Kent Super 20 Boys Bike Review – Updated

Have you ever considered the best birthday gift for your baby boy? As a parent, you would like the best bike for your kid. If you are looking for the next Christmas, or birthday gift for your boy, Kent Super 20 Boys bike is the ideal. The bike is specifically designed for boys. It is good for training, outdoors, and adventure. As your boy grows, you need something to keep him happy, and strong. Kent bike is the best for the boy, durable, and sturdily constructed.

Kent Super 20 Boys Bike reviews

It has the most protective features. Your boy’s safety is one hundred percent guaranteed. Choosing the best boys’ bike has never been easy with hundreds of brands on the market, it is easy for parents to get confused. Kent 20 Boys bike surpasses all models in quality, performance, and durability.

kent super 20 boys bike reviews updated

Features and Benefits

7-speed gearing bike for faster riding

The most outstanding benefit is the 7-speed gearing system. This makes the bike easy to ride. Moreover, gear selection is not difficult. Gear adjustment goes on as the kid rides. Because of this unique gearing system, your boy reaches his destination faster. One great benefit of the great gearing system is that facilitates movement. The bike runs faster. It does not require any elaborate gear selection which can make it difficult for the boy to use it. This is a great benefit.

When you compare the gearing system with what you get in other similar products, the differences would be clear. It runs faster, and the gearing system does not require any elaborate learning curve, as you would see in similar products out there. Designers have little boys in mind, and that is why your baby boy will not find it hard to use this product. Unlike other products, this model will not sap your boy’s energy, rather he would enjoy the fun.

Safety and protective features in place

The major concern of parents in choosing this kind of bike is the issue of safety. Kent has taken care of that in producing Super 20 Boys Bike. Compared to other products within the same age category, this model has the best protective features. The braking system is wonderful. To apply the brake, the rider uses the handlebar. It is not like those kid’s bike brake is applied through the foot.

Your boy would not find it hard to apply the brake. The brake once applied will stop at the very spot you want it to stop. Makers of the models know that safety is the topmost priority for parents in purchasing this kind of product. Whether the bike is ascending or descending the hill, the kid’s safety is one hundred percent assured. You can get this for your kind and have full assurance that he is protected.

Though the bike is meant for baby boys, it is not a featherweight product, and this means that a breeze or wind storm cannot throw it away. It appears that manufacturers of this product studied parent’s preferences before coming to the market with innovative boy’s bike. Furthermore, other parts of the bike such as the tires, the frame, and the wheel are designed to last for a long time. The tires do not burst and the wheel is such that stabilizes and balances the bike as the kid rides it.

Comfortable and fun ride

In purchasing this kind of bike for a baby boy, parents want comfort, fun, and a relaxed ride. From the design, it is obvious that it will fit the motive of parents. The boy will feel comfortable riding the bike. The seat is adjustable. If you want to increase or reduce the seat height, it is not difficult to do. Most importantly, pedaling and gearing systems are easy. All of these are flexible. This makes it fun to ride.

The rider does not have to overstretch himself in order to apply the brakes, because it is at the handlebar. In the same way, descending or ascending any hill will not be a problem because of the variable gearing system. In addition, the braking system reassures the rider and the parents that everything is under control. If you are looking for a bike you can use with peace of mind, then you can always opt for this model.

It is designed for satisfaction, fun, and happiness. As pointed out before, the makers of this product have researched and discovered what parents need before venturing into the production of this high-quality bike. It features everything that makes the rider happy and comfortable.

Kent Super 20 Boys Bike Review

Durable and easy to maintain

Longevity is another critical issue that makes or mars a kid’s bike. Parents would not like to be investing in the item every time. Kent had this in mind when they come out with this innovative bike. It can last longer than several others out there because it was designed with the best steel and other raw material available for this kind of product. Because of the durability, you can take different terrains without any impact on the bike or the rider.

It is known to feature the best suspension system. When it comes to performance and longevity, this model has a significant edge over similar brands out there. Apart from the fact that this bike is durable, it is simple and very easy to maintain. The parts are readily available and the tools you require to fix it when it malfunctions are also available. When you want to assemble the bike, it is not easy.

This justifies the assertion that it is the most user-friendly bike you can buy with money. Everything about this bike is to ensure that both the parents and kid riders are satisfied. When you spend your money, you have a lot of things to gain. It is perfect for training, cruising around the neighborhood, and so on.

Affordable and quick to assemble

Furthermore, the bike is affordable. Even though it features the best quality a kid bike could offer, it is within budget. You can easily buy one. Many parents would not find it hard to buy it for their kids. It arrives half assembled. To assemble one is also not difficult. All information required to put the parts together is provided, check through the manual instructions, you discover that you do not need to be a technician before you can fix the remaining parts Kent 20 inch bike.


  • The bike is durable and sturdily constructed
  • It features an effective braking system and easy to control
  • Adjustable seats and handlebars
  • Effective gearing system for a quick ride
  • Very safe, fun, and comfortable to ride
  • Most importantly, the bike is affordable, easy to assemble, and maintain


  • The instruction manual is difficult to understand

Sizing information

The Kent superbike is not for adults. Because of the weight and the dimension, it is clear that it is good for boys of 4 to 7 years old. Though people slightly above that age can use it. For the confidence and the safety of the user, it is good for people within that age range. The seat and handlebars can be adjusted to size, various users. The bike is best for boys because it designed for men. It is not the best for female riders.

kent super 20 boys bike

How to assemble

To assemble the Kent 20-inch bike is not difficult. It is pointed out above that it has a user manual that guides buyers in assembling the bike. The manual may be a bit hard to understand, but it will still guide you through the setup process. It is still easy to assemble if you follow the arrows and directions contained in that manual. Moreover, you do not need to assemble all the parts as some of them are pre-assembled.

In short, the boy’s Kent bike arrives more than seventy percent assembled. You only need to fix the minor ones such as the handlebar, seats, and so on. Actually, you do not need to be a professional before you can assemble that bike. Some of the tools needed for the assembling are provided.

Frequently asked questions

Question-1: What is the height of the seat from the ground?

Answer: The height of the seat from the ground is about 26 inches. This is the normal size. There could be a few variations but that is rare.

Question-2: My kid’s son is aged 4 and is about 44 inches, do you recommend the bike for him?

Answer: The bike is meant for boys of that age. My own son is about that age and the same height, and he is enjoying the bike.

Question-3: What of the braking system, what type of brake does it have?

Answer: The bike uses an effective handbrake system. When you apply it, it would stop at the spot.

Who can use the bike?

It is already stated that the boy’s Kent bike is meant for boys. Once the kid is within 4 years and above, he can use the bike. Even boys of seven years could use it. From the design, it is obvious that this model is meant for baby girls. It is not as if baby girls cannot use it, the design makes it more suitable for boys. You have also seen that it is not meant for adult boys.

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Final verdict

If you are looking for the best bike for your boy, you can start with Kent 20 boys bike. It features everything you want. They are fantastically designed. The design makes it attractive to various categories of users. In addition, it is highly affordable. You do not need to spend all your savings to acquire one. It is durable and serves you for a long time. This is one of the best and it is highly recommended.


Last Updated: August 3, 2022

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