How To Raise The Handlebars On A Child’s Bike

Do you have a bike for your child and are wondering how to raise its handlebars? Knowing how to do so is crucial as it is the only way of guaranteeing the comfort of the child. We are here to help you to achieve this goal. Our team of top-notch researchers has done a great deal of work to compile the necessary information and insight to that end.

Our discussions about how to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike below endeavor to lay bare those findings. In the first part, we shall look into the steps to follow whereas its second part shall ask and answer a couple of frequently asked questions that surround the issue at hand. Stay on till the end to receive the needed insight.

How To Raise The Handlebars On A Child’s Bike

Follow these steps now to raise the handlebar on the child’s bike:

Step 1: Find the right tool for the job

Start by finding the right tool for the job. You will require an Allen wrench for a sunken hexagonal socket and an adjustable rent for a nut that is protruding.

Step 2: Loosen the bolt or nut

Move now to loosen the nut or the bolt until such a time that it feels loose. Nevertheless, do not dismantle it completely from the bike as this might make the re-assembly difficult and tricky.

Step 3: Pull the Handlebar upwards slightly

Pull the handlebar upwards slowly and meticulously until it gets to the height you completely desire. Straddle the wheels at the front and press the same using your legs to let you lift the handlebars easily.

Step 4: Rotate the handlebar (optional)

Though optional, you are strongly recommended to rotate the handlebar to let it assume the orientation you may desire to have while on the road. Do so slightly and steadily to prevent the handlebar from getting pulled out.

Step 5: Align the Handlebar with the saddle

You now have to align the handlebar with the saddle. The handlebar may be above, at par with, or below the saddle. All these are dependent on the unique purposes of the ride you are prepping for.

Step 7: Tighten the Handlebars

Finish off by tightening the joints to secure the handlebar firmly and prevent fidgeting. While at it, see to it that the position of the bell is appropriate and that your child can embark and disembark the bike with absolute ease.

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In this second part of our discussions, we take a look at some of the frequently asked questions with regards to this subject matter of how to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike. Our purpose is to let you have a more balanced view of this matter.

Q1. Can you raise the handlebars on a BMX bike?

YES, it is possible for you to raise the handlebars on a BMX bike. To do this, there are a couple of steps you have to follow. We delineate these steps here below for your consideration:

  • Remove the stem bolt. Follow this by loosening the stem bolt.
  • Loosen the nut top. Start with the top nut and then follow it up with the one at the bottom.
  • Loosen the second nut
  • Pull the stem out upward and gradually to prevent the same from sustaining untold damages.
  • Tighten the stem accordingly. Make it tight enough to prevent it from falling off while in transit.


Q2. Can you raise the handlebars on the Frog bike?

YES, it is possible for you to raise the handlebars on the Frog bikes. To be able to do this, we urge you to take these steps and follow them to the latter:

  • Find and make use of a suitable stem riser for your Frog bike. This is the tool you will use to tackle this onerous chore.
  • Slot this riser in the handlebar and tight appropriately
  • Use it to loosen the bar in order that it may pop out of the place it is fitted
  • Raise or lower the handlebar to your unique height or specification
  • Tighten the handlebar tightly to prevent the same from slipping into the place where it is attached

Q3. Can you raise handlebars on balance bikes?

YES, you can! However, the steps you will follow in this sense are radically different from the ones you would follow under normal circumstances. We delineate these steps here for your consideration and eventual adherence:

  • Make the cap loose using the bolt pointing upwards to the directions where the stem meets the bike
  • Eliminate the long bolt and get rid of the cap
  • Remove the bolt that rests on the stem cap using an Allen key
  • Follow this by raising or lowering the handlebar appropriately on the bike
  • Tighten the handlebar accordingly to make it stronger and more reliable

Q4. Should my saddle be higher than the handlebars?

There is no straight answer to this question. Three circumstances inform the choice of height. They are:

1. Sporty Needs

For your sporty needs, you have to get the handlebar lowered beneath the seat. This is to keep you in a bending position and grant you the aerodynamics you need to ride swiftly.

2. Normal Needs

In the case of normal needs, you need the handlebar slightly higher than the seat. The purpose of this is to maintain you in an upright position all the while.

3. Cargo Haulage

For the sake of hauling cargo, you need a handlebar that is at par with the seat of the bike. It is this position that guarantees maximum torque for a prolonged duration of time.


Q5. How high should a bike seat be for a child?

It all depends on the height and dimensions of the child in question. You have to set the seat at a height that leaves a comfortable clearance of no less than 2 inches. This is to allow for smoother motions along the way and to minimize the accidents that arise quite often.

Then again you have to pay keen attention to the other vital parameters like the purpose of the ride, and the desired levels of comfort. Those that are meant for racing have to leave out an aerodynamic shape by having the handlebar lowered below the seat.


We have done much we can to exhaust the subject matter of how to raise the handlebars on a child’s bike for you. We now leave it to you to implement the provisions to the latter. That can only happen if you read the explanations exhaustively and then visualize the same.

It pays to help your neighbor who may have a child as well. Do this by passing the article to them so that they may also read and make meaning of the same. When exactly do you intend to raise the handlebar on your child’s bike? Let us know in the comments section here below.

Last Updated: June 2, 2022

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