How To Store A Bike In An Apartment – Step By Step Procedures

Do you reside in an apartment or any other cramped-up space? If you do, you might have already found out that it is difficult for you to store your bike. You need to fret not because you can do the same. All you need is appropriate guidance to that effect.

We have carried out some research with regards to this important issue. In our discussions below, we shall examine those steps you have to adhere to to make this exercise smooth and hassle-free. Further, we have examined some of the frequently asked questions with regards to these bikes and their uses. Read through to find the inspiration you need…

 How To Store A Bike In An Apartment

Step I: Put on the necessary Protective Gears

It is always necessary to put on the right protective gear before setting out to store your bike. Though the exercise is largely safe and secure, it is not without its fair share of potential downsides. Among these are scars, prickles, and an assortment of other injuries.

Some of the ‘must put-on’ safety gears are a pair of gloves, an apron, overalls, and boots. These cover your essential and vulnerable body parts in such a way as to prevent them from sustaining the dangers and the injuries we have spoken about above.

Step II: Measure the dimensions and configurations of your bike

Next, move on to measure the dimensions of your bike. This is to determine how much storage space you will need. Also, it will let you know the shape of the storage space which is supposed to be set aside for the sake of accommodating your bike altogether.

Use a tape measure to market out the various dimensions. Among the issues, you have to pay specific attention to are the wheelbase, the circumference of the wheels, the frame size, and the handlebars. They are the largest components of any bike and as such, determine to a great extent, the required storage space.

Step III: Determine where and how exactly you will store it

With the dimensions and configurations of your bike at hand, you now have to determine where exactly you might store it. As a general rule, the place to store the bike has to be far removed from the mainstream. This is to prevent the possibility of incurring undue inconveniences as you move about your room.

If your apartment has some store, prioritize it. In case it lacks the store, chooses a room that is least visited. Try as much as possible to set aside a wall, ceiling, or roof as these are places that experience negligible levels of traffic and areas much safer to use.

Step IV: Create the space

You should now be able to create the space. For a start, you should identify the belongings you will have to forfeit or part with. Some of these are rugged clothes, old electronics, gifts, magazines and newspapers, cords and chargers, and other paraphernalia. Take them to a recycling plant or dust bin.

These are items you will hardly need on your day-to-day usage and applications. Conclude this step by measuring the storage space to see that it is in line with the dimensions of your bike. Lastly, that space has to conform as nearly as possible to the configurations you have in mind.

Step V: Fold or Unbolt the Bike

At this stage, you should prepare the bike for the eventual task of storage. You have to fold or unfold the bike to let it take limited storage space. Not every other bike unfolds or disassembles. If yours happens to be that kind of a bike, you just have to set aside extra storage space.

While at this process, you will have to rely expensively on the manufacturer’s manual. That is because most bikes do sustain damages and other adverse issues when handled recklessly. Take your time also to see to it that you lose not any parts or accessories thereof. Be care full to fold a lightweight ladies’ bike, if this type of bike has not a foldable option, don’t fold it.

Step VI: Place the Bike Strategically

Having prepared the bike for the eventual task of storage, move with haste to store it accordingly. The correct posture should be that which is less likely to pose any damage to the bike. Many bikes store well when in a vertical stature. Some do store when they lie flat on the floor.

Regardless of the method you choose, be sure to place the bike in such a way as to retrieve it easily when needed to do so. Needless to say, the storage has to be stable as not to inflict any adverse damages or injuries to you.

Step VII: Fix in firmly in Place

After placing the bike firmly in place, you now have to fix it tightly. This entails the use of screws, masking tapes, and adhesives. They add some strength to the bikes to prevent the same from fidgeting or falling off easily when touched or got into close contact with.

While fixing the bike, be sure not to make the joints too tight as this might impede your ease of retrieving it if and when the time to do so comes. Avoid those tightening methods which demand that you bore some holes in the walls as you do not want to pose some permanent damages therein.

Step VIII: Cover and/or Cordon off the Area

It is always a good thing to cordon off your storage area. Two reasons underlie this practice. For one, cordoning off shields the bike from direct contact with dust, dirt, and other elements of debris. This way, your bike stays clean and untainted throughout the entire duration of storage.

Then, it also minimizes unauthorized access to the bike by third parties if and when they get into contact with the bikes. Such minimal contact is essential as it reduces the possibility of damaging the bike in between any two incidences of use. It also spares third parties from any injuries and dangers.

Step IX: Tuck Away other Accessories

Now that you are through with storing the bike, you should tuck away every other accessory safely. These are the nuts, bolts, and other tools that you used to disassemble the bike. The same case applies to any other part which you eliminated to make the bike more compact.

You are generally advised to place all those gears in some bag and then seal it tightly before disposing of the same safely. This will also aid with the retrieval at a later date when the circumstances yet again call for them. Lock the door to the room, if it is not shared, as an added layer of security.

How To Store A Bike In An Apartment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question-1: How do I store my bike on the wall?

Answer: Follow these procedures to do so:

  • Acquire a suitable wall-mount bike rack. This should be from your local hardware store or online auction sites.
  • Mark out the dimensions of the bike using a tape measure
  • Place the rack on the wall where you intend to hang the bike
  • Bore some holes into the walls at those points you marked out, using a drill
  • Push some wall plug into each hole you will have drilled


Question-2. Is hanging your bike bad?

Answer: Not really! As a matter of fact, you are strongly encouraged to do so. That is because when a bike is hung, it takes up less space and will hardly inconvenience those around you. Then, hanging also removes the bike from the ground in such a way as to prevent any unnecessary collisions.

You have to be sure that yours is light enough to allow for hanging though. Heavier bikes are more likely to collapse under their own weights. If and when this happens, the lives of those in the same room may be put in danger.


Question-3: How do you store your bike for the winter?

Answer: Winters are generally cold and unforgiving. You have to take care of certain issues before storing your bike well at such times. These are the best practices to follow on how to store a bicycle for winter:

  • Get rid of any container or accessory from the bike before storage. Store them separately in a warm and dry place.
  • Wash the bike thoroughly. The cold winters normally harden the dirt in such a way as to make them harder to eliminate.
  • Tune the bike fully using the appropriate appliances
  • Air up the tires to let them dry well
  • Lubricate the chain and cables
  • Take the bike for some last ride (optional)
  • Store it in a warm and dry place


Question-4: How to store a bike outside?

Answer: If you so wish, you may store the bike outside. To do this, you have to follow three steps:

Step I: Find the most appropriate storage space

Start off by finding the most appropriate storage space for your bike. The balcony is by far the best place to put your bike as it is both convenient and secure. You are advised not to place it too far from the main house.

Step II: Remove all accessories

Remove all accessories and containers from the bike as the first step towards the bike storage apartment balcony. This is to see to it that the bike takes up the least amount of space possible.

Step III: Latch it firmly

Fold or unscrew the bike and then place it safely in the space you will have set aside. Latch it firmly using a bicycle lock. Cover it fully using a bike tent for the balcony to protect against dirt and other external elements of adverse weather.

Question-5: How to store a mountain bike?

Answer: How you store your mountain bikes depend mainly on the length of time you plan to do the same and the storage space available. To make your storage more convenient, you have to make use of a wall rack or bicycle hooks.

Then, you should prioritize an overhead storage compartment over and above the horizontal or vertical. The reason for this is to spare you of too much space and allow for smooth movements in the room. As always, latch the bike firmly to prevent it from falling and injuring you.


Question-6: Is it ok to store the bike vertically?

Answer: YES, it is! Not only do you save greatly on space, but also access and retrieve the bikes easily when the circumstances to do the same arises. For a bike to be stored vertically, it has to be light enough to stay fixed in that position without falling.

Then, you have to make do with the bank mounts to fix the bikes firmly in place to prevent them from falling off. Always test the installations to be sure that the bike does not fidget unnecessarily when blown apart by a strong gush of wind or something else.


Question-7: What is a Bike wall mount? How to set it?

Answer: This is basically a device that helps you to store a bike in a vertical posture. Below are the steps to follow to set it up:

  • Find the right one for your bike. Get online or to your local hardware store.
  • Mark out your bikes using a tape measure
  • Place the bike on the wall you intend to hang it on
  • Bore the holes on the wall at strategic places
  • Squeeze in a wall plug into each hole you have drilled
  • Lien the rack over those holes and screw the same firmly in place
  • Hang the bike rack


Question-8. How to create apartment bike storage?

Answer: Want to store your bike within an apartment? Follow these procedures to bring this to fruition:

  • Mark out the dimensions of the bike
  • Ascertain the configuration of the bike
  • Determine your preferred mode of storage
  • Narrow down to the precise items to pave way for the bike
  • Get rid of all those items
  • Place the bike smoothly in the space provided for


Final Verdict

WOW! Our long and detailed guide comes to an end there. We now leave it to you to carry over from where we have left. This can only mean putting the insights we have generously furnished you into practice. For a start, we recommend that you carry out some mock practices.

It is only by doing that that you will gain the expertise and experience necessary to do a good job on your own. Still not sure how to proceed? Talk to us! We are always ready and on standby to offer added support to valued persons of your caliber.

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