Fixed Gear or Hybrid – Which One is Best for Commuting?

Fixed gear or hybrid bike – which one is best for commuting? Read our comparison to know the details.

According to a report published by USA Today, 60% more people have started going to work on a bike in the past decade. Put simply, more than 700,000 people daily get to and from the office on a bike. Not only are these riders saving money – which they would have otherwise spent on gas, but they also save themselves from the rush hour traffic which stresses out their automobile driving colleagues.

More importantly: even when they don’t have the time to hit the gym, these cyclists can tone down their bodies just by cycling to their offices. Ask yourself: isn’t it great? For, while early morning ride clear their heads in the morning, the evening air takes out the stress factor from their heads. Hence, while such a large number of the populace is turning to bikes, it is only normal that you want to do the same.

There are many types of bicycles available in today’s market.  Most rider prefers to ride a hybrid bicycle for commuting.  Some prefer to ride a fixed-gear bike. However, before you go out, let me ask you a question? Have you decided which bike will fit your commute best? If you are not sure!! Which will be better? Then This is where we are going to help you.

Fixed Gear or Hybrid

Hybrid Vs Fixed Gear Bike Comparison

Our fixed gear and hybrid bike comparison will make sure that after reading this article, you have arrived at a conclusion on which of the two bikes suits your commute the best. Keep reading to discover the real fact.

Fixed Gear

A fixed-gear bicycle means those bicycles that have only one gear. It’s also called a single-speed or fixie bike.
Even when you don’t have one of the best single speed fixed gear bikes at your disposal, you won’t ever have to stop peddling. If you are an experienced rider, you can make sure that your fixie is lightning fast. Also, since they are not complexly designed, fixies are one of the easiest bikes to maintain.


  • Put simply, If you are a cyclist who wants total control over his bike – and won’t mind a little suffering if you live in a hilly location, fixes might satiate your appetite.
  • Since you are continuously using your lower body muscles – there will be no easy buildup usually afforded by gears, you’ll be spinning the whole time you are riding.


  • However, for a novice, a high level of commitment is required to make the fixie work. You would have to stop without the comfort of braking and shifting, so mastering a fixie will take time. Also, while fewer parts mean there are few to maintain, your bike chain and wheels would require proper attention.
  • Hence, before you buy a fixed gear bike, there are two things you need to consider: the type of terrain you will ride on and the distance you will cover.

For, if you are a flatland commuter, your fixie will get you to your destination pretty quickly. However, if you live in hilly terrain, lack of gears means that you have to have strong legs to go uphill.

Hybrid Bicycle

Basically, a hybrid bicycle is a combination of a road bike and a mountain bike. This type of bike is great for general and multipurpose use. Although you can get a single-speed hybrid bicycle, most of them come with multi-gears to empower the rider when dealing with difficult terrain. Just like a fixie, Cheap hybrid bikes have their pros and cons depending on where you will ride them. Have a look at the advantage and disadvantages.

You can Read: Best hybrid bikes under 500 or best hybrid bikes under 1000 or if you in a tight budget read best hybrid bikes under 200 dollars review to get the best quality bicycle.


  • First thing first: If you have to cover a considerable distance to get to work. the lightweight design, wheels, and frame of the bike. which increases its efficiency, and will suit you perfectly. For, of the equal power applied, a hybrid cycle will cover more distance than a fixed gear bike.
  • More importantly: Their wheels are of the same diameter as that of a road bike. When supplemented with the comfortable seat which is the USP of a hybrid cycle, not only they are speedy but also provide brilliant comfort.
  • Finally: If your commute to work consists of pavement and smooth trails, the smooth tires of a bike – which gives it less rolling resistance, will allow you to put in less energy to cover more distance.

Concluding its plus points, if your commute to work is smooth, your office is at a considerable distance from your home, and you want to cover that distance by expending minimal energy, a good quality hybrid bike will suit the bill.


  • Although their frame is on the lighter side, hybrid bicycles are still heavier when compared to the fixie. It means that if you want to go for the lighter option, fixies deserve your attention.
  • Also, assuming that you are going for a multi-gear hybrid bike, maintaining it won’t be as easy as maintaining a fixie bicycle. There are too many components and if you don’t look after them periodically, their troubleshooting would be difficult.

Fixie vs Hybrid Key Comparison

After discussing these two types of bicycles, our time has come to summarize the whole comparison. Below is the key comparison of hybrid vs fixie.

Fixed gear
  • Fixed gear is best for commuting.
  • Single-speed is perfect for the beginner rider.
  • There is no opportunity to change gear.
  • Simple looking and single speed.
  • Women Rarely ride a fixed gear bike.
  • You can get a fixed-gear bicycle under a cheap budget.


When picking the best bike for your commute, you need to keep two factors into consideration. Your experience level and the type of terrain you’ll be covering. If you are an amateur simply looking to enjoy your commute, go for a hybrid bicycle. For others, who are veteran cyclists and want their ride to be a bit challenging, fixies merit their attention.

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Last Updated: June 1, 2022

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