The Best BMX Bikes Helmets In 2024

For far too long, biking enthusiasts have relied on experts to help them arrive at the best helmets for their use. This approach has not only been inconvenient but also costly to undertake. Besides that, many people have simply not been in the position to access the experts for whatever reason.

The truth though, is that you do not have to engage an expert anymore to lay your hands on a quality and safe BMX helmet. Not when you can freely receive such insight from our site here. Our goal here is to prep and demonstrate the best BMX helmets as things stand.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A BMX Bike Helmet

To buy a great BMX helmet, you have to consider the factors highlighted and explained below:

1. Fit

The fit of the helmet should be your first and foremost consideration. The helmet you pick has to be fit the sizes and the shapes of your head as nearly as possible. For this to happen, the helmet must be in the position to adjust and grow with you for quite some time.

2. Interior comfort

Following the above should be the interior comfort. A great helmet must really be very comfortable and soft to the head. It must contain padding for adding softness to the skull and breathable fabrics to allow for the smooth exchange of gases into and out of the head.

3. Material makeup

You must also be mindful of the kinds of materials that make the helmet up. A great helmet must comprise a tough exterior shell that is able to stand to the harshest impacts. Its interior on the other hand has to bear breathable materials that are designed to maintain your head in a great state of coolness.

4. Adjustments and controls

We have already stated how that the helmet must be capable of fitting different sizes and shapes of heads. This is only achievable if the helmet has adjustments and controls necessary to bring to fruition the variations in the sizes and the shapes of the heads.

5. Safety accreditations

Lastly, the helmets must meet and surpass the various safety accreditations and standards. Two of these stand out. These are the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). You have to see to it that your helmet of choice bears them in their packaging.

Our 9 Best BMX Helmets Reviews

These BMX helmets are unlike your ordinary ones as they are stronger, more agile, and better placed to provide added protection to the head and the skull regions. This is a task they do with a fairer degree of efficacy. To add these, they also contain more features that improve the comfort of the wearers. We review the 9 best BMX bike helmets of 2023.

1. MONATA Skateboard BMX Helmet

If you are a youth or youth-adult, this is the helmet to pick and make use of. It is wholly structured and intended for such kind of a rider. Then again, it has the added advantage of being able to facilitate many sporting activities.


Features and Benefits

  • High-density ABS Shell: Its exterior features a high-density ABS shell that is extremely durable. This makes the helmet last longer. At the same time, they endure the many spates of possible damage that may be channeled their ways. Then again, it confers added protection to the head and the skull.
  • 11 Passive Ventilation Holes: Some eleven passive ventilation holes run around the length and the breadth of the helmet. They allow sufficient amounts of fresh air to seep into the head. In that way, they maintain your head at a state of absolute coolness and appropriate ventilation.
  • Self-adjusting Lifestyle Fit system: The gadget adjusts on its own to enable you to accrue the greatest degree of comfort possible. To do this, it relies heavily on an accessible wheel that also glides smoothly. Also stemming from this is the fringe benefit of maximum security to your skull and forehead.
  • Micro Fiber Inner Lining: Its interior comprises a microfiber lining. As you may well have imagined, the lining plays the role of upping the comfort and breathability of the skull. Further to this, it also wicks away all the moisture to maintain your head in a state of continuous dryness.


  • Protects your skull extensively
  • Glides and adjusts smoothly for your added comfort
  • Manages some comfortable fitting and sizing
  • Exceptionally breathable thanks to the 11 open vents
  • Removes for easier washing and subsequent care


  • Quite complicated for a simpler user
  • Demands extreme care and attention
  • Comes at a cost that is somewhat elevated


Q1. Can I use a bike helmet for skateboarding?

YES, and only if the helmet is meant for the task of skateboarding. You may have to study your helmet a bit keenly before picking it.

Q2. Why you should not wear a helmet?

If you have a too sensitive head, you may want to stay away from these helmets. They may pose further strains on your head and damage it severely.

Choose this helmet for your rollerblading, longboarding, cycling, scooting, skating, and skateboarding. Its multipurpose nature makes it not only reliable but also able to bring forth higher value for money.

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2. Mongoose BMX Bike Helmet

Do you generally ply all kinds of terrains? If you do so, the helmet you set your eyes on has to be tough. It should also be able to fit many kinds of terrains. We draw this up to your attention as it is tough. It is subsequently able to handle and fit a diversity of terrains. The same also goes for the varying weather patterns.Mongoose-Bike-Helmets

Features and Benefits

  • Full Schwinn 360° Comfort System: Its flagship trait is the Full Schwinn 360° comfort system. The system, as its description suggests, is mainly designed for varying levels of comfort. Moreover, it also contains a full range of padding that enhances the softness and the support system of the entire helmet.
  • ABS Outer Shell: The outer shell of the helmet is made of super tough and durable shell material. Thanks to this, the helmet is also long-lasting. Also, it endures many damages with absolute ease. Subsequently, it hardly falls apart and requires excessively high levels of maintenance.
  • 10 Vents: Some 10 vents adorn the entire perimeter of the helmet. The purpose of these vents is to allow the unimpeded or free exchange of gases. They let in the fresh air and let out stale air to keep your head lacking any foul stench.
  • Built-in Camera Mount: A built-in camera mount system crowns all the top-notch features and traits that the gadget possesses. The camera lets you record your adventures as you move about the terrain you are in. Its strategic location spares you from the need to expend too much effort to capture your shots.


  • Records your adventures and protects your head simultaneously
  • Adjusts for maximum comfort all the while using
  • Maintains your head cool and dry all the time
  • Keeps you in a state of absolute comfort while adventuring
  • It May be used alongside scooters, skates, and the bikes


  • Commands stiffer muscle power from you
  • Care and maintenance are a little bit complicated
  • Lacks the ability to accommodate other extras


Q1. Can you get a concussion with a helmet on?

NOT really! The helmets are in and of themselves designed to stave off any concussions. It is unlikely hence that you may achieve the same with them.

Q2. Do helmets actually work?

YES, they do! Many studies deduce that helmets have the ability to reduce many risks. These include head damage, blood ruptures, and other attendant injuries when worn.

Choose and dedicate this helmet to your usage if you have a rider who is aged 8-13 years. Its multisport character also sees it handle and perform well across numerous sporting settings.

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3. TurboSke Skateboard BMX Helmet

Could it be that you are mainly wary of your own safety? These cheap BMX helmets might be the ones you may be seeking all along. It bears the necessary CPSC and ASTM certifications. These two vouchers for their own safety insofar as maintaining your head well is concerned.


Features and Benefits

  • 12 Vents: Unlike your standard vents, this one has a whopping 12 vents. These vents are many and hence facilitate the smooth exchange of the gases into and out of the helmet. They do so with absolute ease and efficacy. While at it, they also maintain your head in a properly breathable state.
  • Adjustable Size: You have the freedom of adjusting the size of the helmet as appropriate to your head. This is a task that you tackle using the existing size adjustment dial. With it at your fingertips, you are certain to obtain the most comfortable snug fit possible.
  • Multi-sport: You may dedicate this helmet to a variety of sporting activities. These include but are certainly not limited to rollerblading, inline skating, roller skating, skateboarding, longboarding, and hoverboarding. Its use is hence a sure way of accruing more for less.
  • Built-to-last: All the parts and the components of the helmet are built to last. They comprise materials that are resilient to the common spates of dents. Also, the helmet itself is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee and other after-sale-services.


  • Comes in a simple yet classic design
  • Complies with the leading safety standards
  • Available in many colors for your choice
  • Adjusts to give off the snug fit and comfort
  • Padded with an interior soft liner for moisture wicking


  • Traps lots of dirt
  • Tends to wear out the weaker heads


Q1. Is an expensive bike helmet worth it?

NOT really! These helmets come in various shapes, sizes, and degrees for good fitting. Thus, they give you the freedom to choose the one that is close to your range of affordability.

Q2. Do bike helmets expire?

NO! They are timeless given that they are strong and endure the many spates of use. Have them hence for your longevity of use.

Pick and put this helmet on for your matters of safety. That it complies with many safety standards certainly makes it a great one to bear and use for protective purposes.

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4. OutdoorMaster Skateboard BMX Helmet

Have many people in mind while searching for the right BMX bike helmet? You might have to try this one out. It is multipurpose and versatile enough to fit kids, youth, and adults alike. Additionally, it also stretches back and forth to fit the heads of many users.


Features and Benefits

  • Dual Safety Certifications: Its most notable trait is its exceedingly safe and secure stature. This is mainly evidenced by the fact that it meets and exceeds the various certification standards that be. Particularly, it meets the CPSC and the ASTM safety standards that are largely rigorous.
  • Comfortable Chin Strap: Existing as a vital part and component of this helmet is the comfortable chin strap. You use this one to fasten the helmet around your chin areas. The strap is made of top-notch materials that are geared to maximum comfort when in use.
  • Optimized Venting Channel: An optimized venting channel exists as a core part and parcel of the helmet. The channel’s role is mainly to allow for the smooth transfer and exchange of air into and out of the helmet. It hence goes that the helmet maintains you cool and able to tackle all of your activities well.
  • Changeable Lining: Its lining differs from those of the competing helmets in the sense that it is changeable. That arrangement gives you the confidence and the convenience to clean the same well. Moreover, it also adjusts to allow for maximum comfort and a snug fit.


  • Brings forth both safety and comfort
  • Absorbs all the shock, dampness, and vibrations
  • Comes about in a characteristic lightweight
  • Removes easily to allow for smoother cleanup
  • Its matte color exterior adds some aesthetics and fervor


  • Requires many attachments to fully operationalize
  • Tends to accumulate lots of dirt easily


Q1. Can you add MIPS to a helmet?

YES, you can! In fact, you are strongly advised to do so. This is in order that you may provide the users of the helmet additional protection against every motion-related danger.

Q2. Who invented the MIPS helmet?

Hans von Holst, it was!

For the use of and by many people, this helmet is by far the most recommended for the job. Why would you even want to look elsewhere with it around?

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5. Bell Drop Youth BMX Bike Helmet

As its designation implies, this is a bike helmet that is wholly meant for the youth rider. It is moderate in size, stretches back and forth easily, and ensures utmost performance in treacherous terrains. You may have to attempt it for your racing and all-terrain engagements.

Bell-Drop-Youth BMX-Bike-Helmet

Features and Benefits

  • Hardshell Construction: A hardshell construction stands out from all the elegant traits that the item potentially brings along. The construction gives it the strength and the longevity that it needs to serve and protect you for a prolonged duration of time. That is over and above enduring the many agents of damage.
  • Integrated Visor and Chin Bar: It stands apart from the others in the sense that it possesses also an integrated visor and chin bar. These two serve to extend the protection to the chins and the facial parts of your body as well. In doing that, they bring about a fairer degree of comprehensiveness in your protection.
  • Comfortable Neck Roll: At the neck region is a comfortable neck roll. It wraps around the neck to prevent the same from sustaining harm and injuries in the course of an adventure. Further to this, the roll also increases the range and the degree of padding as may be necessary.
  • Side-squeeze Buckle: Existing for your wholesome ease of adjustments is the side-squeeze buckle. It stretches the helmet back and forth exceptionally well. That way, it ensures that you obtain the degree of comfort and fit that is as suitable for your ends as may be necessary per given time.


  • Comprises 14 vents that channel out stale air
  • Gets ready for adventures a bit too readily
  • Great for the youths aged 8-14 years
  • Fits many kinds of head sizes easily
  • Complies with many of the existing safety standards


  • Exclusively for the youths
  • Yields forth limited ends or returns


Q1. What age is a 20-inch BMX bike for?

7-8 years of age are the persons who will find the 20-inch BMX bike appropriately suited for them. The bike’s sheer compact size allows them to embark and disembark with ease.

Q2. Are BMX bikes suitable for long-distance?

Of course, YES! They are stronger and durable enough to ply the roughest terrains for the longest duration of time. That also makes them able to ply long distances with ease.

With the hardshell nature of the construction of the helmet, it is possible for you to ride the bike repeatedly for a longer amount of time. Make great use of it in the harshest terrains as well.

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6. 1Storm Adult Motocross BMX Helmet

For the matters of racing, you have no better companion than this specific BMX helmet. It bears the motocross construction and overall configuration. On top of that, it is also strong and pretty durable, two facts that make the same endure the shakiness when in use.


Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Aerodynamic and Stylish Designs: In its entirety, the helmet features advanced aerodynamic and stylish designs. The aerodynamic nature of the helmet reduces the wind resistance while at the same time increasing the stability thereof. Its stylish design acts to improve the elegance and décor of the helmet.
  • Heavily cushioned and comfortable interior: The interior is heavily-cushioned for maximum comfort. Because of this trait, the helmet itself is better placed to provide adequate protection to your head. In the same breath, it also ensures that you attain and enjoy maximum comfort throughout the while of use.
  • Aerodynamic ABS Shell and Multi-Density EPS Materials: All the materials that are used to make it up are multi-density and aerodynamic. They hence serve to make your overall experience awesome and appropriately elevated. In addition to all these, the materials also meet and to some degree exceed the standards set forth by the DOT.
  • 11 Ventilation Opening System: Wrapping them all up is the existence of 11 vents. These serve to allow the free exchange and circulation of air into and out of the helmet altogether. With this firm arrangement in place, the helmet keeps your head breathable and less likely to sustain a foul stench.


  • Bears the DOT approval
  • Excellent aerodynamics enables smoother movements
  • The interior is cushioned for maximum comfort
  • Its exterior is glossy and beautiful to behold
  • Contains a washable and removable padding


  • Costly to repair and maintain
  • May break apart easily when handled recklessly


Q1. What is a good age to start motocross?

There is no specific age as long as you are in perfect health.

Q2. How much does it cost to get into motocross?

Most of the time, you will need $30-$50 to venture into the field of motocross.

You can never afford to look elsewhere for your matters of racing. All you have to do is lay your hands on this particular BMX helmet and have your way.

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7. Bell Servo Adult BMX Helmet

Adults have special places in that their heads are larger while their protection and safety needs are demanding. You can never hence set your eyes on any other helmet but this full-face BMX helmet. What’s more? It also possesses a matte black exterior finish that adds some elegance.


Features and Benefits

  • Adequately Protective: The helmet is adequately protected in the sense that it performs well regardless of whether exactly you may dedicate it for your use. You may indeed look up to it in the city streets, while cruising, and participating in some form of competition.
  • Full-coverage plush interior padding: It has a full-coverage plush interior, removable and washable padding with comfortable neck roll padding. You are hence certain to enjoy the best forms of comforts imaginable at any given time when wearing it.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This helmet provides comprehensive coverage by virtue of being able to drape and cover the jaws, chin, and facial regions. You won’t hence have to look elsewhere for your coverage of these sensitive areas. That also cuts down the amount of money you may need to spend.
  • Integrated ventilation system: For your elevated degree of comfort, the helmet also comprises an integrated ventilation system. This allows unhindered inflow and outflow of the ambient air. They thus prevent your head from overheating while at the same time keeping it highly breathable.


  • Bears increased padding and adequate protection
  • Keeps your head from overheating
  • Compliant with the CPSC standards
  • Fits heads of many sizes and shapes
  • Suited for a large age bracket


  • Suitable for bicycles only
  • Cannot be used alongside motorized bikes


Q1. How tight should a helmet fit?

Tight but not too tight. That is to give the head some room to expand when heated and to breathe smoothly.

Q2. Do helmets break in?

Only if they are weaker and made of similarly weak materials. You have to pay keen attention hence to the materials that make the helmets up.

As an adult, you have no better helmet than this one. Make great use of it for your adequate head protection and service when on the go!

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8. WOW Youth Motocross BMX Helmet

Dirt bikes have the significant disadvantage of being predisposed to the risks of dirt and dust. If you must ply those routes, you need a helmet that may similarly offer adequate cover to the head. Look to no further than this as it is designed for such.


Features and Benefits

  • Dirt Bike Helmet Spider: This is a dirt helmet in the sense that it is designed to protect your head completely from the infestations of and by the ambient dirt. It is also strong and less capable of sustaining deformities and the other agents of warping as others do.
  • DOT Approved: The helmet is further approved by the Department of Transportation. This is a mark of meeting and exceeding every safety requirement. Items of these kinds and statures are naturally supposed to meet such traits. Also, it assures you of meaningful support all the time.
  • Aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell: Its outer shell is made of aerodynamic thermoplastic material. The mix of these two traits ensures that you remain steadfast and well taken good care of while on the go. Being strong, the material also prevents the helmet from falling apart a bit too soon!
  • Glossy UV protective finish: Rounding it all up is the glossy exterior finish that is also able to protect against the damages posed by ultraviolet radiation. It consequently brings forth the combination of aesthetics and functionality in one comprehensive swoop. Make use of it for your beauty.


  • Approved by the Department of Transportation
  • Moves faster and hassle-free thanks to the aerodynamic nature
  • Lasts many cycles of usage and engagements
  • Its exterior gives forth some glossy appearances
  • The padding is both removable and washable


  • Less reliable for higher impacts
  • Poorly ventilated and drained


Q1. What is the lightest motocross helmet?

The premium SE4 it is! Other than being light, this helmet is also durable and serves you for a longer duration of time well.

Q2. What are motocross helmets made of?

They are made of plastics, fiberglass, Kevlar, and Carbon fiber. These items are light and at the same time strong enough to endure the highest impacts.

Set your eyes on this specific helmet if all you want is to keep your head free from any dirt and other damages that emanate from the exterior ambiances.

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9. SC Skateboard & BMX Bike Helmet

Of all the helmets we have in place this full-face BMX helmet happens to be the most universal. It appeals to those riders who are aged 6-99 years. These of course include children and adults alike. Other than biking, the helmet may also fit the needs of skateboarding and rough riding.


Features and Benefits

  • Half-shell helmets: The helmet is able to offer protection to the lower head area thanks to the half-shell makeup. It is hence comparatively safer than the traditional or ordinary helmets. With this added layer of safety also comes the elevated sense of confidence and ultimate peace of mind.
  • Advanced in-mold technology: Throughout its makeup, advanced in-mold technology is extensively used. The technology is extremely durable and less likely to pose any damage to the riders. All along the seams are some firm welding that binds the constituent parts and components hard together.
  • Extremely cool: Compared to the other helmets, its interior is cooler and more habitable. This coolness is largely brought about by the existence of numerous perforations and vents that ensure the smooth exchange of air and the stabilization of temperatures. Choose to work with it in humid moments.
  • Extremely well-ventilated: Over and above the cool nature, the helmet itself is extremely well-ventilated. Its many pores no doubt allow the air to circulate freely. In the course of doing all that the helmet lets your hair and skull breathe uninterruptedly. Then again it ensures that you do not sweat profusely.


  • Safer for the skull and the hairs
  • Offer adequate protection to the facial features
  • Guards against the sharp-pointed objects
  • Adjusts to conform as nearly as can be to your head’s unique shape
  • Prevents you from sweating profusely when in transit


  • Likely to get obsolete too soon!
  • Requires numerous upgrades to operationalize


Q1. Is a skateboard helmet different than a bike helmet?

YES, it differs mainly in the way it is designed. A skateboard helmet is mainly smooth and round. The bike helmets on the other hand tend to be aerodynamic in scope, shape, and overall design.

Q2. How do I choose a skateboard helmet?

Consider such factors as aerodynamics, fit, levels of comfort, and control mechanisms. They have to fall well within your degree of expertise and general mastery.

This should be your helmet of choice if you have the needs of many people to take SC Skateboard & BMX Helmet for Kids Bike  & Adults from 6-65 Years.

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Final Verdict

We bring an end to our long and in-depth look into the best BMX helmet there. Just to reiterate an earlier point, the roles that these helmets play insofar as upholding the safety of the riders is concerned are too huge and significant to be handled recklessly.

Because of this, we emphasize that you pay keen attention when attempting to find one for yourself. As a bonus for sticking with us to the end, we ask you to compare the prices and the offering of many dealers first and foremost before embarking on a purchase. That will give you a fair chance to settle for the best and most affordable.

Last Updated: January 3, 2024

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