Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Racing Road Bike Review

What makes a good racing bike? A lot of people would say that a good racing bike needs to be really light. A good racing bike cannot be so light that it is going to fall over, however. Good racing bikes need to be able to handle the contradictory dual patterns of being really light and really strong. The Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle is actually capable of doing that.

This is a bike that is going to give people the opportunity to really appreciate the road. It will give them an easy ride. It’s not hard to put together. This is a bike that is going to help people move forward. So, It’s not going to be an additional obstacle in a race.

Merax Bike Reviews

1. Effective Aluminum Frame

The Merax Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle has an aluminum frame that has two of the most important characteristics of a bike aluminum frame: it’s light and sturdy. Many people might feel as if this is the kind of thing that is going to be contradictory. However, if the metal is solid enough, it’s possible to get a lot of use out of comparatively less weight.

A-frame that is well-made enough can be strong and compact at the same time. The Merax 21 Speed  Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle has a frame that should also last people for a long time. It’s durable, and light, and it promotes good riding.

2. Easy Installation

People aren’t going to need any tools if they want to install the bike’s front wheels. This is often one of the hardest parts of bike assembly, as well as this is a bike where this is already less of a problem.

Even then, putting the front wheels into place is going to be very easy for almost everyone involved. Otherwise, this is not a bike that is going to require a lot of setups. This is a bike that is going to be almost ready to ride.

3. Good Ride

At the end of the day, people want to get a bicycle that rides well, and the Merax Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle rides well. The aluminum frame will make the bike better at riding in general for the most part.

However, the bike was also designed to be more aerodynamic and to be better at handling the twists and turns of the road in general.

4. Great for Racing

Shifting from one gear to another is going to be very easy with the Merax Speed Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle. So, This is a great bike for the people who are trying to race. It wasn’t designed to hold people back.

5. Budget-friendly

The most racing bike is too expensive. but this Merex racing bike is not though. The price of this bike is less than 500 dollars.

Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Racing Road Bike Review


  • The parts are highly factory assembled and high-quality
  • The shifting patterns are reliable and dependable
  • Installing the front wheels is easy
  • It does not take any tools to install the front wheels
  • There are reflectors on both sides
  • The bike comes with a water bottle cage
  • It’s a bike that is easy to upgrade if necessary
  • One of the low budget road bikes


  •  The bike doesn’t come with a kickstand
  • Some people might have problems with the brakes

Key Features of Merax Aluminum Road Bike

  • Front wheels designed for a quick release
  • Water bottle cage
  • Shifters designed for reliable shifting
  • Aluminum frame

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How are the brakes for the Merax 21 Speed Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle?
  • A: The brakes are not the best but they should still manage to work well without creating safety issues.
  • Q: What tools are necessary in order to assemble the Merax 21 Speed 700-C Aluminum Road Bike Racing Bicycle?
  • A: This is a bike that does not require any tools for its assembly unless something goes very wrong, which shouldn’t happen.
  • Q: How good is this bike at shifting?
  • A: The Merax 21 Speed 700C Road Bike Racing Bicycle is known for being very good at shifting in general in a race.

Final Verdict

The Merax bike Racing Bicycle is going to manage to help people win races. It’s going to be the best bike for braking also. However, for the people who don’t intend to do a lot of braking anyway, it is going to be a great choice. It rides well, it shifts well, and it is going to get people to the finish line.

Finally, I can say, If you want a bicycle for racing or general riding on a very low budget, I highly recommend this bicycle for you. Because you can easily upgrade any parts of this product in the future as your need.

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Last Updated: August 8, 2022

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