How To Change A Bike Tire – Step By Step Guideline

If you are a bike owner, one of the important things you learn is How To Change A Bike Tire. Irrespective of the type you have, you can change the tire once you use the correct tool. You can replace the old tire, or tube when it gets old. Sometimes it can burst and you will be compelled to replace it. There is no big deal in doing this. You can do it by yourself. Many people think that the process is difficult. By the time, you are through with the guideline; you will discover that it is easy.

Tools needed to change tires

When you want to change your tire, you must do that with the most important tools. The common problem you can face when you use this is a flat tire. In most cases, it has a tube that causes a flat tire. To deal with that problem you must carry a spare tube with you, as well as the patch kit. You can use this patch kit to fix your tube when it becomes a problem. If the puncture is too large, it may be difficult to patch. In such a situation, it is better if you replace the tube entirely. Do not patch if it is already bad.

Tools needed to change a tire are not difficult to come by. You can get an ordinary spanner and this can help you to do that. Here is the tool needed to change a bicycle tire:

  • Spannerpatch tool kit
  • Spare tire
  • Spare tube
  • Gum
  • Bike manual
  • Patch kit


How to change a bike tire

A flat tire is always a frustrating experience. It means that you will no longer continue with your journey. Because of that, it is a good idea if you go with a spare tube. Also, come with pump and tire levers. Here are simple instructions that can guide you in changing your tire.

How to change a road bike tire

Here are the steps you will take in doing that installation and repairs.

The first thing to do is to remove the bike wheel. Secondly, you have to remove the tube. When you remove the tube, discover the cause of the flat tire. The cause as said earlier is always from the tube. Once you identify that cause, you have to replace or repair the tube. If it is a minor error, you can repair the tube, but when the burst is big, it is better to replace it.

The next thing is the installation and here is how you can do it.

Step 1:

The first thing to do is to remove the bike wheel. It is much easier to fix, the process is not as difficult as you think. First, you must remove the wheel from the bike. The process is in two stages.

remove bike wheel

Step 2: Disable the bike wheel

The next step is to disable the bike wheel, and then release the brakes. Modern bikes have their brake sitting close to the wheel rims. The best way to do that connection is to use a quick-release system. You can use the same system to reconnect them. Its location, however, depends on where that brake system, as well as the design. If you have the bike manual, you can follow the instructions provided. You can release the braking system.

Step 3: Do not touch the rotor

When you are removing or releasing the brake, be careful if it has a disc. Avoid touching the rotor when you want to open the release mechanism.

bike rotor

Step 4: Release the wheel

The next thing after releasing the brake is to release the wheel. When you disengage the brake, the next thing is to engage the fork or the frame. This depends on the front wheel. Ensure that it has components that make that release possible. One such is the quick-release lever.

bike wheel new

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Step 5: Quick release axles

You can open the front wheel and unscrew the nut slightly on the other side. The aim is to release those things that are keeping the axle. Some bikes feature retention devices, which hold it in a secure place. You have to remove the rear wheel as well.

Step 6:

Ensure that you remove everything that can hinder access to the tire and tube you want to repair. If you are finding it hard to do it, you can consult bike repair experts; it will not take time to see one. The steps are easy and if you follow the instructions as provided, you can do that by yourself.

Other considerations

When you have removed everything and come to the tube, look for the damaged area. Rough its surface. Spread glue, and apply the patch.

How to change a road bike tire

Road bike tires do not damage easily. Because of that, at the point it happens, many users are not ready. If you were used to road bikes, you have to prepare for anything. The tire can go flat at any time. Once you have the emergency repair kit, you can do that easily. You must come along with all the essential tools needed for the repair.

How to change a road bike tire


Step  1:

When you want to carry out that repair, comes with the necessary tools such as the spare tube. You will replace the old tube if it is beyond repair. Another thing you need is a repair kit, as well as a tire lever and a pump.

Step  2:

The procedure for replacement is not different from the method discussed above. It is possible to fix the tire while it is still attached to the bike. If you can do it this way, it is better. This is because the process is going to be smoother. However, if you must remove the tire completely, just be careful in removing the wheel from the system. To remove the wheel, you must first release the braking system.

Step  3:

Secondly, to release the brake, squeeze brake arms. This will help you remove the cable. While doing that, avoid touching the rotor, this is because it can hurt when you do that. There is also a retention cable. You need to release it to bring out the wheel. You should know that the design of these road bikes is not the same. This is because there could be variation. They all work on almost the same principle.

However, they do come with a manual. If you are having difficulty in doing that, you can always consult your manual. When you are finding it hard to repair the tire, you can consult an expert for help.

How to change a mountain bike tire

Changing a mountain bike tire or any type of tire is not difficult. It is something you can do on your own. However, before you can do that, you must come with the most important repair tools. You require essential tools for repair such as the tube, tire lever, as well as a spanner and so on. The process is not different from other bikes such as road bikes or hybrid bikes.

how to change a mountain bike tire

Step 1:

The first thing to do is to remove the wheel from your bicycle. Secondly, remove or deflate the remaining air from the tube. Use the tire lever to hook the other edge of the bead. Pull the lever to the entire rim to bring out the tube. When they come out, remove the tube completely from the tire. Know the exact location so that you can replace it.

Step 2:

When you remove the tire, inflate it a bit. The aim is to know the puncture location. Most of the time, it is the nail that pierces through the tube. Once you discover that location, get back to the rim to know whether the nail or the torn is still there and remove it. Furthermore, ensure that it has a rim tape in position. You must equally ensure that it is in good shape. Once you discover the cause, it is time to repair.

Step 3:

The process is not as difficult as you think. Usually, most mountain bikes come with a manual and you can always consult this manual when in doubt. It is advisable to seek help when you are finding it hard to repair your bike tire. Roadside repair shops can do that for you. If you follow the above instructions, you can equally do that.

How to change a Fat bike tire

Fat tire bikes are different from other bikes because of the tire sizes. The bike is fun to ride. However, there are times you will not have fun when the tire punctures. When that becomes a problem, it could demand more effort to change. Even if you want to repair the tube, it demands more effort.

How to change a fat bike tire

Step 1:

Once you follow instructions in the manual, you discover that it is not that difficult to repair a tire. If you can change other tires, you discover that the procedure to change fat bike tires is also the same. It will require the same kind of tool.

Step 2:

Tools you need include tube and it has to be a bigger tube, as well as a tire lever. You need to replace the tool if the puncture is much. If it is something you can manage, then you can use your patching system to glue and patch the tube.

Step 3:

As said, it can follow the same process. Remove the wheel from the bicycle if you want. It is not in all cases that you remove the tire from the bicycle. However, you must adjust the brake system from the rim to make it possible to remove the tire.

Step 4:

When you remove the tire, use the lever to bring out the tube from the tire. Inflate with air to determine the leaking point and patch them afterward. When you discover the leaking point and patch it, reinstall it. If you are finding it hard to consult a specialist, you can get help.

Final words

Changing your bike tire is not that difficult. Anybody can do that. It is a question of going through the manual and learning how to do it. The most important thing is to have the necessary tools with you when you use your bike. The same process applies for all bike types.

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