Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum Mountain Bike Review

Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike Settling for a mountain bike from the several brands and models in the market can be a challenge. While they are aimed at meeting your objectives, they come with varying features and specifications. The variety is so wide that choosing one that will deliver on your desired speed. Mountain biking can be extreme and without the right bike, it can be dangerous for riders.

This  Merax brand Finiss Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike review outlines its best features, advantages, and major concerns of this bike to help you make the right decision when looking for a cheap mountain bike under budget. It is reliable, can take on different terrains, and upholds quality, and durability. To help meet these objectives, it comes with some outstanding features.

Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum Mountain Bike Review

Merax Finiss Mountain Bike Features chart

Merax Aluminum Mountain bikes 21 Speed
Frame: 6061 Aluminum merax-finiss-26-table-new
Wheel: 26 inches
Handlebar: Aluminum
paddle: Aluminum 9/16″
Color: Fashion white & blue
Speed: 21 speed
Frame Size: 19 inches

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Shimano shifters, levers, and front and rear derailleurs 

This bike does not compromise on safety. When looking for a mountain bike, you need one that will take on the rough terrains without throwing you off balance. First, Shimano is a great brand known to deliver on quality, which means that these parts are of high quality.

The shifters allow you to take on high speeds and retain stability. The derailleurs make it easy for you to shift from one gear to another so you can take on the different terrains without compromising on your safety.

Heat-treated aluminum frame and Magnesium alloy wheels 

These features ensure that this bike is durable and strong. The aluminum material on its own is light in weight but with the heat-treat finish, it remains lightweight but it is also strong and durable. This is because heat-treating increases the hardness of the aluminum material while at the same time reducing its brittleness.

In addition, it comes with magnesium alloy wheels that are strong yet lighter. This allows you to speed up as opposed to those made from steel.

Lockout suspension system

Cheap budget mountain bikes under 300 need to ensure that despite the risk of possible accidents, rough terrains, and unpredictable obstacles, it should promote your safety. The lockout suspension system meets this objective. With this, you can take on these aspects and minimize the risk of getting an accident.

Mountain bikes are meant to be competitive and the thrill when riding a mountain bike cannot be achieved if you think you will have an accident. This system keeps you relaxed and safe.

21 Speeds with Mechanical disc brakes

With 21 speeds available, you have the capability of taking on different terrains without straining with much more comfort as opposed to other bicycles. With mechanical disc brakes, riders enjoy the benefit of safe stopping power. It gets even better because this bicycle comes with both front and rear disc brakes.

This type of brake is also easier to fit in the event it develops a malfunction as compared to hydraulics.


  •  It remains strong and steady through all terrains.
  •  The seat is adjustable to help accommodate different heights and promotes comfort.
  •  It is light in weight yet very strong thanks to its heat-treated aluminum frame and rims.
  •  Its mechanical disk brakes promote safety.
  •  It comes with an outstanding and attractive design.


  •  Assembly is time-consuming, as you have to be sure of which part goes into which so, you do not mess the entire assembly.

Key Features

  •  It features a front and rear mechanical disc brakes system to help maintain safety.
  •  It has lightweight magnesium alloy wheels for easy maneuverability and portability.
  •  Provides bike suspension fork to help absorb shock.
  •  It has a strong and durable heat-treated aluminum 6061 mountain frame.
  •  It offers Shimano 21-speed derailleurs and shifters.
  •  The pedals, seat post, and handlebar are made from aluminum material.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the weight limit for users of this bicycle?
  • This bicycle has an approximate holding capacity of about 330 pounds thanks to its great support structure.
  • Do I have to assemble the bike right from the start?
  • No, you do not have to. While it requires assembly before using it, this bike comes, mostly post assembled and very little is left for you to complete. However, it is important that you follow the provided manual.
  • How safe is this bike?
  • With great disc brakes and the ability to easily switch between gears, this bike is safe for use.

Final Words

The above Merax Finiss Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike review points out the key features of the bicycle and the benefits attached to them. It aims at meeting the needs and preferences of mountain riders to give them that edge even when racing. Its combined features make it comfortable, strong, durable, steady, as well as safe.

The most important aspect is that you can take on any terrain whether it is bumpy or rocky with this bicycle while upholding safety. The braking system requires little maintenance and it works great. Overall, this mountain bike strikes a great balance between functionality and a great design.

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Last Updated: August 8, 2022

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