Best Women Bikes – Top 10 Lightweight Bikes For Women (2018)

Best Women BikesAre you looking for the best women’s bicycle? If you are not sure whether to buy and looking for women bike review, you are in the right place. We have researched and identified 10 awesome looking bikes that will help Improving the women’s health and fitness Level.

Bikes are as important to women as they are to men. Women use bikes for different purposes. It provides for a good cardiac workout for those who want to use it as part of their exercise programs.

Most women use it for recreational activities. Because of the number of uses women’s bike can be put into, it becomes difficult for most of them to make a choice out of the various brands on the market.It appears that women would face peculiar challenges than men when it comes to selecting the Best bikes for women.

For women, they are many challenges they would go through in making their choice. They have shorter arms, longer torsos, shorter legs, less weight, and they are smaller when compared to men.Because of these, discovering the best women bikes may not be as easy as it would be for the male counterpart. However, information provided below would simplify the process.

Top 10 Lightweight Womens Bike Comparison

Product name TypeMaterials
Schwinn Wayfarer
Beginner Bicycle
  1. Steel Frame
  2. Mechanical Rim Brakes
  3. Cream Color
Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer 700c BicycleCheck on Amazon

Schwinn Capitol

Hybrid Bicycle
  1. Aluminum Frame,
  2. Small Size 16 inch
  3. Purple Color
Schwinn Odana 700c Women's 16 Hybrid BikeCheck on Amazon

Northwoods Springdale

Editor’s Choice

Hybrid Road Bicycle
  1. Disk Brakes Style
  2. Aluminum Frame
  3. White Color
Northwoods Springdale Women's 21-Speed Hybrid BicycleCheck on Amazon

Schwinn Network 1.0

Hybrid Cycle
  1. Steel Frame,
  2. Rim Brakes Style
  3. White Color Small Size
Schwinn Network 1.0 700c Women's 16 Hybrid BikeCheck on Amazon

Northwoods Pomona

Cruiser Bicycle
  1. Aluminum Frame
  2. Linear Pull Brakes Style
  3. Mint Green Silver Color
Northwoods Pomona Women's Cruiser BikeCheck on Amazon

Giordano Libero

Raod Bicycle
  1. Steel frame,
  2. 1 1/8″ Alloy Threadless,
  3. Color Red
Giordano Libero Acciao Road BikeCheck on Amazon

Huffy Bicycles-26656

Cruiser Bicycle
  1. Coaster Brakes Style
  2. Steel Frame
  3. Pink Color
Huffy Bicycles 26657 Ladies' Deluxe Cruiser BicycleCheck on Amazon

Firmstrong Urban

Beach Cruiser Bicycle
  1. Classic Cruiser Frame
  2. Coaster brake style
  3. Multiple color & size
Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser BicycleCheck on Amazon

Schwinn Ladies Perla

Cruiser Bicycle
  1. Steel Frame
  2. Rim Brakes Style
  3. Blue Color
Schwinn 26" Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser BikeCheck on Amazon

Huffy Mint

Deluxe Cruiser Bike
  1. Coaster Brake Style,
  2. Steel Frame
  3. Mint Green Color
Huffy Women's Deluxe Cruiser BikeCheck on Amazon

Best Bikes For Women

You are looking for the bicycle that is the good fit for the women. Great! In this article, I am going to review the 10 best bicycle for women of 2018.

1. Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer 700c Bicycle

Schwinn Women’s Wayfarer 700c Bicycle

Check Price on Amazon


This is the most suitable ladies bicycle because it is designed to ensure that women ride at the most comfortable posture.


The frame and other parts of the body are designed to handle difficult challenges it is subjected to. From the design of the frame, you can see that this product is meant to handle weighty items. Moreover, it can easily handle those wears and tears of your daily use.


You are going to have a comfortable ride. This means that you do not need to strain your neck and your back while using the bike.

Strong tires:

The tires are well built and that makes for better traction. Moreover, the bike features a light rim, this is great because it facilitates smooth ride with the bike. It has other interesting features that make it great.


  • Easy to assemble because of the user manual that guides you
  • It’s best for first-time riders
  • It does not take more than fifteen minutes to have the bike assembled
  • It is comfortable to ride
  • Cons
  • It can be a target for criminals to steal
  • Feeble fenders and that is because they are not from superior metal materials
  • Features uncomfortable saddle
  • Price under 300 dollars


  • This Bicycle is a good fit for 5’2″ to 5’5″ women.
  • Rear brakes system.

Overall, customers are satisfied with the product because of its unique features. This will be the great choice for a beginner rider.

Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

2. Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21Speed Hybrid Bicycle

Editor’s Choice:
Northwoods Springdale Women's 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle

Check Price on Amazon


This is a hybrid bike and it is the best for those on the budget. If you do not have the money to purchase the highest quality bike on the market, you can always do with this one because you are going to derive the same values.

Pretty design

It looks very great and attractive and it is meant to deliver the highest and dependable performance.


The bike is versatile and this means that it can be used for different purposes. It has Shimano derailleur and this has 21 speeds. This is good because you can choose based on your preferences.


It has 700 capacity wheels and this is built with the highest quality raw materials available in the industry. They are strong and that is why they can easily absorb shocks. The frame is composed of an alloy material and this makes it durable, making it a very good investment.


  • It has a sturdy frame
  • The bike is affordable
  • It looks great and attractive
  • It durable


  • Break not strong enough as it can squeak
  • Unclear assembling manual

Finally, this is the best women hybrid bikes you can invest. It is highly affordable.

3. Schwinn Capitol 700c Women’s 16 Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Odana 700c Women's 16 Hybrid Bike

Check Price on Amazon


This is the best hybrid bike for the women on the market today. You can tell the greatness of this bike from its superior features.

Frame design

You can tell the superior quality of the bike by looking at the frame design. The frame is designed with aluminum material.


The major benefit is the lightweight in addition to being durable. When you get this bike, you are going to like the fact that it is going to serve for a very long time.


To ensure that you derive the best in terms of comfort, it is designed in such a way that you can easily adjust it. This makes it easier for you to modify it in the way that would suit your riding needs. In the same way, you can customize the seat and the handlebar.

Braking system

Moreover, it is integrated with V brakes system, this means that you can stop when you want to stop. This makes it very safe to use.


  • Comfortable and efficient to use.
  • It is composed of Shimano 21 Speed EZ Fire as well as Shimano rear derailer.
  • V brakes for safety and easy stop.
  • Alloy wheels and high-quality rims.
  • Soft and hybrid seats for comfort.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Well padded seat for your comfort
  • Smooth and easy shifting


  • Adjusting the handlebar can be difficult
  • The seat is not big enough

In all, this is the best women hybrid bicycles can lay your hands on the market today.

4. Schwinn Network 1.0 700c Women’s 16 Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Network 1.0 700c Women's 16 Hybrid Bike

Check Price on Amazon


Schwinn products are known for their superior performance and this is what is expected of this great bike. There are several features that set this bike apart, and here are some of the features that make it great.

High performance

In terms of performance, this bike has an edge, because it is designed to deliver the best performance for its users. It is a classic in terms of design and this makes it one of the most classic bikes you can get on the market today.

High-speed bike

Moreover, the bike features 21-speed grip shifters and changing between gears can be as easy and as smooth as anything that you can think of.


The frame is composed of steel material and despite that, it lightweight, and this means that you are not going to find it hard to use the bike even in the most difficult terrains.

Unique design

The bike is designed for your exclusive comfort. The color is timeless and it is designed in white color. The bike can always make a difference.


  • This bike features twenty-one-speed grip shifter and a Shimano rear derailleur gearing system
  • Moreover, the bike features an alloy braking system
  • It has alloy rims and this makes it lightweight and durable
  • Furthermore, it has suspension seat and that is why it is great for a soft ride.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Rides very smooth
  • It offers great grip
  • Durable and effective braking system


  • The seat is stiff and hurts

In all, this remains one of the most comfortable bicycles for women you can ride.

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5 Best Womens Cruiser Bikes

5. Northwoods Pomona Women’s Cruiser Bike

Northwoods Pomona Women's Cruiser Bike

Check Price on Amazon


When you are looking for a great bike, you have to consider this product, because it contains all the features you want. Apart from the fact that this bike is affordable, it is durable. It may look like sports bike in appearance, but it is not one.

Full suspension

This a full suspension bicycle. It looks great and attractive and this means that you will be happy using the bike. This bike can serve different kinds of purposes and that is why it is highly recommended. It has superior features that put it ahead of other bikes on the market.

Unique appearance

It is well designed and that is why it would look like a sports bike even though it is not one.


It has the most durable wheels, and this is expected because the wheels are composed of alloy rims. The bike features the strongest wheels and rims, because of this, it can cruise through most difficult terrains without challenges.

Comfortable seat

The bike is comfortable to ride and it has a very soft and comfortable seat padded with superior foam material.

Here are some of the features that stand it out:

  • Northwoods Pomona has full suspension
  • It is lightweight
  • It’s affordable
  • It features an adjustable seat

It is obvious from positive reviews that this is one of the best womens cruiser bikes especially those women on a budget.

6. Huffy Bicycles-26656 Ladies Deluxe Cruiser Bicycle

Huffy Bicycles 26657 Ladies' Deluxe Cruiser Bicycle

Check Price on Amazon


This is another high-quality bike recommended for women who want bikes of great value. Everybody is going to like the bike because of the superior quality materials used in manufacturing it and its superior performance.

Steel frame

It is composed of the high steel modern frame. The frame is not only sturdily built, durable as well. Moreover, to ensure that you get the highest comfort using the bike, it is composed of the padded spring seat.


It also has a rear rack, which users can use to convey their important personal items. The rim is 700 capacity and this makes it the master of the road as it can just roll because of the great capacity.

Dual-density grip

Also for your riding comfort, it features a dual density grips, as well as effective grip pedals. It has everything that you need in a lady’s bike. It is specifically designed for your riding comfort.


  • The bike is of the highest quality
  • It is durable
  • Feature a well-padded and comfortable seat


  • Inferior wheel quality

Finally, This notwithstanding, this is one of the great bikes you can get. It is highly recommended for all women bikers.

7. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Check Price on Amazon


It is obvious from the great features that this is designed to be the best choice for ladies. It looks very great as can be seen from stylistic design and elegant appearance. There are variations of colors of this bike on the market and this means that you can choose from the colors on the market.

Wheels options

There is two wheels option for wheel size and it includes the 24 inches wheel size and 26 inches wheel size. Moreover, there is another option in terms of speed there are triple speeds options.

Speed selection options

The speed selection ranges from 1 to 3 and then 7. This means that you can always make your choice based on your preferences and your need.

Lifetime warranty

Moreover, the bike has a limited warranty, but the frame has a lifetime warranty.


  • It has wider options in the market and this means that you have various choices to make
  • The bike is also affordable, as it does not cost up to two hundred dollars
  • It features a light and a strong frame
  • Moreover, it has a strong Kenda tires


  • It needs much assembling
  • It does contain tool-kit
  • Light kickstand

So, This bike is highly recommended because of its superior features.

8. Schwinn Ladies 7 Speed Cruiser Bike

Schwinn 26" Ladies Perla 7 Speed Cruiser Bike

Check Price on Amazon


If you need a bike you are going to enjoy riding, this is the best product for you. It remains a fascinating bike you can lay your hands as you can see from the fantastic features.

Durable design

It is designed with a steel outline as well as a compound straight line. If you want to stop, you can simply apply the brake and you stop instantly.

Customized bike

This is one of the best customizable bikes on the market today, and it is specifically meant for riding satisfaction of women riders. It is designed for riders who cherish value as they ride.

Lifetime warranty

Because of the superior design, its designers were able to offer a lifetime warranty.


Many features set this unique product apart from several others on the market:

  • It has back payload rack and this means that you can convey your things with it
  • It features an amalgamated and straight braking system; this means that you have an effective control of your bike as you ride it.
  • Most importantly, it features Schwinn seven speeding systems.


  • It is durable
  • It has a carrier for the conveyance of your items
  • It’s light and very easy to move about
  • Features an effective braking system.


  • The front brakes rub and make noise.

So, This is a high-end bike and riders are going to derive a great value for their money.

9. Huffy Women’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike

Huffy Women's Deluxe Cruiser Bike

Check Price on Amazon


This bike is great for a number of reasons. First is that it offers its users the best in terms of comfort. Moreover, in terms of speed, this bike has an edge over others and this means that it cruises around the neighborhood.


It is speedy because it features seven speeds Shimano rear derailleur. This makes it easy for you to cruise in different places including hills and valleys and so on.

Effective braking system

The handlebar is designed in such a way that you can easily access the Coaster brakes, which is located in the front as well as the rear. This is good because it makes for an effective control of the bike as you ride.


The rim is composed of lightweight materials, and it is sturdily designed and this makes it easy for the bike to cruise around the streets.

It has many features that make it the most popular choice on the market.


  • The bike has the most effective braking system.
  •  Uses multiple gearing systems and this makes it speedy.
  • It’s affordable as many people can afford the cost.
  • Well designed and looks very attractive.
  • The huffy bicycle is lightweight.


  • It is bulky and this makes it difficult to store

This is one of the best Deluxe Women Cruiser Bike, you can lay your hands on the market. So, It possesses all the features you look out for this type of product.

Best Women Road Bikes

10. Giordano Libero Acciao Women Road Bike

Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

Check Price on Amazon


This is one of the best women’s bikes you can purchase with money. One of the things that set it apart is the fact is that it within the mid-range price despite the high-end values. It has some of the most fantastic features women desire from this kind of bike.

Shimano wheels

The bike features 700c wheels and other Shimano components such as the Tourney speed shifters.


The bike offers the best in terms of longevity. This is expected because the frame is produced from the finest steel material. The steel frame means that is one of the most durable of such bikes you can buy.


Even though the frame is composed of a steel frame, it is still lightweight. It is perhaps the most valuable bikes for ladies of class. If you want the best, opt for this bike.

Here are some of the features that make the bike great:

  • 14 speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain
  • Steel materials frame
  • It contains a down tube water bottle mounts and it is for those who want to travel.


  • Giordano is the best for beginner.
  • It is not difficult to assemble
  • It’s a high-quality bike
  • It is the best long distance riding bike
  • It’s one of best women road bikes


  • The tires are not of the best standard
  • Chains fall off easily
  • Difficulty in tightening the handlebar

These few shortcomings notwithstanding, this is one of the cheap road bikes under 500 for the women.

How To Choose Cheap Bikes For A Women

Many women spend a lot of time looking for the best bike to buy. The Bike can be a big investment and because of that, many women who want the best do not like to make any mistake while making that investment. For novice buyers, it would be Herculean tasks for them to make the right decision.

Most of the work would be done for you, as this buying guide would assist you to get the desired bike on a low budget. Here are the helpful guides that can assist you in making that important decision.

What style do you need?

Before you step out to make a purchase, you must have concluded within your mind the type of bike you want to purchase. Perhaps, the factors that would guide you in making that consideration include road surfaces you want to use the bike on, luggage requirements, the level of performance you want from the bike, as well as the attitudes, and most importantly your budget.

Perhaps, the factors that would guide you in making that consideration include road surfaces you want to use the bike on, luggage requirements, the level of performance you want from the bike, as well as the attitudes, and most importantly your budget.

Are you a mom? Looking for a bike for your child? Don’t worry! You can read our kid mountain bike reviews. This reviews & guide will help you to get an awesome looking bikes for your child.


When you have made your choice as regards the style of bikes you want, the next important point to consider include the components. Bike components vary according to the bike models. Entry-level bikes contain the most important components such as the group set like brakes, cassette,

Entry-level bikes contain the most important components such as the group set like brakes, cassette, chairing, as well as shifters and wheels and so on. Remember the components available on the bike can affect the weight. You have to consider the components when making your choice.

Availability of parts

Another important thing to consider includes the issue of parts availability. When you get one, think of those things that you can change and those that you cannot change.

It does not make sense to go for bikes you cannot access the components when you want it.


Most importantly, you must look into your budget before you make your choice. Actually, your pocket should determine the type of bike to choose and not choose. You cannot choose what you know that you cannot afford.


The design of the bike is equally important when you are making your choice of the best bike to use. You have to consider those designs that are easier to manage. Consider your body type while making your choice.

There could be other considerations such as durability, weight, ease of use and several other factors.

Final Verdict

Finally, If you are a woman biker or you intend to be a biker and you are finding it hard to make a choice, the information above would be of immense help to you. We have reviewed the bikes specifically designed for women. You have seen their various features, advantages, and disadvantages.

It does not mean that you are going to use all the ten products reviewed here; however, you can make your choice from any of the products.

They are the best you can lay your hands on the market today. You would derive the value for your money. I highly recommended those bikes for you.

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