How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bike Tire

Bike tires bear heavy loads not to mention tackling treacherous terrains. These have the impact of wearing them and rendering them incapable of discharging their roles. To keep enjoying the benefits that bikes have to offer, you inevitably have to replace the tires. In many instances, this might require the intervention of a trained mechanic or technician.

This naturally gives rise to many relevant questions. These include: how much does a new bike tire cost? We dedicate the discussions that follow to answering these questions and many more tire-replacement issues.

At a glance: Bike Tire Replacement Cost

Tire Type
Around cost
Road Bike Tire


Hybrid Bike Tire


 Less than $50

Mountain Bike Tire



Kids Bike Tire


$14 – $25

Gravel Bike Tire


Fat Bike Tire

$55- $195

Triathlon bike tire Front-Back

$65- $95

N.B: Cost can be increased or decreased! it depends on the manufacturers!!

Recommended New Bike Tires For You

1. Continental Grand Prix Road Bike Tire


Material Blend
Weight 0.36 kg
Style Tubeless
Grand Prix 5000
650 x 25b
Type road
2. Bell Flat Defense Hybrid Bike Tire


Material ‎Other
Weight 0.97 Kg
Style Not Tubeless
Bell Hybrid
Color Black
700 x 38 c
Type Hybrid
3. Schwinn Replacement Bike Tire


Material Rubber
Weight 2 p
Style MTB/Standard
Color Black
Size 26″ x 1.95″
Type MTB
4. Wanda Diamond Tread Colored Tire



Material ‎Rubber
Weight Limit
200 lbs
Style Not Tubeless
Wanda Diamond Tread
Color Cream/white/blue
Size 26 x 2.125
Type Cruiser
5. MOHEGIA Fat Tire


Material Rubber
Weight 1.59 Kg
Style Not Tubeless
Color Black
20/26 x 4.0
Type Fat
6. American Classic Gravel Bike Tire


Material ‎Rubber
Weight 0.59 kg
Style 26 Inches
Part Number
Color Black/Brown/Tan
Size Multiple
Type Gravel

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bike Tire


Factors That Affect The Cost Of Bike Tire Replacements

In our first part, we shall seek to answer the burning question of how much do bike tires cost with regards to the replacement thereof:

Types of Bike

Tires, like any other kind of accessory, come in diverse kinds and types. We have the road bike tire, hybrid bike tires, mountain bike tires, kid’s bike tires, Jumper bike, and the women’s bike tires, to name but a few! The actual cost of replacing these tires varies significantly, with the mountain bike tires being the costliest.

Size of Tire

These tires also vary significantly in size. Obviously, the larger-sized tires cost more to replace than the smaller-sized tires. That is mainly given the need to expend a higher level of expertise and use tools that are similarly more sophisticated than those for the smaller kinds of tires.

Area of Biking

The precise costs of replacing bike tires also differ markedly from area to area. In areas where the cost of living is high, the actual cost of replacing the bike tire is similarly higher. The opposite of course holds true for those areas where the cost of living is comparatively lower.

Weight of the Bike

Weightier bikes require tougher and more resilient tires than those which are lighter. It hence goes that replacing their tires costs a lot more than replacing those of your ordinary bikes. Part of this extra expense is to make up for the fastening and other things that are intended to strengthen the bike.

Nature of the Terrain

The terrain you ply also has a bearing on the cost of replacing the bike tire. A bike that rides on too rough terrain is more likely to cost a lot more to replace. The reason behind this is the need to make the tires stronger and more resilient to take on the roughness altogether.

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bike Tire

Having examined the factors that determine the cost of replacing the tires, we now take our time to look into the estimates for the bicycle tire replacement costs on the basis of their kinds:

Replacing Road Bike Tires Cost

The road bike tire is the one that fits and is subsequently used to ply the typical road conditions. It is general in scope and stature not to mention lacking the many sophisticated parts and components that are likely to make it difficult to handle. It costs roughly $25.37 to replace.

Replacing Hybrid Bikes Tires Cost

A hybrid bike tire is generally wider than your typical road tire. This tire is meant to ply the on-road and the off-road condition, hence the designation, hybrid. For this reason, it costs a lot more to replace. Be ready to part with no less than $50 to replace it altogether.

Replacing Mountain Bikes Tires Cost

Mountain bike tires are built for strength and vitality. They are subsequently stronger and more resilient to the common spates of damages. Owing to this, they are also bulkier and tend to expend too much of your effort to handle and operationalize. This also translates to a similarly higher cost of replacement that stands at $30-$99.

Replacing Kid’s Bike Tires Cost

As their designation implies, the kid’s bike tires are those that are wholly meant for the bikes that belong to the small children. They are smaller, more compact, and devoid of those parts and components that are ordinarily too sophisticated to handle and engage. Prepare to part with around $14.39 – $25.37 to replace.

Replacing Women’s Bike Tires Cost

Rounding up the list of the many tires we have are the women’s tires. These cost roughly $30-$40 to replace. That is mainly because they are wholly limited to the use of and by women alone. On the whole, they are wider, larger, and moderately weightier in nature.

Replacing Gravel Bike Tires Cost

Gravel bike tires are a little more expensive than other bike tires due to the movement of stones. This type of bike tire starts from $45 and goes up to $75. You can easily get a high-quality bike tire on this budget from a well-known bicycle company.

Replacing Fat Bike Tires Cost

The fat bike tires are thicker and stiffer, so it costs a little more. It starts from $55 and goes up to $195. if you want a tire for this kind of bike, you have spent a good amount of money. Some companies sell this type of bike on a cheap budget. But their tire quality is not so good.

Replacing Triahon Bike Tires Cost

Triathlon bike tires are also expensive. This bike tire costs around $65 and goes up to $95. You can get a good tire on this budget.


Q1. How often do bike tires need to be replaced?

Generally, you should replace the tires of your bikes every 3,000 miles. This may be sooner though depending mainly on the kinds of damages that your bike sustains or is likely to sustain when used. You have to do it sooner if your tires get damaged too soon!


Q2. Do bicycle tires go bad?

YES, they can! If placed or stored in greatly humid locations, they are more likely to tear out too soon. Humidity has a way of weakening the rubber components of the tires and hence makes them susceptible to the various forms of damage that come along.


Q3. Is it hard to change a bike tire?

NOT really! You just have to equip yourself with a lever and that is it! The process of changing tires is not really complicated. Even a person who has the bare minimum skillset will find it a lot easier to implement.

Final Verdict

Our look into the subject matter of cost to replace a bike tire comes to an end there. We do hope now that you have the armory you need to now confront this issue with absolute reliability. Knowing about the actual cost in and of itself is not enough.

You have to know about the dealers in your area who are more likely to give you the best deal. That is something you do by finding out these dealers and their rough quotes. Needless to say, you narrow to that which is likely to do it at the least cost possible.

Last Updated: October 7, 2022

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