are set up right then children find it a good bike to learn to cycle on. The learning wheels and the foot brake make it a safe bike while children are learning to cycle. Children find it easier to learn how to keep their balance and gain confidence in stopping should they need to do so.

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 3. Mongoose Legion Mag Freestyle 20-inch wheel BMX Bike

Get ready to ride like a professional

The legion Mag is built for professional BMX racing. It has the endurance and the performance to make its riders contenders for winning races. This can improve their prospects of performing well too. It moves quickly and can stop quickly.

All geared up for success

The 40x16T gear system makes the Legion Mag responsive during any race. Going through the gears allows the rider to change speed with ease and allows for a smoother ride when going over different terrains.

Special handlebar and wheels

The handlebar of the Mag has a cable detangler that allows the rider to turn it through 360 degrees. The wheels are cast aluminum featuring sealed bearings. It looks good and means the wheels are lighter.

Strong and responsive

The Mag has a Hi-Ten steel frame as well as a fork that offers a durable and quick responding ride assisted by low stance geometry and alloy rear u-brakes. The bike is strong, can withstand impact and it can move quickly.


  • Great performance for a bike that costs less than $150. Performs well in races against more expensive bikes.
  • The bike is tough and can handle tough terrain and poor weather conditions.
  • The handlebar, brakes, wheels, and gears all contribute to making the bike highly responsive.


  •  Assuming that the bike has arrived without damage the handlebar and the brakes can be difficult to set up to work properly.

Sizing info

  • The Legion Mag is intended to be used as an adult BMX. However, there is no reason why taller children or those over 9 cannot ride on one.


Question-1: Is it a good BMX bike for BMX competitions?

Answer: Yes, providing that it was undamaged when delivered and assembled properly

Question-2: Does it need special tools to assemble?

Answer: Yes at the very least an Allen key is required. Wrenches and spanners may also be needed to tighten up the brakes and the handlebar.

Question-1: How good are the brakes?

Answer: That depends on whether or not the brake wires can be adjusted to the right tension. If the tension is right then the brakes are responsive.

Who is this BMX meant for?

Basically, the Mag is intended to be a competition-grade BMX for anyone older than 8 or 9 who is able to ride it. Therefore it has 20-inch wheels so that an adult can comfortably sit in the saddle. In theory, there would be no upper age limit for those that could ride this bike either for fun or in competitions.

How to assemble

The assembly for the Mag could sometimes need two people to build it. That can particularly be the case when the brake needs to be set or reset. It can be hard to adjust by yourself, so another person needs to have hold of the brake lines whilst you tighten them. The instructions could be clearer and it is vital that you remember that an Allen key will be needed at some point.

Final remarks

The Legion Mag provided that it arrives safely and can be assembled without any hitches is potentially a good competition BMX. It has some good pros, which means that it can give its rider a reasonable chance of performing well in competitions. The handlebars, brakes, and gears if assembled without issues allow it to be a responsive bike.

The frames and the wheels make it a sturdy BMX that a skilled rider can achieve results with. If the cons can be avoided altogether or resolved then it is a bike that is easily worth its modest cost. The BMX when assembled right is fast, responsive, and good to use in races. It is a modestly priced professional bike that is fast and fun. It can absorb a fair amount of impact and punishment. The steering is good and the brakes effective.

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