Best Kids Bikes under 200 Dollars In 2022

When you are shopping for cheap kid’s bikes, you have to make comparisons of the leading bikes on the market. Such a process is ordinarily time-consuming and complicated to an average buyer. Thankfully, you need not necessarily have to go through it on your own.

We are here to help you out. Our team has carried out extensive research into 8 of the best kid’s bikes under $200 at the moment. In our reviews below, we shall offer more explanations and finer details of these bikes with the aim of helping you to arrive at a suitable purchase.

Top Picks: 8 Best Cheap Kids Bikes

Brands/Bike name
Price & Picture

RoyalBaby Kids Bike

  1. Steel frame
  2. 16 inches wheel
  3. Blue color
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Schwinn Koen Boys kid Bike Boy
  1. Steel frame
  2. 18 inches wheel
  3. Red color
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Schwinn Elm Girls kid Bike

  1. Steel frame
  2. 18 inches wheel
  3. Pink color
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Diamondback Bicycles Jr

  1. Steel frame
  2. 16 inches wheel
  3. Blue color
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Mongoose Switch BMX Kid Bike

  1. Steel frame
  2. 18 inches wheel
  3. Black color
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Bixe Pro Balance Bike

  1. Steel frame
  2. 16 inches wheel
  3. Blue color
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Schwinn Krate Evo Kids Bike

  1. Steel frame
  2. 16 inches wheel
  3. Apple Red color
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RoyalBaby Magnesium kid bike

  1. Magnesium frame
  2. 16 inches wheel
  3. White color
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8 Best Kids Bikes Under 200

We consider safety, lightweight designs, high-class materials for making the best product list. Finally, here are the 8 best kids bikes under 200 in 2022.

1. RoyalBaby Kids Bike

Kids no doubt love colors. It is only a matter of wisdom that you provide them with colorful bikes. Talking about that, we have this one for your choice and ultimate consideration, going forward. Other than color, this bike is truly optimized for awesome functionality.


Features and Benefits

  • Stylish and charming colors: Perhaps setting this bike aside from the others are the stylish and charming colors. These colors are quite attractive to the eyes and tend to pique the interests of the loved young ones considerably.
  • Many size options: This bike is available in many size options. Some of these include but are not limited to 12, 16, 14, 20, and 18 respectively. They give you the freedom to pick the size that uniquely fits your loved young one.
  • Easy assembly: Even though you will have to assemble this bike right before use, the process of doing so is pretty simple. This is informed by the fact that the bike comes 95% pre-assembled.
  • Reputable brand: The bike is manufactured by a truly reputable brand that has in place a very reliable back-end customer service regime. You are hence guaranteed some awesome performances and back-end support.


  • Assembles faster (typically take 5 minutes to set up)
  • Comes 95% pre-assembled
  • One needs to follow only four steps to set it up
  • Colorful and charming to the eyes of the loved young ones
  • Confers a fairly high degree of functionality


  • Those without the necessary expertise may find it difficult to work with
  • Prone to excess friction and other spates of damages
  • Demands constant lubrication and maintenance


Q1. Are the writings on this bike removable?

NO. It is a permanent part of the bike and is hence not removable.

Q2. How heavy is this bike?

The bike is not really heavy but at the same time, it is not too light. Count on it for the great use of the small children with absolute reliability.

Q3. What kinds of brakes does it have?

It has only one handle brake that is fixed at its front.

From the foregoing explanations, one thing stands out: This bike is indeed strong and well able to confer some colorful ends to the kids to whom you administer it. Then again, it comes almost wholly pre-assembled and hence convenient for those who lack the necessary installation expertise.

Owing to its sheer massive strength, the bike is strong enough to handle the weight of many children. These children might otherwise crash their ordinary weak counterparts. Your choice of it is hence a sure way of managing great ends without having to constantly fix it while in use.

Pick and administer this awesome bike to meet the colorful needs of your children.

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2. Schwinn Koen Boys kid Bike

Could it be that the only space you have is the sidewalk around the neighborhood? If at all you nodded in the affirmative, we ask you to lay your hands on this particular bike. It is good for those who are aged 3-7 years as well.

Schwinn Koen Boys kid Bike

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable seating apparatus: All the major apparatus of the bike are adjustable. These include the seat post, saddle, and frames. The beauty of these apparatuses is that you do need any tools to implement the adjustments.
  • 18-inch wheels: Its wheels measure a whopping 18 inches and are hence wide and stable. Hardly will you trip and fall off even when negotiating the tightest corners as is the norm with those who try other bikes.
  • Schwinn’s SmartStart Technology: The legendary Schwinn’s SmartStart Technology is extensively used to make up the bike. Count on the bike to facilitate your travels and overall comfort not to mention keeping you in an absolute state of safety.
  • Lighter bike frame: Its frame is lighter than that of many alternatives. Thanks to the lightness, your kids are certain not to counter too much effort and strain as they go about the business of navigating the bike back and forth.


  • ‘Grows’ with your child
  • Very stable and unlikely to trip off unnecessarily
  • Most of its parts adjust without the use of tools
  • Manages exceptional controls due to lighter frames
  • A saddle handle enhances the comfort of the bike considerably


  • Cannot do well in many other places
  • Requires extensive assembly right before use
  • Has no space for cargo and other gears


Q1. How does the back wheel rotate in relation to others?

It rotates at much the same pace and direction.

Q2. Does it possess a coaster brake?

YES, it does! To activate the brake, you need to pedal backward.

Q3. Does this bike ship fully assemble?

NO! It comes partly assembled and hence requires you to work extra hard to install it.

Just if you have loved young ones who are aged 3-7 years, you have no option but to administer this wonderful bike to them. The bike does have all the specifications and construction mix that such persons generally need.

Perhaps one notable benefit of this bike is the fact that it is able to ‘grow’ with your child. That stems from the fact that most of its parts are adjustable. Then again it is stronger and more likely to endure the test of time. Grab it right away and administer it to your kids to ride it on the sidewalks.

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3. Schwinn Elm Girls kid Bike

Smaller girls badly need bikes that are lighter and easier to steer. Nothing comes even closer to that than this one. Other than being light, it is also narrower and hence quite convenient to steer around. Grasp it for your starter kids.

Schwinn Elm Girls kid Bike

Features and Benefits

  • SmartStart design: In all, the structure of the bike is packaged in a SmartStart design. Thanks to this smartness, the bike is comparatively simpler to handle and generally operate. It also brings about awesome comfort.
  • Kid-specific Q-factor technology: As part of being smart and appropriately suited for the job, the bike also boasts kid-specific Q-factor technology. On account of this, it amalgamates many technologies for kids.
  • Tool-free adjustable seat post: Unlike many other bikes, you do not need any tool to handle and adjust this bike at all. The adjustment mechanisms are to some extent straightforward and direct to the touch.
  • Comprehensive braking: The bike does have an excellent braking mechanism that incorporates a front hand brake and a rear coaster in one packaging. These two ensure a stable and timely halt when triggered for eventual usage.


  • Contains many parts and features in one packaging
  • Stable and comfortable to ride
  • Its lighter frame makes for exceptional controls
  • The handles allow for tighter and reliable grips while on the go
  • Simple enough to teach your child how to ride


  • Available at a premium cost
  • Out of the reach of less endowed buyers
  • Requires constant upgrades and accessories to work well


Q1. Does this bike have a kickstand?

YES, it does! The kickstand plays the role of letting you anchor it safely and conveniently.

Q2. How much does its 21-inch variant weigh?

Roughly 15-18 pounds. It is as such not too heavy or too bulky for your child. This weight is largely manageable.

Q3. What is the range of the seat height of this bike’s 16-inch variant?

The range stands at about 17.5 inches. This is definitely comfortable and convenient for all to make use of.

Of all the child bikes under $200 that exist, this happens to be the lightest and the most convenient to ride around. It hence favors those who lack the muscle power to tackle those bikes that are larger and bulkier. You may want to try it out if you have an extremely small child to handle and care for.

Among the tools and items that exist to facilitate its handling and controls are a lighter frame, reliable cranks, and responsive steering mechanisms. That it bears some of the latest technology definitely lets it stand out among the crowd with regards to the most reliable bikes.

Make the lives of your children smarter and more convenient by administering this lighter bike.

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4. Diamondback Bicycles Jr

The Diamondback brand of bikes has been noted to deliver consistently awesome outcomes that other brands can only dream of. Why not pick and prioritize it for the sake of your child who needs reliable performances? Get hold of this one for a start!

Diamondback Bicycles Jr

Features and Benefits

  • Durable plastic chain guard: A durable plastic chain guard stands out as the premier aspect of this bike. This plays the role of keeping your skin and clothing from getting into direct contact with the chain and suffering the dirt that comes along.
  • Training wheels: The bike is in its entirety anchored on a set of training wheels. These wheels are fully adjustable and hence allow for smoother maneuverability along the way when the bicycle is put into the road.
  • Hi-Ten steel frame and fork: At the core of the bike is a high tensile steel fork and frame. The fork and the frame being stronger are hence able to maintain proper support throughout the riding incident. Hardly does it let you fall off as well.
  • Coaster brakes: Other than the ordinary braking mechanism, the bike also has some coaster brakes that enhance the ability of the machine to come to a complete halt abruptly. Your child triggers this brake by pedaling backward.


  • Comparatively simpler to learn
  • Does not require too much effort to push or shove
  • Its parts are made of durable materials
  • Fits children of ages 3-6 years
  • Adjusts the height and other riding parameters


  • Too simple for more complex parts
  • Reckless riding may harm your child considerably
  • Some expertise is needed to install and adjust it


Q1. What is the color of this bike?

It is available in orange, blue, yellow, and lime green hues. You however have the leeway to alter its color as per your unique expectations.

Q2. What kinds of terrains is it suited for?

Your child will use it for the rail and the mountain riding terrains.

Q3. Does this bike have a pedal brake?

YES, it does! The brake is easier to engage and brings it to a complete halt very soon!

Just to recap an earlier point, the manufacturer of this bike is highly reputable and reliable. This hence is the bike you want to tap into if you similarly want to accrue the highest returns on investments for yourself. It also possesses pretty strong and reliable parts.

Those who have already attempted it has return truly favorable ratings that vouch for its reliability while on the road. That most of its parts and wheels are removable adds to its overall reliability when in the course of discharging its duties. The high tensile steel also adds to your support and vitality.

For your added returns on investments, you need to tap into a reputable bike of this kind.

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5. Mongoose Switch BMX Kid Bike

Shopping for a bike for your child to ride in a mountainous area? You have this BMX version to set your eyes on. It is indeed strong and reliable enough to dedicate to such kinds of terrains while the absolute degree of performance and overall peace of mind.

Mongoose Switch BMX Kid Bike

Features and Benefits

  • Low stand-over steel frame: Making this bike stand apart from the rest is the low stand-over steel frame. Thanks to the lowness of the steel frame, the bike lets you embark and disembark with absolute ease and minimal inconvenience.
  • Foot brake: At the base of the bike is the foot brake. As you may have guessed, the role of the foot brake is to expedite the halting of the bike when the time to do so eventually comes.
  • Durable chain guard: Existing to safeguard your body from common injuries like cuts and scrapes is the durable chain guard. This works by placing a barrier between the body of the rider and the parts of the bike.
  • Removable training wheels: A set of removable training wheels round up the sum total benefits of the bike altogether. Being removable, they allow for seamless handling and deployment to remote locales.


  • Tightly gripped for maximum strength and support
  • Have spooks to ensure tight-fitting proper anchorage
  • Adds some strength to your rides considerably
  • Requires no assembly prior to riding
  • Simple enough for the first time riders


  • Too masculine for aesthetic matters
  • Requires some muscle power to steer
  • Does not manage flexible rides and maneuver


Q1. What kinds of braking apparatus does this bike have?

It contains both the front and rear handle brakes as well as the coaster brakes.

Q2. Is the bike accompanied by training wheels?

YES, it does have some training wheels! These let the users easily start out when in use.

Q3. Is the bar that exists in between the handle pars padded for extra comfort?

NO! It does not have padding at all and is as such not really comfortable to handle.

Out of all the child bikes under $200 we have under our review, this seems to be the most suited for scaling tough mountains. Its tough and reliable nature is one you do not want to forfeit. How about you now making appropriate arrangements to leverage it for your biking needs.

Overall, the bike is good for first-time riders owing to the mix of lighter nature and the simplicity of parts. Due to its overly reliable construction, the bike is great for all manner and kinds of terrains you may have to confront out there. Go for it hence!

For scaling tough mountains, you have this great BMX bike to set your eyes on!

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6. Bixe Pro Balance Bike

Could it be that all you want is to help your child to learn how to ride a bike? If at all that is the case, this might be the one to set your eyes on. It is for all practical purposes very simple and straightforward.

Bixe Pro Balance Bike

Features and Benefits

  • Simple and straightforward: The bike is for all practical purposes simple and straightforward. It lacks those parts and components that are harder to work alongside. That makes it good enough for those hardly learning to ride.
  • Comfortable gliding: Its makeup is also designed in such a manner as to enable a comfortable gliding experience. As soon as the child glides, it can then go ahead and ride the bike comfortably while pedaling well.
  • Seamless versatility: This bike is by and large seamlessly versatile in the sense that it is designed for all kinds of children. You hence have it for the taking if you have many children to care for at a time.
  • Simpler setup: Inasmuch as you may have to assemble and set this bike up before use, the processes involved are somewhat simpler. That stems from the similarly simpler nature of the construction of the bike.


  • Relatively simpler to set up for eventual use
  • Its wheels are firmly attached and ready for a ride
  • The tires are hard, firm, and stable when fully inflated
  • Enjoys a comprehensive warranty
  • Equipped for maximum safety and overall wellbeing


  • Cannot take your kids beyond the learning stage
  • Too delicate for tackling rougher and harder terrains
  • Cannot accept many attachments and extras


Q1. Can this bike accommodate pedals as well?

Unfortunately, NO! The bike cannot accommodate any pedals or other extras. Its range is use is hence somewhat limited.

Q2. What is the weight limit for this bike?

Roughly 150 pounds on the higher side.

Q3. Are its tires inflatable?

YES, they are! For that reason, the bikes work well on the gravels as well.

Over and above merely teaching your kids how to ride the bikes, this machine has other advantages as well. For one, its tires inflate a fact that makes it appropriately suited for the rough gravel roads. The inflation trait also enables your bikes to ride smoother without fidgeting.

Perhaps the best place or setting to use this bike is the kindergartens where you employ it to acquaint the loved young ones to get started on the matters of biking. For best results, consider attaching some extras and upgrades as you move along. They will extend the functionality of the bike.

You have no worthier companion than this bike if all you want is to teach your kids to ride bikes.

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7. Schwinn Krate Evo Classic Kids Bike

Just seeking a bike for your children to saunter and relax with? We can never recommend any better one than this. It is wholly intended for journeying around a neighborhood owing to its relative simplicity and the stability it provides to the riders.

Schwinn Krate Evo Kids Bike

Features and Benefits

  • SmartStart Technology: Standing out prominently among the many offerings is SmartStart Technology. Courtesy of this trait, the bike is able to move about and steer conveniently. This is besides containing the latest features.
  • Single-speed drivetrain: Its drivetrain, unlike those of ordinary bikes, is relatively simpler to make use of. That stems from the single-speed nature of it. An inexperienced person will definitely enjoy it.
  • Fully-functional suspension fork: The suspension fork of the bike is fully functional when deployed for eventual usage. On the strength of this full functionality, the fork allows for truly smoother rides.
  • Authentic Silk rear tire: At the rear of the bike is the authentic silk tire. The tire comes pre-assembled and is by and large very stable. For this reason, it does tackle the rougher terrains with exceptional zeal.


  • Very simple to use
  • Its rear coaster brakes give forth great stopping power
  • Equipped with some removable training wheels
  • All adjustments happen without the use of the tools
  • Relaxes the riders indeed when used in the neighborhoods


  • Brings about limited value for money
  • May not fit certain purposes
  • Sustains damages easily when used in rough terrains


Q1. Can this bike fit in the hatchback of a Subaru?

YES, it can! The only condition is that you have to collapse it.

Q2. Is the bike big enough for a 6-year-old girl?

Marginally, yes! It may not really fit those who are too tall though.

Q3. What are some of the management practices that I may employ to maintain it?

Frequent lubrication, upgrades of parts, and attachment of extras may be suitable for the job.

This bike is a true companion for matters of sauntering and relaxing. Why not get hold of it to let your children enjoy the privileges that come about ordinarily? Other than the matters of relaxation, the bike is also good for those who want long-term use thereof.

This latter end is mainly managed by the fact that it allows you to attach many extras and accessories. Additionally, the bike is also strong enough to endure the many spates of damages with an absolute degree of reliability. Its extra-wide 16-inch wheels finally seal the deal!

This bike gives your children the privilege to relax and saunter out and about a neighborhood with ease.

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8. RoyalBaby Magnesium kid bike

In case the entire life of your child centers on bike riding or commuting, you have this particular bike to set your eyes on. It is stronger and able to tackle very difficult terrains easily. This is not to mention the ease of upgrades.

RoyalBaby Magnesium kid bike

Features and Benefits

  • Full chainguard: A full chainguard ranks at the very top of the excellent features that the bike has. Its role is to prevent your trousers from getting trapped and suffering some tears in the process.
  • Anti-slip resin pedal: Its pedals stand apart from the rest in the sense of bearing some anti-slip resin. As you may have already guessed, this resin provides some grip and overall support to the legs.
  • Wider 2.4-inch tires: The tires are not left out either as they are also wider and more stable. In light of this, the bike is able to maintain its reliability by not making your child fall off easily.
  • Unique Magnesium frame: A unique Magnesium frame rounds up the list of the many awesome features that the bike has to provide. Being light and fashionable, the frame indeed allows for smoother and unimpeded rides.


  • All its parts are lighter and easier to steer
  • Quite easy to put together
  • Not so difficult to install for subsequent use
  • Fashionable and breathtaking to behold
  • Its pedals bear some safety grips for added stability


  • Cannot tackle harder terrains easily
  • Demands constant repairs and maintenance
  • Calls for too much attention on your part


Q1. Does the 18-inch variant come with training wheels?

NO! It does not come with the training wheels and as such requires you to provide it separately.

Q2. Is the tire solid or hollow?

Hollow but if you so wish, you may purchase the solid one and replace it with the existing ones.

Q3. Is it possible for me to get the back wheels with a disk and a cable? If yes, how?

  1. Just go to your dealer and request the same. He will make appropriate arrangements to provide the same.

This last bike indeed is the one to set your eyes on for your common and everyday riding activities. Its sheer strength, being exceedingly lightweight, and ability to expand its functionality are some of the traits that jointly allow for the attainment of this end.

Apart from riding, the fashionable nature of the bike also serves some décor and aesthetics. You may hence tap into this bike for most of your common beauty and décor needs. Consider placing it at a location where everyone may easily behold it. Need we add that you may also fit a cargo career?

Rush and use this bike for your common everyday riding applications.

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There you have them! You now know where to run to for your cheap kid’s bikes. Indeed, the bikes we have reviewed and presented above are truly great and relevant for your everyday applications. Why not give them a try and satisfy the craving of your young ones?

It is never advisable that you drag your feet. These bikes are truly beneficial to anyone who attempts them. Waiting for too long before acting will only serve to delay reaping the benefits that the bikes have to provide. So, how soon do you intend to act? Let’s hear from you in the comment section below…

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