Best Beginner Bikes – 10 Bikes For Beginner In 2023

The Entry-level bike features a design intended for cycling at high speeds on paved surfaces. Most road bikes have gear combinations that allow the rider at various speeds and achieve ultimate high speeds. In addition, they are relatively lightweight with drop handlebars that keep the rider forwardly inclined to minimize wind resistance and improve aerodynamics.

With the upper body inclined forward, riders can cycle over long distances with much comfort without tiring quickly. The road bicycles focus on fitness, event riding, and racing on smooth roads. Though they can serve the purpose, these bikes are unsuitable for riding on unpaved roads and rugged terrain. Beginner bikes offer speed and efficiency, which are complementary factors that provide comfort during long-distance cycling. The bikes feature sturdy material and design but are not suitable for carrying heavy loads.

10 Best Bikes For Beginner Comparison

Bicycle name Speed Materials /size Price

 Vilano Shadow


14 Speed


  1. Double Butted Aluminum frame
  2. 700c 1 1/8 Inches Fork
  3. Black & white color
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Vilano R2 Commuter

21 Speed
  1. Aluminum frame.
  2. Lightweight
  3. Superfast
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Poseidon Bike

 8 Speed
  1. Aluminum-carbon-fiber frame
  2. 28.85 pounds shipping weight
  3. 8 x 27.8 x 50 inches  P H
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 North Gear 901

21 speed
  1. Lightweight Alloy frame
  2. Steel fork
  3. Radius BL-750 alloy brake
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 Schwinn Men’s Prelude 14 speed
  1. Aluminum frame,
  2. Coaster Brakes style
  3. 700 wheel.
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 Giordano Libero 14 speed
  1. Steel Frame
  2. 51 cm  Small size
  3. 700 centimeters Wheel
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 Schwinn Phocus-1600  16 speed
  1. Black color,
  2. Aluminum Frame
  3. 31 pounds weight
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Libero 1.6 white pink
 16 speed
  1. White/Pink color.
  2. Aluminum Frame,
  3. caliper brake style
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 GMC Denali Flat Bar

7 Speed

  1. Aluminum Frame
  2. Black/Green color
  3. 700 centimeters wheel
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Merax Classic Fixed Gear  1 speed
  1. Fixed Gear Tig frame,
  2. Aluminum pedals
  3. Front Disc Brake style
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Key Features of The Best Beginner Bike

Several features identify the bike from other bicycle categories such as mountain, commuting and hybrid bikes, etc. The beginner bikes have an ultra-light frame and other components, including wheels. They are built with a curled or racing-style handlebar. However, some have a flat bar handle bike that resembles that of mountain bikes.

The bikes lack both front and rear suspensions, and they have narrow wheels and tires that minimize rolling resistance. Most of the bikes have a composite front fork. They come in a wide range of sizes, and they feature men’s and women’s styles.

Bikes typically use derailleur gears, although exceptions that feature single-speed and fixed gears exist. Mountain bikes gear higher compared to mountain bikes, and they have few climbing gears.

best beginner road bike

10 Best Beginner Bikes In 2021

After understanding the above factors, here is a list of the 10 best bikes for beginners in 2021 that offer excellent performance for their price.

 1. Vilano Shadow Shimano STI Integrated Shifters


The Vilano Shadow Road Bike offers the features found on more expensive bikes at a very friendly price. This makes it an affordable bike for entry-level riders. Vilano is a good option if you are looking for a bike for your daily riding.


The design of the Vilano Shadow Bike will take you from one place to another comfortably, quickly, and safely which is why you should love it. The most outstanding feature of the Vilano Shadow bike is the built Shimano-STI integrated brake levers shifters. Shifters facilitate quick and precise shifting or braking so that you enjoy your cycling. The brake levers/shifters pack in a single unit which is very convenient.

Vilano Shadow is designed with a double-butted 6061 aluminum aero frame that is lightweight yet unyielding and durable. The bike has a dual pivot alloy caliper that efficiently absorbs vibrations to ensure you have a smooth ride.


The bike is fitted with Doubled walled 700-C  CNC Alloy Machined side wheels. Wheels are very sturdy and durable so that you do not experience a breakdown during your riding. The solid wheels enhance riding over a variety of terrain while maintaining balance in the entire travel. 7900c × 25c tires of the Vilano Shadow bike are designed to minimize rolling resistance, eliminating the struggle of peddling your bicycle.

The bicycle allows riding at fourteen speeds powered by the Shimano front and rear derailleurs. A combination of the front and rear derailleurs allow you to travel at high speeds without feeling any form of restriction.

Size & Color

The size ranges from small, medium, and large and is suited for both men and women. This bike offers two color options, which are black and white. What’s more, the Vilano Shadow bike is easy to assemble, and you can assemble it in less than twenty minutes.


  • Controllable braking
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Comfortable riding


  • Don’t have a kickstand

This model is our first choice for a new rider. If you looking for a bike for the money then you can go for it.

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 2. Vilano Aluminum 21-Speed Shimano

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

This is a perfect intermediary and starter bike at an incredibly low price. Vilano bike is a great option for commuters on a small budget. The aluminum frame is also aesthetically appealing.


Vilano Aluminum Road Bike is designed with a double-butted 6061 aluminum frame. The aluminum frame is lightweight while being strong and durable.


This bike is among the lightest bikes in the starter-level bikes weighing less than 25 lbs. The bike comes in several finishes that allow riders to select a design that fits their style. Colors include black, silver, blue, white, and gray. Available size includes small, medium, and large.


The fork of the Vilano bike is made of hi-tech steel, whose quality absorbs shock and is resilient compared to the lesser quality alloys. The bike comes with a padded handle that enhances comfort and provides a secure grip so that the rider is in control.

700c threadless fork of the bike efficiently enhances shock absorption on rugged terrain. This allows comfortable riding on different terrains. Fork increases the rider’s control of the bike even on bumpy objects on the ground.  pedals are smooth and easy to use, and thus you cycle without struggling.


It is equipped with a Shimano drivetrain and has an adjustable gear mechanism. The bike has a 21 gear set that allows the rider to cycle at desired speeds. It has a rim braking system that allows the bike to come to a fast and secure stop.


The wheels of the Vilano Aluminum bike are designed with Doubled walled 700-C CNC alloy machined sides. the Wheels are quite robust and durable. The bike has 700c by 25c tires that facilitate smooth riding over surfaces. It is built with the Shimano A050 thumb shifters that allow you to shift with your hands remaining on the handlebar. The dual brake levers are quite a convenience for riders.

A great feature of the Vilano Aluminum bike is you can easily upgrade any part when something breaks or to match your individual preference. If you dislike a part for any reason including performance issues, you can replace the part with the little cost determined by the part.


  • Lightweight
  • Superfast
  • Super Efficient


  • Not fully assembled

This model is not available now. The manufacturer has brought a new model with the same and some updated features. You can check the new model below.

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  3. North Gear 901 21 Speed Road – Racing Bike

North Gear 901

North Gear Bikes 901 21 Speed is a high-quality bike that matches style and performance. It is a great entry and intermediate-level bike that is equipped with Shimano components. It is an excellent bike for riders that love cruising the open roads.


The frame is designed from Alloy 700c 20” that is lightweight, robust, and long-lasting. It has a 700c fork made from steel. It is equipped with the power FD-30 front derailleur and the Shimano TY21 for the rear derailleur. Shimano a050 shifters allow riders to quickly shift gears using thumbs without moving their hands from the handlebar.

North gear 901 21 speed road has a race alloy handlebar and a zoom alloy handlebar stem. The grips are designed from race wrapping tape that allows full grip. These components allow riders to be in total control of the bike.


Wheels are made with a double-wall rim that fits the wand tires 700 × 23c. The front and rear brakes include the radius alloy caliper brakes that offer great and safe braking. The black clamp and rail saddle provides excellent sitting comfort for riding on open roads.

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 4. Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle (BBWhite)

Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle

Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle is one of the best starter bikes at an affordable cost. It offers high specifications at a very friendly price. The bike combines quality parts manufactured by Schwinn and other reputable brands. It is an excellent bike for leisure, fitness, and commuting.


Schwinn Prelude features the 6061 aluminum frame with drop handlebars. The frame is lightweight and able to withstand vibrations, impact, and other causes of stress. It has a Schwinn road fork that reduces vibrations even on rough roads giving you a great riding experience.


The gear system of the Prelude shifts rapidly thanks to the highly responsive A050 gear shifting system and the 14-speed Shimano STI drivetrain. The combination of these elements ensures you can ride at a fast speed and maintain the speed with little effort.


This bike comes with the 700c alloy rims that are fitted with Schwinn’s own 700 × 25c tires. The tires are sturdy and help reduce shock from rough roads. Schwinn forks complement the shock absorption of the tires. Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycles is a lightweight bike and efficient.

They are streamlined, and they enhance a streamlined body posture when riding. This minimizes wind resistance and facilitates high speeds. The bike has a comfortable grip handlebar made of aluminum that makes it stable to endure rigorous riding.

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5. Giordano Libero Acciao Bike

Giordano Libero Acciao

Giordano Libero Acciao Bike features the merging of strength, style, and affordability. It features a classic design and a frame made of steel. It is a perfect bike for a beginner rider. The frame of the Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike features a high tensile steel frame. The steel frame is adamant and does not compromise the weight of the bike.


The bike might be heavier than the aluminum frames, but the difference is almost negligible to the rider. Quick-release wheels make the bike easy to pack the bike in the car for transportation. The seat is very comfortable. The bike is very fast especially if you choose the correct size for yourself. The bike comes in varying sizes from small, and medium to large size.


While the frame is heavier, the bike covers this with sturdy and durable yet lightweight 700c wheels. The rims are fitted with 700 × 25 black road clincher tires.


Integrated shifters allow you to transition from flat to rising riding terrains smoothly. The shifters feature the Shimano Tourney STI 14 speed and have integrated brake levers. Many people prefer the Giordano Libero road bike because of its entire design and quality that comes at an affordable price.

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6. Schwinn Phocus-1600 Men’s Bike 700C Wheels, 56-CM Frame

Schwinn Phocus-1600

Schwinn Phocus-1600 Men’s bike 700-C Wheels incorporate the style, convenience, elegance, and strength of a powerful bike. It is an entry-level bike that has features found in expert bike models for a real cost. The bikes suit the men.


This bike offers impressive comfort. The upright frame allows you to ride in an upright fashion. The soft seat and rips incline towards the rider’s hands.


The frame is designed from a sturdy and lightweight aluminum road frame. A carbon fiber fork complements the aluminum frame offering shock absorption from rough roads. The forks ensure a smooth, agile ride.


Men’s Phocus 1600 bike has a drivetrain that facilitates the easy transition between gears. The drivetrain features an SR Suntour alloy crank, integrated shifters, and a 14-speed derailleur. The crank allows the rider to access a broad range of gears while the shifters and derailleurs enhance the smooth change of gears.


Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1600 is designed with the Promax alloy caliper road brakes. Brakes ensure reliable stopping power while riding so that you do not collide with objects or people. The saddle of the bike has a quick-release feature that allows you to make the right adjustment to match your comfort.

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7. Giordano Libero 1.6 White/Pink Women’s Bike-700c

Giordano Libero 1.6 White/Pink

Giordano Libero 1.6 White/Pink bike -700c is a cheap starter road bike that comes in white and pink colors. It has a cool and pleasant design. It’s a great bike for road racing, pleasure riding, and commuting. It is lightweight with rugged wheels that enhance speeding while reducing shock resulting from rough road conditions.


This bike has a handcrafted lightweight 6061 aluminum frame. The frame is strong yet very durable. Forks are made of tensile steel that improves the strength and stability of the bike. Tensile steel forks also reduce shock from riding on rough roads.


Many parts of the bike are derived from lightweight alloys including the rear and front pull brakes and the rear and front Shimano derailleurs. The featured Shimano drivetrain features 16 speed that helps you generate fast speeds for faster commuting and road racing.


Libero 1.6 packs the lightweight Vitesse 700c alloy rim that fits 700c × 25c road tires. These allow speeding rides and shock absorption from potholes on the roads. The bike is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

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8. GMC Denali Flat Bar Bike review

GMC Denali Flat Bar

GMC Denali Flat Bar Bike is an excellent choice if you are looking to purchase an entry-level bike. It is a good option for beginner riders and is also a low-cost road bike for under 300 dollars.

Size & Color:

The GMC Denali bikes come in different sizes from extra small to extra-large. This bike is available in five color combos from which riders can select. You can choose from black and pink, black and silver, black and yellow, black and green and gold color. The color combos may not be available in all sizes.


GMC Denali frame is composed of aluminum alloy components that are durable and lightweight. The bike has a lightweight 7005 straight gauge frame that makes it simple for riders to lift.


The bike is equipped with Promax aluminum brake levers and Promax alloy caliper brakes which allow the rider to stop efficiently in any weather condition. The Denali is fitted with an alloy water bottle cage to ensure you remain dehydrated when riding in hot weather.


It has a rigid GMS series 7000 steel fork that efficiently absorbs shock from rugged terrain. Your ride remains smooth even on rough terrain. High-quality rims of the Denali bike feature the alloy Vitesse racing rims. The rims have an aesthetic appeal, and their performance is flawless. They allow smooth and stable riding with the Denali.


The gearing system incorporates the quality Shimano gearing that ensures smooth and easy transitioning between gears. Denali has Shimano Revo shifters, a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur, and a Shimano index for the front derailleur. These components combine to ensure you change gears quickly and smoothly, so you can have an enjoyable riding experience.


Denali is equipped with high-performance 700c tires that can endure rigorous riding. They ensure you do not get a puncture when riding on rough terrain.

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9. Poseidon Bike Sport 4.0-49c

Poseidon Bike Sport 4.0-49cm

Poseidon Bike has an appealing appearance. It is almost entirely painted with matte black paint and has a simple logo inscribed on the frame. Only one color is available for the Poseidon Bike Sport.


This bike is designed with lightweight and durable aluminum 6061. Poseidon smooth-weld technology gives the bike a smooth appearance with no messy or crinkly welds. The design includes a carbon fiber fork for weight reduction and shock absorption.


This Bike 4.0 is equipped with the Shimano Claris STI system. It has integrated brake/shift levers. This bike is designed with the Claris front and rear derailleurs with two sprockets in the front and an 8-speed cassette in the back that sum up to 16 speeds.


Poseidon Bicycle Sport 4.0-49 has a carbon fiber fork with a 1 1/8 inch alloy steerer. The bike comes in varying sizes to suit every individual rider’s size.


  • Lightweight & durable
  • Sporty bike
  • 8-speed system


  • Looking is not so good.

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10. Merax Classic Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Bike with Disc Brake

Merax Classic Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed

Merax Classic Fixed Gear Bike with Disc Brake has a quality hand-built steel fixed gear. It has a single-speed track frame with a barspin clearance. The bike has super deep-v wall rims that have stainless spokes ease.

Gear, Frame & Fork:

This bike has a fixed gear Tig welded frame with a robust and durable 700c steel threadless fork. It features 700c ambiguous walled CNC machined side wheels.

Tires & Brakes:

The Wheels are fitted with the Kenda 700c × 28c tires that are sturdy and durable. The front disk brake allows the rider to stop quickly and smoothly. With the many beginner bikes offering efficient performance and quality, all you need is to make some comparisons before buying.

The various bikes mentioned above are very decent and offer a great cycling experience. Evaluate your preferences and the amount you are willing to part with and cumulate your options. this bike is the best choice for under 300 dollars budget.

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How To Choose A Entry Level Bike

Best intermediate bikes have certain characteristics and finding the starter level bikes can narrow down to preference and individual needs. As a novice rider, you may be searching for a bike that offers quality and value. Beginner bikes are numerous in the market, and you just need to find and select the one that suits your needs.

Premium bikes have hi-tech features that significantly increase their cost. Fortunately, modern technology has brought down some of the hi-tech features into the best beginner bicycle. Although the features do not all combine in beginner bikes, the bikes are nevertheless efficient at a very friendly price.

11 Things To Consideration Before Buying

Here is a list of 11 elements you can look at when selecting the top-rated entry-level bike.

1. Consult your needs

The purpose of buying a bike can help you choose an ideal bike at an affordable cost. For example, an aluminum frame bike is cheaper than a carbon fiber bike. If you need a light and durable bike for speeding, the carbon fiber will be good but costly.

However, if your purpose is to ride for fitness and not racing the aluminum bike will do great at a lower price than the carbon fiber. Riders purchase beginner bikes for varying purposes that include, competitive events, touring, enhancing fitness, for leisure, and commuting to work or around town.

All this may give you an insight on which bike to select and which features your compromise or favor to get an ideal bike for yourself.

2. The frame material

The frame is the backbone of any bike. Frame material will influence the weight, strength, and durability of the top starter-level bike. The frame material will determine the cost of the bicycle. Lightweight and durable metals are more expensive than their durable and heavier counterparts.

Modern bikes are made of a single or blends of materials that include carbon fiber, steel, titanium, and aluminum. Here is a look at the various frame materials and their influence on the bikes

3. Steel

Though not very popular today, steel was the standard material in the construction of old bikes. Nowadays, it is replaced by other materials for the frame design. Steel is an adamant and very durable material. However, the downside to steel frames is their heavyweight which hinders easy maneuvering and makes bikes difficult to transport.

4. Aluminum

Aluminum and its alloy are popularly used to make standard bikes in the modern market. These frames are light, strong, and relatively affordable. These frames are flexible enough to efficiently, conduct vibrations from bumpy terrain making your ride more comfortable. The aluminum bikes are light and an excellent option for top beginner bike models.

5. Titanium

Titanium is used to make frames for the best beginner bicycle in the modern market. It is as durable as heavy metals and alloys such as steel. Despite the weight, titanium frames remain very light like aluminum frames. The frames have excellent flexing capabilities that allow them to absorb shock while retaining their shape.

Titanium is quite difficult to work with, and some bike frames tend to have poor welding finish. Nevertheless, you can look for brands that prove to offer appealing finish quality on titanium frames.

6. Carbon fiber

The carbon fiber bike frame ranks high when it comes to quality and cost. They can withstand forceful wear and tear from intense cycling. The ability of carbon fiber to flex and return to the initial shape makes them very durable. They are very sturdy, and they hardly break. However, if they break which is rare, they tend to split or snap entirely.

The material is not enough when determining the quality of the cycling experience. Other factors blend with the frame material to off varied experience. Two bikes may have the same material for the frame but differ in riding experience due to factors such as geometry, tube shapes, and how the constructing materials are manipulated. To solve these mysteries, you may require some technical advice and more importantly, test riding can work very well.

7. Wheel

The wheels influence the weight of the bike and affect how the bike accelerates and maintains momentum. The wheel design contributes to the aerodynamics of the bike. The wheels add significantly to the overall low cost of the bicycle and thus may need to compromise here and there to find an ideal bike at a good price.

Your options when it comes to wheels are limited to defaults offered by the manufacturer unless you order a custom-built bike which is costly. However, for beginners, you can opt for a bike which you can upgrade the wheels in the future. Again the wheels should not concern you if the purpose is for recreation and fitness. If your intention is racing, then the choice of wheels is significant. The 23mm and 26mm tires offer more comfort and faster rolling speeds than the previous 23mm tires.

8. Brakes and Shifting system

Early bikes had the brakes and shifters separated. However, nowadays, the two are often integrated with variations in the mode of operation occurring among brands. Whichever model of operation you want will largely depend on your preference.

Just ensure you get a bike that can allow you to easily maintain a grip on the handlebar while shifting gears or braking. Fortunately, if trouble occurs, the majority of the bikes are adjustable by screwing so they can suit your reach.

9. Bike Size

Every rider needs a bike that suits their personal comfort. You should always consider the frame size along with the wheel size any time you are selecting a bike. Size is a key factor that affects not only your comfort but also the speed and efficiency of cycling.

Most bikes come in varying sizes to cater to small, medium, and large sizes. Some feature extra small to extra-large sizes. Frame size measures the length of the seat tube in either centimeters or inches.

Take note of the present variation of measurement when it comes to women’s bikes and men’s bikes. Men’s bikes with the same indicated size as women’s bikes differ in frame size. The small, medium or large standardization may vary among manufacturers. You can request the sales personnel to help with measurement and fitting your bike when selecting.

10. The number of gears

You can determine the total gears on a bike by just multiplying the number of cassette cogs by the number of chainrings on the bike. For example, a bike with a 10-cog cassette, and a triple chainring will have 30-gears. How you ride and when you ride will influence the number of gears you need.

If you ride for fitness on relatively flat terrain, you will probably do well with a double chainring with 8 to 10 cassette cogs. If you cycle on hilly terrain, you may need a triple chainring with easier gears.

11. Chain rings and Cogs

Bikes have sprockets on the rear and front sides of the bike. You can select from double and triple chainrings depending on the rider’s cycling needs and budget. The triple chainring includes a small innermost chainring that facilitates easier uphill bike gears. Sprockets on the rear end are termed cogs. The cassette attaches to the rear wheel and drives the bike when you pedal.

Bikes can have eight to eleven cogs on the cassette depending on the bike’s components. Chainrings and cogs affect the kind of riding and influence the cost of the bike.

Final Verdict

Finally, These are the top 10  best Entry level bikes for a new rider. We have deeply analyzed all entry-level bikes and just pick the above bike for the newbie.  If you want to buy a good intermediate bike, I suggest, you should go through our review and order the bike which best suits you. Happy beginning.

Last Updated: August 8, 2023

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