Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike Review

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a bike. For instance, is the bike durable? Is the bike worth the money? In this context, the main focus will be on the Giordano Rapido single speed road bike. The article will be in the form of a review. You will learn more about the features of the bike and the pros, cons, and specs of the Giordano Rapido bike.

The Italian Road Bike has some exemplary features that are admirable. The bike is suitable for the average rider and it offers convenience. Some of the features of the bike include;

Giordano Rapido Specs

  • A-frame that is durable and it is made up of aluminum and steel.
  • The steel fork is strong.
  • The alloy rims are also elegant and decent.
  • The bike has Kenda tires that are well fitted and they are black in color.
  • The frame is also light and strong.
  • Single-speed.
  • The 3-piece crank is made of steel and it is 170mm in size.
  • The pedals have toe clips and an alloy cage.
  • The bike has an alloy seat color.
  • Steel seat post.
  • Alloy side pull brakes.
  • A flip flop rear hub.
  • A steel kickstand.
  • The bike weighs 25.5 pounds.
  • cheap budget bike.

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Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike Review

In most instances, the beauty of a bike cannot align with its complexity; however, the Giordano Rapido 700 has managed to strike a balance between these features. The bike is elegant and it has quality features that have also been mentioned above. The features present are suitable for people who enjoy engaging in activities such as biking.

Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike

The bike is usually meant for starters and it has many merits that will ensure that everyone has received value for their money. Some of the benefits of the Giordano Road Bike are as follows;

Features & Benefits


The Giordano Bike is sold at a reasonable price. The spare parts are also readily available and they are also readily available.

It is easy to upgrade

The Giordano Rapido bike is usually considered as a starter bike. One of the most important aspects of the bike is that you can easily upgrade its features. You will take off the current components and install the new ones that are needed for the upgrade process.

Freedom to choose

The Giordano Rapido has a flip flop hub and you have the option to ride it in the form of a freewheel or the fixed gear single speed mode.

The Bike Has a High Endurance Level

The bike has a strong frame and it can endure tough terrains. It is possible to engage in biking on the inner city roads using the Giordano Rapido road bike. Such a feature is advantageous, especially in the developing world where the road network is underdeveloped.

The frame

The frame of the Giordano is durable and it does not come with any inconveniences whatsoever. Some of these inconveniences include unnecessary weight.

The parts

The parts of the Giordano Rapido are usually well-organized and people can easily assemble the parts.

Strong tires

The Giordano bike comes with Kenda tires. The tires are thick and strong. They are also meant to ensure and resist high amounts of pressure that come about as a result of the condition of some of the roads.

Super Fast Bike

The Giordano is usually fast; however, it is not suitable for biking competitions.

Easily customizable

Since the bike is meant for starters, it is possible to upgrade it after using it for some time. People usually upgrade to make sure that the bike suit their needs and personal preferences. You do not have to purchase a new bike since the Rapido bike starter may not be as appealing. You will just do away with some parts during the upgrading process.

Others Benefits

The Giordano Single Speed Bike has amazing features and benefits. Although the bike has many merits, It also has some disadvantages. The various demerits do not discredit Giordano’s bike as a bad product. It is possible to manage all these shortcomings. In most instances, people are supposed to ensure that they have deployed some safety measures and precautions. People are advised to make sure that the handle’s stem is tightened. The demerits are as follows;

  • In some instances, the tires may also get flat. The best way to deal with such an issue is by using adhesive stickers inside the rims. The stickers can be purchased at any bike shop.
  • The braking systems of the Giordano Rapido are also unstable. People should always adjust the brakes accordingly to avoid any issues.
  • The wheel bolts may loosen slowly and that means people should tighten these bolts regularly.
  • The Giordano Rapido has plastic brake levers. The best way to solve this issue is by replacing the plastic brakes with metal ones.
  • It is not suitable for people who want to travel long distances. For example, the bike’s saddle is usually hard and it may not be comfortable, especially for people who are riding for long distances.

As always, each product in the market is meant to address different problems. As for the Giordano Rapido, it solves many issues. It is preferable because it offers the following features;

Fast mobility and convenient

Although a bike is supposed to increase mobility, it is also meant to be convenient. When traveling, people should enjoy the comfort that a bike has to offer. When using the Giordano bike, it is possible to “cruise.”

Bikes are mobile “health kits”

Activities such as biking are suitable when enhancing someone’s health. When riding a bicycle, you can get rid of a considerable amount of calories daily. The Giordano Rapido offers convenience and it is easy to ride it. When riding a bike, you cannot succumb to different health complications such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases.


In this Giordano review, we will also discuss the pros of the bike and they include;

  • The Giordano is affordable.
  • This bike offers high levels of flexibility.
  • The bike offers good speeds.
  • This Bike is easy to use.
  • People can manage and control it easily.
  • The bike is suitable for managing city life.
  • You will spend little time managing the Giordano bike.
  • The Bike is not complicated.
  • The bike is efficient.
  • The Bike is lightweight and strong.
  • The Bike can be easily assembled.

The manufacturer of the bike has a positive reputation. Although the brand name is not an important factor to consider, it is good to note that the track record of the Giordano Rapido bike is admirable. The manufacturer utilizes a significant amount of resources during the manufacturing process.


  • The bike offers simplicity.
  • The handlebars are heavy.

The people who are used to the classy life since it does not possess the touch of class.


After offering some insight into the Giordano review it is good to form a summary of the review. The bike is preferable since it offers product safety. Before any product is released into the market, it must be tested for safety first. Each product serves a different purpose and it should be used in an intended manner.

The Rapido bike offers efficacy. The bike has a good rating since it meets the basic needs of many people who enjoy bike riding. If something does not serve its purpose, it cannot be referred to as a product. The Giordano Rapido bike offers value for money. For starters, the bike is durable and also affordable. It is also easy to maintain the bike.

The bike is affordable. When a manufacturer unleashes a product into the market, he expects to make a lot of sales. The manufacturer also has a target market and that is why the price tag must be enticing so as to attract more clients. The Giordano’s prices range from $200 – $400. Based on the Giordano review, it is good to note that the bike is a perfect bike that also has a few demerits. It is also suitable for people who are looking for the best single speed bike that can serve as a starter pack.

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Last Updated: August 3, 2022

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