How To Fix A Bent Bike Fender – 4 Methods To Fix Fender

If you have a bike with a bent fender you may think it is done for. The bike is not riding correctly and the bike cannot continue to be used with the bent fender. You may have had an accident with the bike or the bike may have been sitting around damaged for a long time. if your question is how to fix a bent bike fender? You can follow these tips and you will be able to fix a bent bike fender.

How to Fix a Bike Fender Step By Step Guideline

Method 1: Suction Cup

This is one of the easiest methods that can be done to fix the dented fender. The success of this will depend on the severity of the dent but it is useful in most cases. All that is needed for this method is a smaller sink plunger or a cellphone windshield mount for the smaller area. The fender should be cleaned and the suction cup should be placed in the dent. You will then pull it straight out and the dent should be able to pop out. This should straighten the fender.

Method 2: Anvil Method

This method is a little more complicated but it will also help fix a bent bike fender. Using this method the fender is removed from the bike and it is put onto the anvil. The horn of the anvil is set so that it will match the radius of the curve on the bike. Once it is in place the ding in the bike will need to be banged out. This may take a little time and some strength.

During this process, the bike may become scratched and it may need to be repaired. A small anvil can be used for this job and a smaller type of hammer can also be used. If you are not sure what to use they can ask for some advice in the hobby shop and they can help them get the correct tools.

Method 3: Hot Water

If the fender is made from plastic it may be able to be fixed in a faster way. Plastic is pliable so the ding may not have to be banged out. Boil a pot of water and then pour it over the bent area on the bike. This will make the plastic softer. Then pushes out the dent or the ding in the bike. this can help get the bike back into its shape.

Method 4: Body Filler

If the dent is deep a body filler may be needed. The area may need to be cleaned first. Once the air is cleaned then the filler can be added. Once the dent is filled it will need to be sanded so that it will not be rough and will fit in with the bike. after it is sanded additional paint will be needed if you want it to match. This is effective but it is more time-consuming.


How to Straighten a bent fender?

There are several methods to straighten a bent bike fender as mentioned above. To straighten the fender begin with this method with hot water. This is the easiest way to fix a bent fender. If this method does not work then you will go to use the suction cup method so they will be able to push the dent out the fender.

If this is not working the anvil method can be used. At this time the fender is removed from the bike and pushed back into shape. The fender will then need to be put back on the bike. The last method would be used to use the filler and fill in the area that is dented. Since this method is the most complex and takes longer it should not be used last if the other methods have failed.

How do you fix a broken bike fender?

If the fender is broken it will need to be removed from the bike. at this time the anvil should be used and it should be matched with the radius of the curve on the bike. Once the area that has been affected is banged out it can be put back on the bike.

Once the fender is placed back on the bike you should check the spokes to make sure they are straight. If they are not aligned then they can take a set of pliers and make them straight again.

How do you fix a broken bike fender?

If the fender on the bike is broken it will need to be removed so that it can be fixed. The fender will be taken off of the bike and it will be put into an anvil. The dent is then repaired and it will need to be bent back into the correct shape. The anvil needs to match the radius of the circle of the bike wheel so that it can then be bent correctly.

You will bang on this until the ding has been removed. At this time the area will then need to be sanded. It will need to be painted as well to match the color of the bike. The paint should be allowed to dry. The fender is then put back on the bike and you will test it out to make sure that it is secure. They can then ride the bike as usual.

Inspecting the Bike

When the fender is meant the bike may have been in storage for some time or it may have been in an accident. At this time it is important to look over the rest of the bike to make sure that it is safe to ride. There may be other issues that you did not see. The spokes of the bike should also be examined to make sure they are safe.

The wheels needed to be checked as well as the tubes on the wheels. When replacing the fender it is a smart idea to look at the bike chain and make sure that it is in good condition. The chain may be dirty and may need to be cleaned. When the fender is installed on the bike again all of these items need to be checked.

Additional Help

If you do not think that you can replace the fender! or if it has been bent too much, you may need to go to a professional for help. They have the proper tools and equipment needed to bend the fender back into place. If you want to do it by yourself, you may need to rent the tools if they do not have them at home.

Final Verdict

When you bent the bike fender it cannot leave it as it is. Instead of scrapping the bike and buying another one, it is possible to fix the broken fender. The fender can be banged out and it can be fixed using the methods that have been mentioned above. You can fix their bike without a problem and get back on the road again. All it takes is a couple of simple tools and the bike is as good as new to ride.

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Last Updated: October 15, 2023

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