Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 – Most Popular List In 2023

Are you looking for budget mountain bikes? If so, you have landed in the right place. We have researched and summarized the top class mountain bikes under $500 to assist you in making the right decision. According to the NBDA (National Bicycle Dealers Association) industry overview for 2015, specialty bicycles from dealers were sold for around 200 dollars with an average of 700 dollars.

However, whether you require a cheap mountain bike for just recreation, moving around, or mountain biking, a $500 budget can give you a decent brand. There is a wide range of low-budget mountain bikes that offers a satisfactory experience. You can rest assured that these bikes are strong, durable, and give some level of warranty too. Whether you are male/female or a teenager, you can get the best budget mountain bike that suits your size and expertise.Best Mountain Bikes Under 500

Top Picks: 10 Mountain Bikes under $500

Bicycle Brand Frame Type
Features Price
Raleigh Bikes

Editor Choice

  1. Aluminum frame
  2. 8 Speed
  3. 24 gears
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Mongoose TYAX

  1. Aluminum frame
  2. Mechanical Disc Brake
  3. 27 Speed
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Schwinn Bonafied

  1. Aluminum frame
  2. 24 speed
  3. Disc brakes
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Iron Horse

  1. Aluminum Frame
  2. 24 speed
  3. Trigger Shifters
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Merax Finiss

  1. Aluminum frame
  2.  21 speed
  3. 19″Frame Size
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Mongoose Status

  1. Aluminum frame
  2. 21 speed
  3. Disc brakes
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Vilano Blackjack

  1. Hand Built frame
  2. 8 Speed
  3. Disc brakes
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 Head Aim

Full suspension
  1. Aluminum Frame
  2.  21 speed
  3.  V-Brakes
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Diamondback Bicycles

For Women

  1. Aluminum Frame
  2. 8 Speed
  3. Suspension fork
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  Raleigh Eva

For Girl

kids frame
  1. Aluminum Frame
  2.  7 Speed
  3. 7 Gears
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10 Top Rated Mountain Bikes Under $500

This guide offers you a list of the top-rated mountain bike for the money that strikes a balance between quality and price. With this budget, you can get a hard-tail or even a full suspension bike for men and women. Here is the carefully selected list of the top 10 mountain bikes under $500 in 2022.

1. Raleigh Bikes Talus 2 Recreational Mountain Bike

Many riders want to use mountain-like bikes on the road. Raleigh bike Talus 2 recreational bike is one such bike. It is the same with a mountain bike, but you can use it on the road as well. The bike offers stability when you ride.

Raleigh Bikes Talus

Features and Benefits


The most outstanding attribute of the bike is stability. You can run through rough paths without inflicting serious damage on your bike. The bike is strong and does not destroy fast.

Aluminum frame

The bike features6061 custom-butted aluminum frames. Bike riders know what it means when bikes feature this kind of material. It connotes that the bike is lightweight and it is durable. This is exactly the situation with this product.

Smooth ride

You will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. This is what you expect from its SR Suntour fork. It offers enough suspension and that is why you cannot feel any bumps on bad paths.


It is different between it and other bikes. Better in performance. It features Shimano EZ Fire 8-speed shifters. This makes many gears available to you.

Stopping power

The braking system is not comparable because of its efficiency. It features alloy V brakes. Nothing can compare with this braking system. You are secure using this bike.


  • The bike is stable and that is because of superior materials.
  • It is lightweight and portable; this means that you will not find it hard to use it.
  • The bike features an effective braking system; you can use it with great confidence.
  • It is very comfortable to ride and cruises around the neighborhood with great ease.


  • This is a good bike and it will dominate the market in due time. The only problem is that you find it hard to remove the stickers.

Raleigh Bikes Talus 2 Recreational Mountain Bike is the bike you have been waiting for. It has the most effective braking system and is very comfortable to use. It can serve as a road and mountain bike. You will be happy to use it.

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2. Mongoose TYAX Comp Men’s Mountain Bike

Mongoose always has an edge when it comes to the manufacturing of good-quality bikes. This model is one of the latest from the company. Many users are happy with high-end performance. The first thing you can note about this product is the lightweight feature. You can climb any mountaintop with the bike without feeling it.

Mongoose TYAX Comp

Features and benefits


The bike is lightweight. As you already know it features the best aluminum materials. The implication is that it does not constitute any problem to move it from one place to another. Because of the weight, you can travel a long distance.

Stable and strong

The bike wheel features an alloy wheel, which makes it strong and stable. You will not find it hard to climb the most difficult mountain. Besides, it features stainless steel spokes. All these add to the efficiency and ease of use.

Braking system

You can travel to a far distance with this bike and it can stop you whenever you want. Many riders have great confidence and trust in the bike because of the great braking power. It uses a hydraulic braking system.

Mechanical disc and braking system

Furthermore, the bike features a mechanical braking system. You do not need to exercise any fear once you use this bike. Even if you run at the fastest speed, you will be confident that the braking system cannot be an issue with this bike. It is a great addition to mountain bikes.


  • The bike components are great and they are strong and durable, they can last longer.
  • The bike is portable. It is also lightweight. The benefit is that you can travel a long distance without ankle or joint pains with the bike.
  • Moreover, it features the best braking system. Makers of the bicycle take your safety first and you safe riding this bike.
  • Furthermore, when it comes to performance, this new product can surpass similar bikes.


  • A few users complained that the quality cannot match the price.
  • This is a personal opinion, but from a few reviews available on the product, it is good

This new bike is good for anybody who wants to enjoy a quality ride. You will have value for your money.

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3. Schwinn Bonafied 29″ Wheel Mountain Bike

Schwinn has studied the market before introducing this great bike. The aim is to improve your traction. Manufacturers had the most difficult mountain terrain in mind. When you use this bike, you will be in control of the road.


Features and Benefits


The bike is durable. It features the best aluminum dual frame. There is double suspension and that is why you can hardly feel any impact.

Perfect gearing system

When you are looking for any mountain bike, one of the key issues to consider is the gearing system. It features 24-speed Shimano fire trigger gear shifters. You can change gears with ease.


The bike is comfortable to ride, as you can see from the saddle and the suspension system. You do not feel any bump when you come across one.

Braking system

The bike features a rear and front disc mechanical braking system. It will come to a halt once you apply the brake.


  • This is the most durable mountain bike on the market. It has the best quality materials and it can last longer.
  • It features a perfect gearing system. You can change the gears and ensure the most comfortable ride.
  • You can ride the most difficult terrain with ease. It features the most reliable suspension system, you can hardly feel any bump.
  • It features durable tires and that is why it can pass through any bump without feeling it.


  • A few users complained that the screw could lose. This must be an isolated case. It does not detract from the quality of the bike.

In all, this is one of the most innovative bikes on the market. It is for your satisfaction that it has the best features. Rush and get the product while it is still available to enjoy the benefits it offers.

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4.  Iron Horse Men’s Maverick 2.1 IH22216S 16 Mountain Bicycle

This is the king of mountain bikes. It is the most stable and durable bicycle you can lay your hands on the market. You can see from the features that it features the finest quality aluminum materials. The makers did not want you to encounter any difficulty while using the bike. It can serve as a mountain and hybrid bike.


Features and Benefits


There is no need of investing in a bike that can disappoint you. Manufacturers of the bike have one thing in mind when they came forward with the bike. They wanted a bike that serves you.

Comfortable to ride

Comfort is another name for this bike. It is comfortable because it features a very powerful suspension fork. When you ride the most challenging terrain, you can hardly feel the impact.


It can serve as a hybrid bike. Many people cruise through their streets with these bikes. This is possible because of the fire plus trigger shifter. It accelerates your movement and you can achieve your mission within a short time.

Ride with confidence

If you are looking for a great bike you can ride with confidence, think of this product. It features dual-wall alloy rims. You can ride through tough tracks without feeling it.


  • It is a durable and strong bike, it can serve you for many years.
  • This bike is comfortable and reliable to ride, it does not disappoint.
  • It is a lightweight and portable bike, it is not surprising that many people convert it to a hybrid bike.
  • The braking system is good, it does not disappoint and it can stop when you want.


  • It appears that many people are happy with the product. So far there is no negative report about the product.

What are you waiting for to buy this most innovative bike? This is one of the latest arrivals. It has everything you are craving. Make a choice now.

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5. Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes

Merax Finiss is another mountain bike introduced to the market. This model has attracted the attention of bike riders. It is popular because of its high-end values. The bike is very durable and this is possible because of the superior quality aluminum.


Features and benefits

Durable aluminum bike

One of the features that mark out this product is longevity. It is to last for a long time. Because of that, the aluminum component was heat-treated to enhance strength.


Another great aspect of the bike is its lightweight. It is such light that anybody can use it without problems. The advantage here is that you will not find it hard to ride it to the top mountains. It will not be difficult to convey it from one place to another.

Smooth riding

The most outstanding feature of the bike is the smooth-riding feature. This would not have been possible if not for the double-wall aluminum wheel. It can roll through the most difficult terrain without many challenges.

Easy to use and assemble

The bike is not difficult to assemble. It is a question of reading the instruction manuals. This can assist you to install the bikes by yourself. Besides, it is simple to use.


  • The bike is very durable. It features the best aluminum materials to ensure that it lasts long.
  • Furthermore, it is lightweight and this makes it portable. You will not find it hard to shift it from one place to another.
  • The bike is not difficult to assemble, study the manual, and assemble, the parts by yourself.
  • Furthermore, you are sure of a smooth ride when you use the bike.


  • Some users complain of minor brake issues. This might not be a general problem but a personal issue.

Are you looking for the best mountain bike? You have seen one here. Do not waste time buying this bike, it is good and you can buy it.

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6. Mongoose Status Men’s Mountain Bike

If you like going outdoors, you need the best mountain bikes. You can try this Mongoose Men’s Mountain Bike. It has wonderful features that set it apart from several other products out there.

Mongoose Men's Status 2.2 Mountain Bike

Features and benefit


The bike is durable and this is because of the sturdy construction. It uses the finest quality aluminum materials. It can serve you for a long time.


Moreover, the bike is lightweight. This is an important feature. It means that it will be easy for you to use the bike, as the weight will never be an issue.

Comfortable bike

You will be very comfortable riding the bike. Even if you encounter the worst bump on your way you can cross it without alarm. It features a wonderful suspension system.

Effective control

Another important thing you will like in this bike is the ease of control. It has an effective control system such as an effective braking system. You can ride it with confidence and control it without difficulty.


  • This is the most durable bike on the market, and this is because of the quality aluminum used to design the bike.
  • It has an effective control system such as the braking system, and you can come to a halt when you want.
  • Furthermore, you can ride through the most difficult terrain without feeling it.
  • The bike is lightweight and this makes it portable.


  • Some users do not like the handlebars, which they consider narrow. Apart from that, this is one of the best mountain bikes

Are you looking for a comfortable mountain bike you can use around your neighborhood? This is the right product. It is best for you.

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7. Vilano Blackjack 3.0 Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 model mountain bike is an update of the Vilano Blackjack. Its features make it better. You can now use the bike in different terrains. You can use it on rail, road, trails, pavement, roads, and other platforms. It is one of the best and it is advisable to buy it.

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er Mountain Bike

Features and Benefits

Sturdy constructed

This is an improved version and as expected, there is an improvement in all aspects of the product. It is now more durable and you can take it to places without worrying about discomforting you.

Effective braking system

Another outstanding feature is the introduction of the mechanical disc braking system. This is an important feature. It means that the bike can stop when you want to and it cannot disappoint you. Your satisfaction is certain once you use the product.

Comfortable ride

You are sure of a comfortable ride when you see the bike. It features the most wonderful and supportive suspension system. You cannot feel it if you get into a bump.

Easy to assemble

The bike is not difficult to assemble. You have to assemble some of the parts and you can do that by studying the manual. This can assist you in the installation process.


  • The bike is affordable. It is not like the brand you have to empty your account to buy one.
  • It is a superior quality bike, and it will keep you happy. You will have value for your money.
  • The bike is not difficult to assemble. You can check them through the manuals and install it after going through the manual.
  • This bike is durable. It is going to serve you for a long time.


  • Every other part of the bike can work well except the seat which a few users complain it is not comfortable.

If you are here for the best mountain bike you can buy with money, then you have made the right choice. You will get value for your money.

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8. Head Aim Mountain Bike

This is another entry to the mountain bikes family. This model is a starter bike. If you are looking for the best way to get involved with mountain bikes, you can always start with this model.

Head Aim Mountain Bike

Features and Benefits

Special frame and fork

This is a special product. It features the most beautiful fork and frames. The frames are of two sizes one is for male riders while the other is for female riders.

Strong tires and wheels

Another outstanding feature of this bike is that it uses the best tires and wheels. It can work on different terrain without difficulties.


Besides, this bike also uses a Suntour M3020 aluminum suspension fork. This makes the bike comfortable and easy to ride. You can ride through rough terrain with ease.


Moreover, this bike is using the most effective braking system. You do not entertain any fear when you use the bike, as the braking system is sound. It can stop at the spot you want.


  • The bike is lightweight and portable. You can travel on the bike if you want without difficulties
  • The bike is also durable and it can serve you for a long time
  • The system uses the most effective braking system. The essence is that it can stop when you want
  • This remains the most comfortable bike you can ride. The suspension system remains the best


  • It does not feature a disc braking system, but this did not affect the efficiency of the bike.

This is another wonderful and affordable bike. It is for your comfort and satisfaction, you can choose this model, it is good for you.

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9. Diamondback Bicycles Lux 27.5 St Women’s Mountain Bike

Finding the best mountain bikes for female riders is not an easy thing. This is because there are a lot of them on the market. This product has stepped in to bridge the gap. If you are a female rider looking for the best, you can start with this product. It has the most interesting features.


Features and Benefits


This bike is perfect for female riders. Everything they need to ride the bike is available to them. Because of that., you can tackle any kind of terrain without difficulties. If you come through rough terrain, it does not take time before passing through the terrain.


The safety of female riders is certain. It features the most reliable and effective braking system. It uses tektro mechanical disc brakes. The brake is such powerful that it can stop at the spot you want it to stop.


The bike also uses the most durable wheel set. You can handle it the way you like. This also makes the bike strong and it can withstand the most difficult terrain.

Ready ride

The bike is almost ready to ride. All you need is a simple process installation. It has a program that makes it easy for you to assemble the bikes by yourself. You do not need to be an expert before you can assemble the bike. Follow the instructions and assemble the bike.


  • It features the most effective braking system.
  • The bike is simple and easy to assemble.
  • It is the most comfortable bikes for women around.
  • The bike is lightweight and durable.


  • This is a high-end bike; it enjoys positive reviews all through. Once you have the tool and manual you can assemble the bike.

Are you looking for the best mountain bike for your wife or your daughter? This model is a good option for you. You will get real value for your money.

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10. Raleigh Bikes Raleigh Eva 24 Girl’s Mountain Bike

Getting the best mountain bike for your little ones is not that easy. To bridge that difficulty, Raleigh comes forward with the best bikes to help little ones. The bike is good for girls of 8 to 12 years. The design is such that you can use it on different terrain without difficulty.


Features and Benefits

Easy to use

Makers of the bike know what is good for kids. That is why they lower the frames so that girls can jump in and jump out of that bike. It is good for girls of different ages.


Furthermore, the bike is on different terrain. It has strong tires and wheels. That is why you can use it on different pavements without difficulty. Because of the quality materials used in the design, it can last for years.

Effective gearing system

The safety of younger ones is certain when they use the bike. The reason is that it contains different gears. You can select between these gears until you move out of your difficult terrain.


The most important aspect of the bike is the brake. It uses mechanical disc brakes. This makes for easy control. Whenever you want to stop, you can apply the brake and it will stop.


  • The bike is durable and it can serve you for years.
  • It features the best braking system, young girls will not find it hard to use the bike.
  • It offers the best gearing system, and you select the gear until you reach your destination.
  • It’s simple and easy to ride.


  • Judging the fact that it was for young girls, it will be difficult for them to assemble it

Do you have a young girl in your home? Do you want to surprise her with the best mountain bike? You can start with this model.

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How To Choose The Best Value Mountain Bike

In choosing the MTB under $500, you need to answer some key questions that will guide your choice.
You need to consider:

  • what type of terrain or trails do you plan to ride your bike on? ( will it be rocky, off-road, high timber, or no obstacles)
  • What size of the bike is best for you?
  • What frame material should you go for?
  • or Which bike accessories should be prioritized?

Type of terrain you intend to ride.

Where you plan to ride your bike is very important in choosing the right bike for your budget. Going on mountain biking? Will you be riding on steep hills? Or are you just going to stick to off-road cross-country biking?

If you are a first-timer, there’s no need to consider entry-level mountain bikes meant for very steep hills. You should consider comfortable bikes with comfortable sitting positions and high durability. Hybrid bikes, for instance, are an excellent choice for road riding and dirt trails that don’t necessarily involve big jumps or difficult obstacles.

However, if you want to learn or master biking skills, you should consider a hardtail. Hardtails are excellent trainers and they have considerably higher technical control.

If you will be mountain biking, riding off-road, or over very rough terrain, there are specially designed bikes that will suit you. Such bikes would have features designed to enhance performance and durability in rough or very steep terrain.

However, you would have to choose from a range of the best cheap mountain bike types Ensure that you get a bike with full suspension if you would be going through rocky or rough terrains. Don’t forget to check the speed as it will help you climb steep slopes comfortably.

  What size of the bike is perfect for you?

Mountain Bike Sizing: Are you a gentleman or a lady? Teenagers or children? Skinny or plus-sized? Less than 4ft or over 6ft tall? If you’re not sure what category you fall under then you should determine that before you decide.

The size of the mountain bicycle that is perfect for you is directly related to your size and height.

  • If you’re about 4ft to 5ft 2″ tall, I would recommend a 13 to 15-inch frame size for your bike.
  • For 5ft 3″ to 5ft 10″, a 15 to 19 inches frame size would be appropriate for you.
  • From 5ft 11″ to 6ft 3″, a 20 to 23 inches frame size would work for you.
  • If you are 6ft 4″ and above, you would require a mountain cycle frame of about 24 inches and above.

You should note that getting a bike that is not appropriate for your height would result in great discomfort and dissatisfaction.

Aluminum Frames VS Titanium & Carbon Fiber Frames

What frame material should you go for?

The frame material of mountain bicycles determines the weight and durability of the bike. Hence, I would suggest you should go for lightweight and durable frame materials.

The type of frame material used also accounts for the strength of the mountain bike because some frames are stronger than others. The frame of the bike is also going to determine the price, as the most durable frames are more expensive in the budget.

Generally, beginner mountain bike frames are made of strong metals. Some of the metals include aluminum, steel, titanium, and carbon fiber (non-metal). Budget mountain bike frames made from steel are generally strong and at the same time very heavy. Steel is the oldest frame material in use so far.

Aluminum frames

Mountain bicycles made from aluminum frames are durable and relatively lightweight. However, they tend to bend easily (because it is light).

If you’re riding on steep terrains or rocky places, ensure that you get an aluminum frame that has a thick width. The nature of aluminum bikes causes them to repel the vibrations on bumpy rough terrains, making the Bumpy ride trails a bit comfortable.

Titanium & Carbon fiber frames

Titanium and Carbon fiber frames are used for affordable budget mountain bicycles of the highest standards. The quality and price of bikes with these frames are on the high side.

The durability, strength, and lightweight properties generally exceed that of the mid-range aluminum frames. On a 500 dollars budget, however, I would suggest that you stick to aluminum frames and also avoid getting heavy frames.

Which bike accessories should be prioritized?

Having discussed your height and your preferred terrain of use, it is important to take note of the top mountain bike accessories you should look out for.

The accessories to be carefully considered are the wheels, saddle (seat), suspension, and brakes. The wheel components determine the type of terrain a mountain bike would generally support. Some wheels have tubeless tires and this feature increases the rolling resistance of the bike.

Such a feature is suitable for downhill riding. Some wheels also allow for use in very rough trails while others do not. You should also consider the various types of seats in use in mountain bicycles. Ensure that you prioritize your comfort over aesthetics when making this decision. Best cheap mountain bike saddles range from very comfortable to thin or small, your choice should be based on preference and expertise.

Full suspension Vs Dual suspension which is perfect

Mountain Bike Types

Some bikes have dual suspension (i. e both front and back), while others have just one on the front side. Your emphasis on bike suspension should be based on your preferred biking trail.

This means if you’re thinking of steep and rocky trails, you should consider full or dual suspension on your bike. There are generally two types of brakes on MTB. The rim and disc brake. Rim brakes are more common than disc brakes because they are the oldest brakes in use.

Both of them work perfectly fine, except that the disc brakes have a stronger stopping force than the rim brakes. In making your choice, carefully go through the considerations until you can picture a bike that suits your preference, expertise, and body size. Therefore, I would recommend hardtails for beginners and full suspension bikes for mid-range and experienced bikers.

However, remember to go for mountain bicycles with relatively lightweight frame materials as they are more durable. Do not forget to check for a warranty too.

Final Verdict

Some of the cheap bikes have aluminum steel frames that are excellent in terms of strength and durability. So, on this budget, you are assured of a bike with very good and satisfactory performance.

Whether you’re riding with the family, for leisure/recreation, for stress reduction, or as a vital part of your wellness/fitness goals, mountain biking is a good experience. However, the recommended products above cover all biking needs. Whether you are a beginner or pro-mountain biker, you can get mountain bikes under $400 to $500 that suit your preference within your cheap budget.

Mountain biking is one of the most effective ways to keep fit. So if you’re still deciding to indulge in biking, I suggest you go through our review and order the bike that best suits you. Finally, according to the NBDA (National Bike Dealers Association) industry overview for 2015, between 1992 – 2015, the average yearly purchase of bikes reached about 16 million.

Other Bikes in this Budget

Last Updated: August 8, 2023


  1. Thank you for your great list in such a cheap budget. Some of the hardtail and full suspension MTB is so good from your list. I think You spent a good amount of time for researching the product.

    But you listed most of the MTB for the men? Can you tell me which will be better for the women? I am tall women with a high of 5’8″.

    I have another question, Full-suspension or hardtail? which will better? is there is any difference between full and dual suspension? I need to get the answer before buying! I am waiting for your response to me.

    1. Hi Mira, Thank you for your comment. Please read the article carefully, You will get your answer.

  2. Great list. I have read a few mountain bike reviews blog under this budget. Most of them are not unbiased. They promote only the product that will give them much benefit. But here in your review, you listed the product unbiased.

    I have a question? What is the main difference between the dual suspension and full suspension? Which should I buy? Thanks for the great work you have done.

    1. Thanks for your comment Werner, Please read full suspension VS dual suspension section in the article. You will get your answer.

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