The 7 Best Triathlon Bikes For The Money In 2023

Are you an aspiring triathlon athlete? Would you wish to sharpen your skills considerably? Have you been seeking appropriate information and guidance to that end? Well, we are pleased to let you know that you have arrived at just the right place! Our discussions here below endeavor to do just that.

We have scoured the many bikes on the market today. We are going to review seven of the best triathlon bicycles to showcase their strengths and weaknesses. Further to that, we will also let you know what makes a good triathlon bike tick.

Many people also tend to confuse triathlon and trail bikes. We are also aware of this. That is why we have devoted a segment exclusively to that subject matter. By reading through our explanations, you will be able to get the necessary insight you require to make some informed purchasing decisions.

At  a glance: 7 Best Triathlon Bicycles

Bicycle Brand
Speed Features Price
Kestrel 5000

Editor’s Choice

11 Speed
  1. Linear pull brake
  2. Carbon alloy rims
  3. Carbon gloss black color
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Eagle T Series

  1. Carbon Wheels
  2. Comfortable
  3. Lightweight
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11 Speed
  1. Carbon Frame
  2.  Lightweight
  3. 3 Color Available
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Eagle AT1

  1. Reliable
  2. Lightweight
  3. Aerodynamics
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Kestrel Talon

11 Speed
  1. Carbon fiber
  2. Lightweight
  3. Satin Black Color
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Kestrel Talon X

11 Speed
  1. Carbon Frame
  2. Lightweight
  3. Shimano Brake
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  1. Adjustable
  2. Aerodynamics
  3. Good performance
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Best Triathlon Bikes

7  Best Triathlon Bikes

In this section, we examine those bikes which are more likely to do you some good at the moment. Read through their finer details to know more about them and their possible benefits to you. Here are the 7 best triathlon bikes for the money in 2023.

1. Kestrel 5000 SL Ultegra Triathlon Road Bike

Want some speed as you go about the business of riding your bike, this is the one to choose. It is on the whole optimized for speed and performance. Further, it also contains many other added features.


Features and Benefits

High-grade Carbon Fiber Construction

Its construction features high-grade carbon fiber construction. For this reason, it is lighter and easier to steer around. Even with repeated use, you are less likely to feel fatigued.

Aerodynamic Leading Edge

Its front has a fairing. This one brings about some aerodynamic leading edge. It is this one that makes you attain the highest speeds possible at any given time.

Oval Concepts 950 F Wheelset

The wheelset of the bike comes along in some oval concept design. Thanks to this design, the wheels are also pretty resistant to the oncoming winds and the associated resistance.

Aero Carbon-alloy Rims

Lastly comes the aero carbon-alloy rims. These ones have some 18 spokes at the front and 24 at the rear. They allow you to slot in your wheels smoothly, firmly, and easily.


  • Offers a fair degree of performance
  • Comes about in some low price levels
  • Possesses the strongest and lightest frames
  • Great for competitive triathletes
  • Exudes superior aerodynamics


  • Quite pricey
  • Only for professional cyclists
  • Requires some experience to handle


Q1. Does a triathlon bike make a difference?

Answer: YES, it does! The manner in which its seat is fashioned brings out the most difference. In a triathlon bike, the seat is steeper than that of a road bike.

When you sit on it, your hips will be forced backward and upwards. In light of this, you experience limited tension and get to tackle your riding tasks with confidence. You also ride for longer.

Q2. Are triathlon bikes faster?

Answer: By all accounts, yes! The main reason underlying this is their aerodynamic nature. This design makes them great at resisting the frictional drag that is generated by the oncoming wind.

Also, they are better to handle at these extreme speeds. You will be less likely to lose your cool or experience a loss of control as you go about the business of turning while in high gear.

Q3. How much do triathlon bikes weigh?

Answer: The weights of these bikes vary considerably. Generally, the role for which they are designed is the key determinant of their weights. A typical bike weighs around 3.21 – 11.79 pounds.

To find the best bike, insist on one that is the lightest. Factor your own weight as well. You do not need to settle on one which is too weak to accommodate your own body muscles.

Well, if speed is your primary concern when looking for the most suitable triathlon bike, then this is the one to set your eyes on. It is, as you may see from the discussions above, optimized for speed.

This stems from its aerodynamic shape and overall construction. Do get hold of it and use it for your subsequent competitions. Overall, this is one of the best triathlon road bikes in today’s market.

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2. Eagle T Series Carbon Fiber Triathlon Bike

Want a triathlon bike for everyday use? Of all the bikes under our consideration, it is this that is strong enough for repeated use. It is hence more likely to come to your rescue. Other than this, it also contains many other features.


Features and Benefits

Upgraded Parts

In its entirety, this bike contains some upgraded parts and components. These are the Shimano derailleur and shifters, carbon handlebars, and carbon wheels. Expect it to yield you some added strength and performance.

Lightweight Design

Though it contains upgraded parts, it is lighter in weight than most other bikes. You will hence not feel too tired even if you have to ride it for an extended duration of time.


Other than being light, this bike is also resistant to shocks. In particular, it dampens all forms of vibrations and in so doing, yields extra comfort. This also minimizes fatigue to a greater extent.

Aerodynamic Nature

All its parts and components are placed in some aerodynamic overall shape. With this arrangement in mind, you are sure to reap some higher speeds and expedited cycling outcomes.


  • The adjustable seat means added comfort
  • Fits different riding styles
  • Backed by a great customer care regime
  • Ergonomically shaped for extra comfort
  • A comfortable saddle ensures smooth riding all the time


  • Not for racing
  • Contains some delicate parts
  • Requires extra muscles to pedal


Q1. Which is the faster between a triathlon and a road bike?

Answer: Definitely, the triathlon bike is the faster of the two. It comes along in some awesome aerodynamic design and is also packed with tons of elegant features. These make it faster and more maneuverable.

Yet again, the comparatively lighter nature of these bikes means limited effort on your part to steer and maneuver them. Lastly, the triathlon bike lets you determine the angle of the seat you might be interested in.

Q2. What makes a good triathlon bike?

Answer: Several factors converge to make a good triathlon bike. These are the size of the seat, the overall weight, adjustability, or lack of it of the various aspects of the bike, and so on.

Your bike has to possess an aerodynamic design. This is absolutely essential due to the need to part the oncoming wind as reliable as can be. It should also be lighter for limited drag.

Q3. Why are triathlon bikes different?

Answer: The main difference which a triathlon bike exhibits is its shape and geometry of it altogether. Unlike your standard road bike, the shape of the handlebar is inverted to put you in a bending position.

These bikes also let you adjust the angle and elevation of the seat post. Yet again, this puts your entire body in a position that is generally more aerodynamic.

For your common and everyday use, this is the bike to go for. Being strong and tough, it is well able to handle many chores and carry plenty of goods at a time. These two arrangements make the bike a good companion for your everyday applications. You may even use it to commute back and forth to work.

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3. SAVADECK Phantom 2.0

Is your search for a suitable triathlon bike dictated by the need for road racing? If it is, then we are pleased to let you know that this is the bike to look up to. All its parts, components, and specifications are optimized for matters racing. Moreover, it is also light enough for such applications.


Features and Benefits

Michelin 25C Tire

Standing tall among the list of its most awesome features are the Michelin tires. The tires are hard-wearing and are anti-gill. They have some low rolling resistance and are the ones chiefly responsible for faster movements.

SHIMANO Ultegra R8000 Group Set

All its crucial controls and joints are derived from the Shimano Company. These include the freewheel, crankset, brakes, rear derailleur, front derailleur, and the shifter leveler. Expect some top-notch performances.

TORAY Carbon Parts

Other than the Shimano construction, a number of its crucial parts are also lighter. This is due to its carbon construction. In particular, the seat post, handlebar, fork, and frame stand tall.

Aerodynamic Contouring

Lastly, the entire bike features some aerodynamic contouring. Of particular note are the seat tube, seat post, and the stays. You will enjoy some faster travels which will also be devoid of any excess drags.


  • Guarantees some clean airflow during a typical riding session
  • Demands limited muscle power to engage
  • Offers more compliance to you
  • Starts and operates pretty smoothly and effectively
  • Its tapered head gives off better handling


  • May not handle other chores well
  • Cannot carry too much cargo at a time
  • Less value for your money


Q1. How much is a triathlon bike?

Answer: Just as the weight and size, the actual cost of a triathlon bike also varies considerably. All factors considered though, a good triathlon bike goes for around $3,000, give or take.

Some of the factors that determine the cost are who the bike is intended for, its structural parts and components, additional features, and the nature of the terrain it is intended to conquer.

Q2. Do I need a triathlon bike for Iron man?

Answer: You need not necessarily use your triathlon bike for the man exercise. However, you would rather do so because it has been noted to be quicker and more agile. You require above-average expertise to do so though.

That is because these bikes are more complicated than the equipment that is used for the ironman exercises. You will also have to take extra care not to injure yourself in the process.

Q3. Can I use a mountain bike for a triathlon?

Answer: The quick answer to this is ‘yes.’ However, the circumstances under which you may do so are somewhat limited. Mountain bikes are only great for steep and difficult terrains.

It is very unlikely that they will do you some good in flat and otherwise ordinary trails. Because mountain bikes lack many of the comfort features of triathlon bikes, you have to put in the extra effort.

Fewer bikes if any can come even close to this one when it comes to matters road racing. That is why we now urge you to waste no time. Instead, look up to this bike to solve your road racing needs. You may, if you so wish, alter it to handle a couple of other applications as well.

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4. Eagle AT1 Aero Aluminum Tri Bike

Generally speaking, this bike is suited for many kinds of applications. These are exercising, commuting, endurance riding, touring, and recreation, among others. Its multipurpose nature means you stand to reap tons of benefits by purchasing it. You also enjoy some convenience in the process.


Features and Benefits

Upgraded Carbon Fiber Wheels

Its wheels are unlike any other. That is because they are upgraded by the use of carbon fiber materials. This construction minimizes turbulence and improves the overall aerodynamics of the bike as a whole.

Adjustable Seat Angles

While riding this bike, you will also be able to alter the angle at which you sit. This is made possible by the adjustable seat angle. It hence delivers some optimal fits for you.

Ultimate Performance

Yet again in the course of your riding, you will enjoy some ultimate performances. Of note are the reduced drags and stiffness during the handling process. These two lead to maximum stability while on the road.

Highly Versatile

The bike can pair and communicate with many other attachments. You may in fact slot in some derailleur and shifters in the bike for added utility. This, in turn, brings about high value for money.


  • An ideal choice for those who value convenience
  • Hardly imposes any drag-on you
  • Lasts longer courtesy of the alloy construction
  • Allows you to extend its applicability
  • Yields greater returns on investments


  • Requires some assembly before use
  • Prone to pilferage and loss of parts
  • Quite cumbersome to effectively engage


Q1. Can I use a triathlon bike as a normal bike?

Answer: It is impossible for you to use your triathlon bike as a normal one. The reason here is that its structure, design, makeup, and overall composition are way too different from the normal road bike.

For you to convert it to a normal road bike, you will have to bring in an expert to do so. Such a person will alter the design and structure as well as eliminate some parts altogether.

Q2. Do you need a special bike for a triathlon?

Answer: Not necessarily. The typical triathlon bike comes equipped with everything you might need to handle your racers and movements. However, you might have to modify your bike to let it perform some chores.

For you to be able to achieve this feat, you will yet again have to invoke the assistance of a professional biking expert for the job. Be sure of your comfort in the process.

Q3. What is the difference between the time trial and the triathlon bike?

Answer: The main difference between these two bikes is the purpose for which they are intended. The trial bikes possess bare minimum features given that they are exclusively meant to give you a try.

Given their comprehensive nature, the triathlon bikes contain many other features which are ordinarily lacking in your trial bikes. They are also more comfortable and speedier than their ordinary counterparts.

In order to quench all your biking and associated needs, this undoubtedly is the one to set your eyes on. As you may already see, it is comprehensive enough to be able to handle as many kinds of applications as can be. What are you waiting for? Get hold of it as soon as you practically can!

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5. Kestrel Talon X Ultegra Bike

You need not necessarily be an expert or experienced fellow to be able to ride a good bike. Not when you have these top triathlon bikes for a beginner at your fingertips. In all regards, this one features both simplicity and reduced acquisition costs.


Features and Benefits

800K Carbon Fiber Construction

In the first spot is the 800K ultra-high-modulus carbon fiber construction. It is of the highest grade and yields some truly strong working platforms. Expect hence to enjoy some unconstrained support.

Shimano Shifters and Derailleurs

Its derailleur and shifters are of the Shimano varieties. They are subsequently strong, light, yet firm enough to yield you some unparalleled support all the time. Hardly will they break down too!

Oval Concepts Wheelset

The wheelset is not left out either. They too are strong and up to date. That is because they come in the form of some oval concepts. This combines with the 700 cm circumference to bring about some added stability to you.

Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Folding Tires

Its tires will not let you down either. Given their Vittoria Zaffiro Pro variety, expect the tires to be quite strong and firm enough to take on any terrain. That they fold is definitely an added advantage.


  • Alloy handlebars are stronger and firmer
  • 31.8mm clamp size allows for effective securing
  • 133mm drop is spacious enough for your use
  • Its reversible seat post makes do some comfortable sitting
  • The 4-degree sweep puts you in a comfortable seating angle


  • Too simple for strenuous tasks
  • Limited applicability means less value for money
  • Delicate and prone to damages


Q1. What is a UCI legal bike?

Answer: For a start, UCI stands for Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). It is basically an international body that sets rules and regulations which govern bikes and cycling as a whole. A good bike has to meet and exceed these rules.

It hence follows that a UCI legal bike is one that is compatible with these rules and regulations. Such bikes are subsequently safer and more applicable than those which do not conform to such rules.

Q2. What do you wear for a triathlon?

Answer: Even though you may ride your bike singlehandedly, you are highly advised to put on some suits on top of your ordinary apparel. In particular, the wet suit stands tall among the various attires.

It is particularly awesome if your racing has to incorporate some swimming in it. The suit makes it easier for you to drain off excess water and get back on your feet speedily.

Q3. On average, how long does a triathlon event last?

Answer: From the records, it has been established that many athletes take an average of 6 minutes per mile to tackle their races. This means that in total, a triathlon event takes around 22-26 minutes.

Kindly note though that you might take much longer than that if you are a novice or a person who is yet to master the full aspects of the game.

If you lack that much financial resource endowment, your choices are somewhat limited. You have no better friend and companion than this specific triathlon bike. Being cheap, it provides you with a nice place to start with. It also lets you gain the expertise you need to ride the more complicated kinds of bikes.

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6. Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105

Are you an aspiring triathlon biker? If you answered yes, you want a good training bike also, don’t you? This is the bike we suggest that you choose for this job. It, being the best entry-level triathlon bike is intended for training purposes and is moderate in complexity.

Kestrel Talon X Shimano 105 Bike Mens

Features and Benefits

Ultegra Components

Its components are almost entirely drawn from Shimano’s Ultegra. These have been noted to yield some fair level of performance which in turn maximizes your overall riding performance.

Shimano’s Trickle-down Technology

Coming in next is trickle-down technology. This simply means that it uses the same technology which exists in its higher-end models. Though simpler, it accords you better benefits.

Efficiency and Aerodynamics

On the whole, the bike is both efficient and aerodynamic in nature. Deliberate care has been taken to accord these two benefits at a time. You should be comfortable while behind the wheels.

Unique Dimensions

All its parts possess some unique lengths and dimensions. These have been purposely structured to yield you some best riding qualities on the whole. What’s more? You may also alter the dimensions as per your wish.


  • Allows you to mount the saddle in multiple positions
  • Provides comfortable seating at diverse angles
  • Shuffles back and forth between the road and triathlon styles
  • Provides some incredibly strong riding platform
  • Offers a bit more compliance while on the road


  • Complicated to an ordinary user
  • You have to be experienced to understand it
  • Requires constant repairs and maintenance


Q1. What size of the triathlon bike should I purchase for my height?

Answer: To determine the best size for your triathlon bike, you need to consider your inseam. You are strongly recommended to settle for that bike whose inseam has 1-2 inches extra clearance.

This is to guarantee your comfort, prevent you from injuring your loins, and allow for smooth embarking and disembarking. Some charts do exist which might assist persons of your kind to arrive at the best bike.

Q2. Can I put the normal road tires on my triathlon bikes?

Answer: Not really! Not unless you intend to ride your bike on the road normally, as you would any other kind of bike. That is because triathlon in and of itself is a very demanding sporting activity.

It is not uncommon for the tires you use to sustain wears and other incidences of deterioration that are beyond the endurance limits of normal road tires.

Q3. How do I find a good triathlon bike?

Answer: A good triathlon bike has to possess many kinds of features. For one, its weight has to be just the right one. Be sure to have it able to endure your own weight.

It must also be compact in size. This is to allow for smooth and unimpeded storage when the time comes to. If it is foldable, the better for you.

To elevate your skill from an ordinary rider to a professional one, this bike is truly relevant to you. Its mix of elegant parts, awesome construction, and durability all combine to make this dream a reality. Moreover, it does not require that you spend too much of your money to be able to obtain those high ends. Look for it wherever you might find it.

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7. Stradalli Full Carbon Triathlon Bike

Are you a lover of fashion and elegance? If you are, then you want a bike that is comprehensive in scope. Of all the bikes we are reviewing, none makes for these three feats better than this one.


Features and Benefits

Adjustable Frame

Unlike the frames of your ordinary bikes, the one for this bike is adjustable. This lets you set your desired level of comfort while riding. It minimizes strains and possible damage to your spine.

Linear-Size Jumps

Riders come in different heights and weights. It is only fair that a good bike captures this reality as well. With the linear size jumps, the bike allows you to set the desired dimension for your riding needs.

Variable Riding Positions

Other than setting your desired height, the bike also allows you to determine the riding position in which you are comfortable. This is made possible by the variable riding positions feature.

Arm Rests and Aero Bars

Lastly, come the aero bars and the armrests. They provide support to your arms to reduce fatigue. This notwithstanding, they are also mobile enough to allow you some agility.


  • Sleek and modern cockpit
  • Keeps all stray elements out of sight
  • Quite comfortable and aerodynamic
  • Finds that optimum position faster and hassle-free
  • Comes in some great geometry for optimal performance


  • Cannot ply difficult terrains
  • Poor maneuverability means limited convenience
  • Not for endurance riding


Q1. What makes triathlon bikes tick?

Answer: Mostly, these bikes are stronger and more enduring than their ordinary counterparts. This means they can take on tasks and terrains which others cannot. In most cases, they are heavier than ordinary bikes.

Their geometry is also somewhat different. They are aerodynamic and will put you the rider in positions that others will not. Those positions allow for easier steering and seamless cruises.

Q2. Do I need a triathlon suit?

Answer: YES, you do, and badly for that matter! Most jurisdictions and local authorities will in fact demand that you put on the suit prior to being allowed to ride your bikes on their roads.

These suits are also there purely for your good. They protect you from the common issues which might pose your injuries. Some even allow for faster racing outcomes.

Q3. Can you rent or lease a triathlon bike?

Answer: By all means, yes! You do not need to buy your triathlon bike especially if you plan to use it once or twice only. Leasing makes some sense under these circumstances.

While renting, insist only on those installations that are trustworthy. Read through the lease agreement also carefully. Take care of any traps which might exist in between the fine prints.

Quench your love for matters of fashion and elegance with this bike. No other is as beautiful and great to behold as this one. As you may also deduce from the foregoing explanations, this bike is equally capable of taking on just about every other difficult chore. Its design does not compromise its functionality at all.

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How To Pick A Right Triathlon Bike


Topmost in your consideration should be the size of the bike. You have to choose a bike that can bear your whole dimensions and body. Also, size is necessary when storing the bike while not in use.


How heavy your bike also determines how much value you may derive from it. Weighty bikes are difficult to control and maneuver. You want to stay away from them as much as possible.


The kind of terrain you intend to take on also has a bearing on the best bike for you. A good bike has to be able to take on your terrain and perfectly well for that matter.


Apart from ordinary travels, what else do you plan to use your bike for? You have to figure out the range of tasks that your bike is to perform to be able to settle for the most suitable one.


 Time Trial Bike Or Triathlon Bike, Which One Is The Best?

For your intense and rigorous exercising, you have a choice between the triathlon and the trial bikes. Though they sound the same, they are completely different as you are about to see. These differences also have a role to play in the kind of applications you might devote them to.

Time Trial Bike

Time trial bike is so-called since it is only meant to practice or try out a terrain. It is not meant for full-time or competitive applications. Also, this kind of bike contains only the bare minimum features which a bike of its kind is ordinarily intended to have.

Triathlon Bikes

The triathlon bikes, on the other hand, have all the various parts, features, and components necessary for effective riding. They are subsequently huge and more comprehensive in scope than many of their ordinary counterparts and time trial bikes. You will also be able to perform many kinds of chores with this bike.

Differences between these two bikes:


As hinted, the trial bikes are smaller and more compact in size. They differ not so significantly from your ordinary kinds of bikes. Triathlon bikes, on the other hand, are more comprehensive and stand apart considerably from any other kind of bike available. They are also tough enough to take on many daunting chores.


Due to their bare minimum shape and size, the trial bikes also have limited features. You should hence expect the bikes to fall short when you have to handle those chores that are ordinarily more demanding. The same may not be said of the triathlon bikes. These bikes have extra features that enable them to perform better.


This refers to the range of uses and applications to which you may devote these bikes. Given their comprehensive sizes, you may use a triathlon bike for many chores. The trial bikes fall short on this though. They have limited features which unfortunately can only let them do a few things here and there.


All factors considered, the trial bikes are smaller and more compact in size. This is understandable because they are designed to pay limited roles. You will hence find them easier to store and carry around when the need so dictates. The triathlon bikes are however bulkier and difficult to carry around.


Lastly, these bikes differ in the expertise they require from their users. The trial bikes are simpler in scope. As such, they call for limited expertise on your part. Owing to the more complex nature of the triathlon bikes, you will have to possess great expertise to be able to engage them effectively.

In conclusion, the triathlon bike is undoubtedly the better of the two kinds of bikes. It is more comprehensive and more likely also to bring to you added value for your money. You are also more likely to perform many more roles using these kinds of bikes than with the trial ones. Do prioritize them in your search for the best bike.

Budgeting for a Triathlon Bicycle

The triathlon bicycle is a little beat expensive than other kinds of bicycles available in today’s market. You can get a good quality triathlon bike under 3000 t0 5000 dollars budget. There are a few best triathlon bikes under 1000 dollars but their quality is not so good.


Our long and tiring review and buying guide of these triathlon bikes end there. We now leave it up to you to decide what to do with the information. You may pass the information on to some people who might need it. Then, of course, you may also go ahead and purchase your triathlon bike.

To find the right triathlon bike, consider the amount of money you have in your possession too. Finding the best triathlon bike for the money need not necessarily be too daunting a task. You do not want to be stressed after the exercise to the extent of even giving up hope altogether.

We have noted from experience that many people still get stuck after reading through our guide. Should you be one of them, we ask you to seek further clarification from us. We are all the more enthusiastic to assist persons like you. That is because we derive pleasure in seeing our clients prosper and make decisions that are to their advantage.

Last Updated: August 8, 2023

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