How To Install Water Bottle Cage on Bike Without Holes

Riding the bike for too long in the open brings about the challenge of dehydration. That is because being exposed to the hot scorching sun for too long has the tendency to dry you up by sucking out all the moisture. To be on the safe side, you have to fix and carry along a water bottle.

In order to carry them along, you have to know how to install them on the bikes. This begs the question: How do you attach a water bottle cage to a bike? We draft and dedicate the entire length and breadth of this article to do just that.

How To Install Water Bottle Cage on Bike Without Holes

For you to install these water bottles, you have to fix them on the holes that exist on the frames of the bikes. In the absence of these holes, there are two main ways to achieve this end. We break these two steps hereunder for you to comprehend them:

OPTION I: Drilling the holes

In this first option, you drill the holes on the frames of the bikes to be able to slot and fix the cages. Follow these steps to realize that very end:

Step 1: Mark out the dimensions

Kick start the exercise by marking out the dimensions. Take a tape measure and mark out the lengths and widths of the installation clamps that you intend to make do with. Go ahead thereafter to transfer these measurements on the portion of the frame where you plan to fix the clamp.

Step 2: Drill the holes

Take the next step to drill the holes now. Use a drilling machine to accomplish this. Be slow and gentle to prevent the likelihood of inflicting permanent dents and damages to the parts of the bikes. If you can find a power drill, by all means, go for it.

Step 3: Slot the parts of the clamp

After drilling the holes, slot the parts of the clamp onto the frame. Be slow and meticulous while at it to ensure 100% compatibility. Shake the installation a little bit to see to it that it fixes firmly in the allotted space and prevents any further fidgeting and the damages that ordinarily come along.

Step 4: Screw and tighten

Screw and tighten the clamp to see to it that it is firmer and unlikely to fall off. Use a torque screwdriver to do this. While at it, desist from over-tightening as that may break the parts and components of the bike frame altogether.

Step 5: Fix the water bottle

Round this procedure up by fixing the water bottle firmly in its cage. Try riding the bike around to note whether the bottle is truly firm in its slot or not. In case you notice any looseness, be sure to tighten the same using the screwdrivers. Test again and shake before letting go.

How To Install Water Bottle Cage on Bike Without Holes

OPTION II: Using mounts

Instead of drilling holes on the frame of the bike, you may alternatively make use of ready-made clamps. These do not require the drilling of holes but rather grasp the frames firmly. They have the added advantage of being removable to allow for smoother use elsewhere too. Below are top examples of these:

1. Bottle Cage Clamps

As their name implies, this is a water cage that comes with its own clamps. To deploy them for use, you just have to identify a suitable place that can accommodate them. Such a place has to possess or be in conformity to the unique configuration of the clamps altogether.

2. Strap-on Bicycle Water Bottle Holder

This bicycle bottle holder comprises two sturdy Velcro straps that work to maintain the cage fixed securely on any part of the frame. The strap is removable and is hence a great choice if you happen to rent your bike rather than own it yourself.

3. Zip Tie

The zip tie is the cheapest way to fit a bottle cage to a bike that lacks holes. All you have to do is make use of the trusty zip ties that are readily available. Use them to fasten the bottle cages to the frame of the bikes securely.

4. Handlebar Mounts

If you tend to dehydrate a bit too soon, you have the handlebar mounts for your own choice and leverage. These are mounted on the handlebars and are subsequently easier and pretty convenient to access. Moreover, they also allow for on-the-go use and are hence great for cruisers.

5. Water Bottle Cages with Tabs

As a last consideration, you may also make do with the water bottle cages with tabs. These tabs expedite the processes of handling and installation. To mount them, you make use of the electrical tapes to wrap a few rounds on the frames and the tabs. The end result is tighter support for the water bottles.

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In this segment of our discussions, we take a look at some of the questions that are frequently asked with regards to this subject matter of how to install a water bottle cage on the bike without holes:

Q1. Where should I put my bottle cage on my bike?

You have three main places to mount your bottle cage on your bike. These are:

  • Handle Bar: The handlebar is by far the most convenient place to do so. That is because it allows for smoother access whenever the need to do so arises. It’s the main undoing however is that it is potentially distractive and bound to cause accidents.
  • Frame: Next comes the frame. The frame is less distractive and mainly useful for those who intend to stop from time to time along the way. Being stronger, the frame is also great for those water bottles that are heavier and bulkier.
  • Saddle: If you rarely dehydrate or have no space at the frame or the handlebar, the area behind the saddle is a great one to pick and use for the job. You have to choose and fix a clamp though to enjoy this.

Q2. How do you carry water on a mountain bike?

To do so, choose to make good use of either of these three resources:

  • Oversize Bottle Cages and Mounts: For a start, you have the oversized bottle cage and mounts. These are larger and bulkier than your ordinary water bottle cages. They are hence suitable for larger capacity water transportation and handling.
  • Rack or Trailer: The rack or the trailer comes in next. These are stronger and able to support similarly larger water bottles. They are the ones to look up to if you want to transport huge quantities of water.
  • Backpack or Hip Pack: If you have other gears to haul around, the backpack or the hip pack may be a great option to look up to. That is because it can accommodate and haul other gears alongside the water bottles at a time.

Q3. Where do you put the water bottle on a full-suspension bike?

Three positions stand out where you may fix your water bottle on a full-suspension bike. We highlight and explain them here:

  • Down-tube: The downtube is the vertical tube that runs in the upper part of the bike frame. It is easily accessible in the sense that it is closer to the hands of the bike rider. Thus, it ranks as the most probable spot to mount the water bottle.
  • Handlebars: If you want or plan to access your water while on the move, you have the handlebars for your choice and subsequent leverage. The handlebars are the closest to the hands and won’t waste too much of your time hence.
  • Waistpack: This waits pack is the region that lies in and around your waist region. You will find this spot pretty awesome if you bend a lot or tend to scale steeper slopes.

Q4. How do you carry extra water on a bike?

A number of ways and means exhaust for your trial and implementation. We take a look at them here below:

  • Install Behind-the-seat Cages: As a first attempt, you may install some cages at the spot right behind the seat. This area is ordinarily rarely accessed and hence will hardly interfere with the smooth movements of the occupants.
  • Establish Aid Stations: Along your trajectory, you may also establish some aid stations that hold extra water and make them available for you in the course of your travels and rides. This is a viable option more so if what you are planning for is some sporting competition.

Q5. Can I drill holes in my bike frame?

YES, but there is a catch! It is only the Carbon frame that is firm enough to bear the harsh impacts that are largely brought about by the drilling actions of the implements. Thus, if you have to drill a hole, insist only on it.

On the whole, it is not a great idea to drill a hole on any other kind of frame than that. You may inflict dents and permanent damages to the frame of the bike in doing that.

Final Verdict

We have done the much we can to let you know how to install a water bottle cage on a bike without holes. All we may now say is that we pass the buck to you. Make use of the vital pieces of information we have provided to be able to leverage the benefits that come along.

As you may note, there are many ways of achieving this awesome end. It is hence up to you to pick and choose the most relevant one to your needs. Is it not fair and wise of you to share the information far and wide as well?

Last Updated: June 2, 2022

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