How Long Should You Ride A Stationery Bike To Lose Weight

Bike riding is an essential workout as it helps boost the health of the heart and the lungs, helps in building the strength of the muscles, helps in improving the flow of blood in the body, and is crucial in lowering stress levels. On top of that, Bike riding helps burn the torch calories and fat and reduce weight. For you to lose weight, there are certain things that you are required to know for a more effective biking workout.

How long does it take riding a stationary bike to lose weight

Strategies that you may use to lose weight with biking and the options that come with biking in several environments are as below

Biking, mostly known as a low-impact option for aerobic exercises, allows your heart rates to get up with a reduced amount of wear and tear on your knees, joints, and ankles. It can help to outbuild the extra pounds partly due to burning the excess calories as you pedal, more so when you recycle at a pace, not for fun.

  • Increasing the intensity
  • Going Further

There are moments when you usually say to yourself that you have had enough; at this moment, you should push yourself by going a little further; that’s endurance training. Per the research, endurance training can also help burn fats, thus helping lose weight.

When you are building endurance, you would typically start slowly. If you start with 10-15 minutes in one session, you can add several minutes in other sessions to reach at least 160 cycling minutes weekly.

Opting for higher intensity training

High-intensity interval training can significantly challenge your body as it can reduce fats and lose weight, which is the ultimate goal. It involves short bursts of rather intense exercises that alternate with low-intensity exercise intervals. A High-Intensity interval training usually looks like this:

  • Cycling as fast as possible against higher resistance for one minute.
  • Followed by doing easy cycling but with low resistance for three minutes.
  • Repeat the pattern for 30 minutes.

Trying Cross-training

It applies when you are not a one-activity person as it helps you alternate between several activities. You may go for an outdoor bike ride and then head to the gym later.

How Long Should You Ride A Stationery Bike To Lose Weight

Can belly fat be lost by riding a stationary bike?

When the stationary bike is used in a targeted way, it will help in burning belly fat; the key is knowing how to use the bike to your advantage. A study revealed that regular riding might influence the loss of lubricants and promote a healthy weight. Moderate but intense aerobic exercises such as cycling are needed to reduce belly fat. It is crucial to note that before you engage in any activity, it’s essential that you talk to your doctor about your fitness goals. The following benefits also come in handy in enhancing the reduction process

1. Lowering belly fat and increasing good fat

6o minutes of cycling and a diet rich in healthy proteins effectively lower belly fat and increase good fat levels. It has been proved to lower many health risks and heling in the process of losing weight.

2. Lowering Insulin resistance

Regular cycling of the stationary bike may significantly reduce insulin resistance. Cycling makes the body’s cells absorb glucose better; hence, people with diabetes can benefit from cycling.

It should be noted that losing fats from the belly through cycling the stationary bike is not that difficult, but it should be determined and consistent. Even if it takes time, it is possible when enough effort is put in.

Is 20 to 30 minutes on a stationary bike enough?

20-30 minutes are good enough to stay healthy, as studies have revealed that daily cycling will benefit your health. It is vital to note that an average person burns 260 calories for a 30-minute ride on a stationary bike, leading to your ultimate goal of reducing weight.

How long does one have to ride a stationary bike before losing belly fat?

Your belly fat didn’t grow overnight, so after a few cycling sessions, you should not expect a washboard stomach, but there is good news; belly fat is the first fat you outbuild when engaging yourself in a regimen of losing weight. By consistently using a stationary bike, you can reduce fats and strengthen some muscles in your body, including the abdomen; hence you should ride your stationary bike for 30 minutes 3 times a week and emphasize the interval routines.

You should also try strength and endurance training activities where you strive for 150 minutes per week of total exercise.


If you want to reduce or maintain the loss of weight that you have worked hard for, biking can be the way to achieve the goal. To increase the rate of losing weight and burning fats, you should increase the duration and the intensity of your workout.

Last Updated: July 7, 2022

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