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Dangers Of Riding A Bike That Is Too Big

Dangers Of Riding A Bike That Is Too Big

When it comes to choosing the right bike, size definitely matters. There are dangers of riding a bike that is too big. A bike that is too big can be difficult to control, and it may even be dangerous. Riders on a too-big bike may have trouble reaching the ground with their feet, which can Read More

How To Fix A Bent Bike Fender

How To Fix A Bent Bike Fender – 4 Methods To Fix Fender

If you have a bike with a bent fender you may think it is done for. The bike is not riding correctly and the bike cannot continue to be used with the bent fender. You may have had an accident with the bike or the bike may have been sitting around damaged for a long Read More

best bikes under 400

Best Bikes Under 400 In 2023 – 13 Top Quality Bikes

Do you love going off-road traveling on two wheels? If yes, getting a bicycle is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Besides being fun, cycling is great for your overall well-being as it’s an excellent workout and helps fight off the feeling of depression. With that said, buying a new bike, that Read More

How To Determine The Right Tire Pressure For Fat Bikes

How To Determine The Right Tire Pressure For Fat Bikes

Since many people are new to fat biking, they are trying, learning, and experimenting with numerous things. Fat bike tire pressure is one thing most people struggle to get right. Determining the correct tire pressure for fat bikes is crucial because it determines control, handling, and traction. People new to fat bikes find it hard Read More

How Long Should You Ride A Stationery Bike To Lose Weight

How Long Should You Ride A Stationery Bike To Lose Weight

Bike riding is an essential workout as it helps boost the health of the heart and the lungs, helps in building the strength of the muscles, helps in improving the flow of blood in the body, and is crucial in lowering stress levels. On top of that, Bike riding helps burn the torch calories and Read More


What Socks Do Pro Cyclists Wear?

If you love riding your bike now and then, I am sure one of the questions in your mind is, Do cyclists wear unique socks? It may seem unnecessary at first, and you may be comfortable with workout socks, but as you continue riding, you’ll need several pairs. So, what socks do pro cyclists wear? Read More

Best Bikes under 200

Best Bikes Under $200 – Top 12 Cheap Bicycles In 2023

If you want to start cycling, the very first thing to know is the kind of bike you need. Bikes come in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, you don’t want to buy a bike that will leave a dent in your pocket. Choosing a perfect bike can be overwhelming when you have a $200 or Read More

7 Steps To Remove Stickers From A Bike

7 Steps To Remove Stickers From A Bike

Most people who own bikes like to use stickers on their bikes. However, they become absolute after some time, and one might want to remove them. Note that not all the stickers are the same when it comes to removal because you may find that some of the stickers are stubborn. No matter the kind Read More

Why Do My Bike Brakes Squeak

Why Do My Bike Brakes Squeak – How to Fix

Your morning or evening routine may be riding your bike to the store or around your neighborhood. When it’s time to brake, you start hearing a squeaking sound. The more you use your brakes, the more you will hear that sound. You may be thinking to yourself, why do my bike brakes squeak? You may Read More

What Oil Can You Use On A Bike Chain

What Oil Can You Use On A Bike Chain & What Oil To Avoid

Bicycles are popular recreational vehicles. While most do not have combustion or electric motor, they require oil and other maintenance fluids. For example, a bike’s chain needs lubrication to help keep the unit in good condition. Oil is important for a bike chain because it reduces friction and helps preserve the part. Bike riders should Read More

Best Bike Trainer Under 100

9 Best Bike Trainer Under $100 In 2023

If you are a beginner wishing to train indoors and on a budget, you should look for cheap indoor bike trainers for under $100. And this post explicitly brings you the best bike trainer under $100.The best indoor bike trainers typically cost below $100. But, even though they cost less, they still do their task Read More

L Now Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews – 10 Reasons To Buy

Are you looking for a top-quality indoor cycling bike to help you stay fit? The L Now Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the best options on the market. This bike is priced affordably and offers a great workout. It also has a number of features that make it unique. L Now indoor cycling bike Read More

Best Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

The Best Indoor Bike Trainer Stand In 2023

Some use bike trainers to prepare for triathlons and other cycling events, while others use them to ride indoors in bad weather. In either case, a bike trainer may give an excellent exercise in many situations, a more tough ride than cycling outside. Whether you’re preparing for an event, maintaining a consistent riding routine, or Read More


The 9 Best Road Bike Trainer In 2023

if you are training for your regular riding, an event, or you prefer riding inside; the best road bike trainer is one helpful tool. But what are you going to get? Different proliferated functions will help you interact with a virtual world and smart program. In this article, you can check out the top 9 Read More


6 Most Comfortable Bicycle Seat For Seniors In 2023

Cycling can be an excellent option for elders to maintain an active lifestyle. However, it’s not enjoyable if your bike seat is harsh, uncomfortable, and places pressure in areas you’d rather not have! Learn more about purchasing bicycle seats and the best senior bicycle seats. Biking can be a terrific senior activity. Not only is Read More

Best Indoor Exercise Bikes

The 9 Best Indoor Exercise Bikes In 2023

To work your body, strengthen your muscles, shed off excess weight, and burn body fat, you need a piece of trusted fitness equipment. There are indeed many pieces of equipment that may be of help. However, the exercise bike stands out due to its compact nature and the ability to work you out indoors. We Read More

Best Cruiser Bikes for Seniors

The 9 Best Cruiser Bikes for Seniors In 2023

Seniors are on the whole delicate persons. They easily sustain injuries when they fall or get bruised. For this reason, they can never use ordinary bikes to cruise around. Instead, they need cruiser bikes for seniors. These are specially designed to provide them with the support they need as they move about. If you are Read More

best kid bikes under 200

The 8 Best Kids Bikes Under 200 In 2023

When you are shopping for cheap kid’s bikes, you have to make comparisons of the leading bikes on the market. Such a process is ordinarily time-consuming and complicated for an average buyer. Thankfully, you need not necessarily have to go through it on your own. We are here to help you out. Our team has Read More

Best Cycling Shoes Under 100

The 12 Best Cycling Shoes Under 100 In 2023

The best pair of cycling shoes will offer foot protection and reduce muscle cramping. Unlike ordinary running shoes, such a pair improves your power transfer while keeping the feet stable on the pedals. But when it comes to buying cycling shoes, you’ll realize that the market floods with several options. This potentially makes it difficult Read More

How To Turn A Bike Into A Stationary Bike

How To Turn A Bike Into A Stationary Bike Without Trainer

Ordinarily, you require a trainer to convert a regular bike into a stationary one. This piece of equipment enables you to ride a bike when the same is fixed at a stationary position. In some instances, though, you may not have this equipment at your fingertips. In such instances, you may need to look up Read More

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes for Women

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes for Women In 2023

Are you the type that often workout at home? Did you need cycling shoes to make your stationary exercise bike more efficient and effective?  If so, going for indoor cycling shoes for women would be a great deal. These shoes will help you to keep fit and healthy regardless of the weather condition. But the Read More

Indoor Cycling Benefits For Women

11 Indoor Cycling Benefits For Women

As a woman who is truly worth her salt, you must make weight loss a critical goal of your life. Staying too fat and heavy is not at all recommended as it comes along with plenty of adverse health effects. One sure way of keeping your weight in check is to participate in indoor cycling. Read More

The Best BMX Bikes Helmets In 2023

For far too long, biking enthusiasts have relied on experts to help them arrive at the best helmets for their use. This approach has not only been inconvenient but also costly to undertake. Besides that, many people have simply not been in the position to access the experts for whatever reason. The truth though, is Read More

Best Dirt Jump Bikes

The 5 Best Dirt Jump Bikes In 2023

A dirt jump bike is built to support your weight when jumping over the soil. It bounces airborne and then lands on the dirt or mud. It is essential to ensure the bike has a strong frame that can support your weight when jumping. You can use the mountain bike in rough terrain, but it still keeps Read More


The 9 Best Stylish Bike Helmets In 2023

Selecting the best stylish bike helmet is just as vital as selecting the best bike. You’re looking for a bike helmet that suits your ride, budget, and most importantly, style. Now watch this… You’re likely to meet three types of bike helmets in the market. One; is the road helmets that are sleek, lightweight, and Read More

How To Put A Bike Chain Back On The Gears

How To Put A Bike Chain Back On The Gears In 6 Step

Has your bike chain come off and you are wondering how to put a bike chain back on the gears? If yes, then you are not alone. Regardless of the type of bike you own, the chain will come out sooner or later. The bicycle chain can come off any time when cycling including when Read More

Schwinn Balance Bike Review

Schwinn Balance Bike Review – 3 Best Schwinn Bike For Toddlers

Are you looking for the perfect Schwinn balance bike to introduce your 2 to 4 years, toddler, to biking? You are not alone in this. Most parents prefer this type of bike, because of its wonderful features. It contains no tall frame, pedal, or training wheels. These bikes are the best precursor to bigger models Read More

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bike Tire

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Bike Tire

Bike tires bear heavy loads not to mention tackling treacherous terrains. These have the impact of wearing them and rendering them incapable of discharging their roles. To keep enjoying the benefits that bikes have to offer, you inevitably have to replace the tires. In many instances, this might require the intervention of a trained mechanic Read More

how to remove bike pedals

How To Remove Bike Pedals With And Without Pedal Wrench

Bike pedals as is any other part of the bike will occasionally require a complete overhaul or repair. That is understandable as they bear too much weight not to mention being engaged for a longer duration of time. This, naturally begs the burning question: How to take off bike pedals? Well, there are basically two Read More

How To Install Water Bottle Cage on Bike Without Holes

How To Install Water Bottle Cage on Bike Without Holes

Riding the bike for too long in the open brings about the challenge of dehydration. That is because being exposed to the hot scorching sun for too long has the tendency to dry you up by sucking out all the moisture. To be on the safe side, you have to fix and carry along a Read More

How To Raise The Handlebars On A Child’s Bike

Do you have a bike for your child and are wondering how to raise its handlebars? Knowing how to do so is crucial as it is the only way of guaranteeing the comfort of the child. We are here to help you to achieve this goal. Our team of top-notch researchers has done a great Read More

How To Tighten Spokes

How To Tighten Spokes On Bicycle In 8 Step

It is not uncommon for the spokes on the wheels of your bicycles to loosen when in transit. This is an unfortunate eventuality that you do not want to befall you at any cost. It is an issue you can only remedy by knowing how to tighten spokes. How else can you proceed forward without Read More

Best bikes for men

Best Men’s Bikes – 12 Best Bikes For Men Fitness In 2023

Choosing the best men’s bikes is not that easy. There are different models out there. If you are a novice buyer you will it challenging, because of the qualities available in the market. All men’s bikes are not created equal. Some are more useful and expensive than others. If you are a new buyer, you Read More

How To Remove Coaster Brake

How To Remove Coaster Brake – In 9 Step

Bikes that move too first may require excessive pressure to put to a stop. It is not wise or reliable to rely on the hand brakes alone. They might not always provide the pressure necessary to completely grind the entire bike to a halt. That calls for reinforcements typically in the form of the coaster Read More

Converting Mountain Bike To Gravel Grinder

Converting Mountain Bike To Gravel Grinder – Step By Step

Do you have a mountain bike and are also planning to relocate to a gentler terrain? We have some good news for you! You do not have to discard your mountain bike and purchase a gravel one. It is possible for you to keep using your mountain bike on the gentler terrains like pedestrian pavements. Read More

How To Use A Bike Rack On The Bus And Different Places

The term bike rack assumes three main meanings. One, it refers to a carrier that is attached to a bike to allow it to haul luggage. Two, it may refer to the accessory that is attached to a vehicle to facilitate the transportation of the bikes from one point to another. Lastly, it may also Read More

How To Adjust Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake Levers

How To Adjust Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brake Levers

To cycle faster, you will most likely require a properly tuned and well-adjusted hydraulic disc. Furthermore, you can maneuver through unseen terrain and corners at incredible speed confidently, knowing you have a brake that is functional and will help you stop quickly. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to adjust Shimano hydraulic disc brake Read More

How To Determine Seatpost Size

How To Determine Seatpost Size – Seatpost Size Chart

Replacing your bicycle dropper can be daunting if you don’t know how to determine Seatpost size. A good Seatpost is the key to achieving a comfortable ride. Further, it enhances the aerodynamics and usability of your bike. The Seatpost is one of the most overlooked components of the bike, yet critical for efficiency and performance. Read More

best gravel bikes under 500

8 Best Gravel Bikes Under $500 In 2023

After successfully reviewing high ends bikes( best gravel bikes under $1000 and best gravel bikes under $2000 ), lots of people have called asking for the best gravel bikes they can buy without emptying their bank accounts. After assessing their concerns, we thought it wise to help. Interestingly, there are lots of valuable entry-level gravel Read More

How To Store A Bike In An Apartment

How To Store A Bike In An Apartment – Step By Step Procedures

Do you reside in an apartment or any other cramped-up space? If you do, you might have already found out that it is difficult for you to store your bike. You need to fret not because you can do the same. All you need is appropriate guidance to that effect. We have carried out some Read More

Best Gravel Bikes Under 2000 Dollars

Best Gravel Bikes Under $2000 In 2023

If you were a keen cyclist, you can consider getting the best gravel bikes under 2000. The advantage of owning this kind of bike is many. You can use it on any terrain. These bikes are durable, sturdy, and reliable. Because of their popularity, a lot of them are available in the market. It is Read More

How To Fit A Bike In A Car

How To Fit A Bike In A Car – Transport Bicycle In Car

Bikes are a great means of transportation. If they have to be used in remote locations, they have to be taken there somehow. This might normally imply the use of cars to transport them. Since these gadgets are generally clumsy, transporting them might never be a walk in the park. You have to find and Read More

How To Put A Motor On A Mountain Bike

How To Put A Motor On A Mountain Bike – Step By Step

Mountain bikes, though tough, are still unable to take on certain terrains and riding conditions. To be sure of gaining the reliability necessary to take on these harsh terrains, you want to install a motor on the bikes. The purpose of the motor is basically to add some torque and reduce your own effort input. Read More

best cycling sunglasses under 50

The 13 Best Cycling Sunglasses Under 50 In 2023

If you always engage in the daytime ride, the worst thing to experience is to allow the sun to blind you. Should that happen you may go on collision with another bike. To ensure that it does not happen, there is an affordable solution, you require the best cycling sunglasses. Several of them are under Read More

How To Adjust Bike Brakes Rubbing

How To Adjust Bike Brakes Rubbing – In 12 Step

The brakes remain the most important safety feature of any bike. If it does not work well, the rider is not safe. Whenever the brake develops any fault, fix it immediately. It is necessary to carry out a routine check on your brake to ensure that it performs optimally. Handle brake problems with care. Fix Read More

Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike Review

Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike Review

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a bike. For instance, is the bike durable? Is the bike worth the money? In this context, the main focus will be on the Giordano Rapido single speed road bike. The article will be in the form of a review. You will learn more about the features Read More

how to remove bike chank without puller

How To Remove Bike Crank Without Puller – Step By Step Guideline

Even if you are not a professional mechanic, you have to be familiar with the basic bike repair and maintenance tips. You just never know when and where disaster might strike. Further, you also want to spend the least amount of money to repair your bike in the event of a disaster. For you to Read More

Roadmaster Bike Review

Roadmaster Bike Review – 4 Best Roadmaster Mountain Bikes

If you are looking for a roadmaster bike review, and your question is roadmaster a good bike brand, then you are in the right place, We reviewed the 4 best roadmaster mountain bikes. Read and choose one from our list. Roadmaster bike has earned a reputation in the mountain bikes industry. They started the journey Read More

vilano bicycle review

Vilano Bicycle Reviews – 4 Best Vilano Bikes In 2023

If you are looking for Vilano bicycle reviews, then our review will remain the best for you, We reviewed the 4 Best Vilano Bikes. Read and check our list. Whether you are looking for a good bike for fitness or transportation purposes, Vilano bicycles are the best suited for that. The company has introduced different Read More

breezer bikes review

Breezer Bikes Review – Top 3 Breezer Bicycles In 2023

Breezer bikes are the award-winning two-wheeled commuter product in the world today. Since the first mountain brand bike was released by the company some years back, the company has continued to lead the rest of the world in the manufacture and distribution of first-class commuter products. These days, there are various models on the market Read More

XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike Reviews

XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike Reviews

Are you a riding enthusiast? Could it be that you are looking for a bike for exercise? Are you on a cheap budget and you don’t have enough space to keep an exercise bike in your home? Find and make do with this Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike. Xterra is the best name in Read More

best hybrid bikes under 200

The 4 Best Hybrid Bikes Under 200 In 2023

Hybrid bikes are so-called because they blend many characteristics. They are generally more comprehensive than other kinds of bikes. Many people find them comfortable and reliable to make do with. That is why you also want to find a suitable one for your course. We are here to help you out with this. We have Read More


Ghost Bikes Reviews – 7 Bikes From German Manufacturer

If you live outside Europe, you probably might never have heard of Ghost bikes. This is a renowned German brand. It engages in the manufacture of many kinds of bikes. From e-bikes to the road to a hardtail and fully suspended, the list of its products is virtually endless. Also, it manufactures bikes for both Read More

Mongoose BMX Bike Reviews

Mongoose BMX Bike Reviews – Mongoose Freestyle Bikes

Do you like to get out in the fresh air and do something thrilling? If your answer is yes, then you should consider riding BMX bikes, for either fun or competition. Maybe once you get used to the thrills of being on a Mongoose BMX you will do both. The Mongoose BMX bike range is Read More

kent super 20 boys bike reviews updated

Kent Super 20 Boys Bike Review – Updated

Have you ever considered the best birthday gift for your baby boy? As a parent, you would like the best bike for your kid. If you are looking for the next Christmas, or birthday gift for your boy, Kent Super 20 Boys bike is the ideal. The bike is specifically designed for boys. It is Read More

Best Triathlon Bikes

The 7 Best Triathlon Bikes For The Money In 2023

Are you an aspiring triathlon athlete? Would you wish to sharpen your skills considerably? Have you been seeking appropriate information and guidance to that end? Well, we are pleased to let you know that you have arrived at just the right place! Our discussions here below endeavor to do just that. We have scoured the Read More


What Are The 13 Best Baby Bike Seat In 2023

It is a good idea to watch your kid ride a bike. You would also be concerned about the child’s safety and comfort. Because of that, you should purchase a good baby bike seat. Whether your kid is experienced or a newbie rider, comfort cannot be compromised. Even if you want to ride with your Read More

best folding exercise bike feature

The 10 Best Folding Exercise Bikes In 2023

Are you a biking enthusiast who wishes to make his fitness a memorable activity? Chances are that you have attempted to acquire the best exercise bikes foldable for the job but in vain. That is because they are too many in the market. They are also intended for different riders, making such a task quite Read More

surly cross check reviews

Surly Cross Check Reviews – Detailed About This Bicycle

They say sitting is the new smoking, and that goes for all of the sittings we do in our daily lives, including sitting in our cars, in traffic, across this great country. When I gave up my car for a year, rode my bike, and took buses, shuttles, and trains everywhere, I was categorically more Read More

best gravel bikes under 1000

The 10 Best Gravel Bikes Under 1000 Dollars In 2023

Gravel bicycle has quickly overrun the cycling industry, and they are now the most popular product among cyclists. Just about 15 or 20 years ago, road bikes, mountain bikes, and cyclocross bikes were the in-thing. Now, they are still great for specialized functions, but the cyclocross bikes were the ones that came near to serving Read More

pure fix bikes reviews top 3 bike

Pure Fix Bikes Reviews – Top 3 Pure fix Original Bicycle

If you’re looking for unbiased pure fix bikes reviews, you landed in the right place. We test ride and analysis all the models from this brand and pick the Top 3 Pure fix Original Bicycle for you to buy. Are you looking for a fixed gear bike for a great ride? Pure fix bikes should Read More


Cyclocross Vs Gravel Bike – Main Difference Between Two Bike

Bikes are gaining wider acceptance with the passage of time. That is because more and more people are appreciating the value of biking rather than driving. From commuting faster during the rush hours to negating the need for gym enrolments, these wonderful means of transportation are loaded with tons of benefits. For your general bike Read More

best gravel bikes

9 Top Selling Best Gravel Bikes In 2023

The bike industry has never stopped evolving since its onset. Currently, it’s undergoing the gravel bike trend. This urban trend is anchored on the multi-purpose utility that is coupled with customization for extra user-friendliness. From skilled crafting skills to complex mechanical gearing, gravel bikes employ innovation and perfection. Well, this is a collection of the Read More

royal baby bike reviews

Royal Baby Bike Reviews – 3 BMX Freestyle Bikes From This Brand

Choosing a baby bike is not easy. There are various brands on the market. Most parents prefer BMX bikes because of their unique design, great features, and functionality. There are at least two kinds of BMX bikes on the market, they include freestyle and racing bikes. Freestyles are the best choice for kids. The Royal Read More

How to Clean A Bike Chain

How to Clean A Bike Chain With Household Products

While riding your bike, the chains will usually attract and gather much dirt. When this dirt accumulates excessively, they will often compromise the performance of your bike. This might often be followed by the risks of accidents and tripping off. That is why you must know how to clean a bike chain with household products. Read More

Fixed Gear or Hybrid

Fixed Gear or Hybrid – Which One is Best for Commuting?

Fixed gear or hybrid bike – which one is best for commuting? Read our comparison to know the details. According to a report published by USA Today, 60% more people have started going to work on a bike in the past decade. Put simply, more than 700,000 people daily get to and from the office Read More

Vilano Tuono Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano Review

Vilano Tuono 2.0 Aluminum 21 speed Road Bike Review

Are you a fan of the outdoors? Do you enjoy the feel of the wind as it blows through your hair while cycling? If you are looking for the best and most affordable road bike, then there is nothing better than the upgraded Vilano Tuono 2.0 Aluminum Road Bike model. This model is just about Read More

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Review – Updated

Our editor-picked Takara Kabuto Bike as the editor’s choice. Our review and guideline will help you to know more details about Takara’s bike. Takara brand’s  Single Speed Road Bike is among some of the best bicycles available on the current market. This model was designed for commuting purposes and long-term road use. It entails many Read More


How To Teach Your Kid To Ride A Bike – Step By Step Guideline

To children, learning how to ride a bike is among the best memorable moments and physical milestones in their life. A child ought to have sufficient coordination and strength to be in a position of learning. There are many ways in which you can your child prepare. When you realize your child is ready to Read More

how to change a bike tire

How To Change A Bike Tire – Step By Step Guideline

If you are a bike owner, one of the important things you learn is How To Change A Bike Tire. Irrespective of the type you have, you can change the tire once you use the correct tool. You can replace the old tire, or tube when it gets old. Sometimes it can burst and you Read More

aluminum road bike commuter bike shimano 21 speed 700c

Aluminum Road Commuter Bike Shimano 21 Speed Review

Have you always wanted an affordable and budget-friendly bike you can ride on for work and leisure? This Aluminum Road Bike Commuter Bike Shimano 21 Speed review will enlighten you about the cool features this bike has to offer. So, It is the best road bikes under 500 specially designed for commuting or work purposes. Read More

Best Mountain bikes under 700 dollars

10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 700 Dollars In 2023

There are hundreds of mountain bike brands on the market today and finding the best might be confusing. The last thing you want is to spend a fortune on a mountain bike that doesn’t give you the best experience. This article outlines some of the best mountain bikes under 700 you need to consider. The Read More

best hybrid bikes under 1000 feature

The 10 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $1000 In 2023

Most people prefer to use hybrid bicycles because they are more efficient and comfortable to ride. This type of bike has several interesting features that set it apart from other models out there. They are ideal for cruising around your neighborhood and commuting to the office. They are user-friendly bikes, lightweight, and very comfortable to Read More

Best Bike Phone Mounts

The 10 Best Bike Phone Mount In 2023

Summer is around the corner and many bike owners will cruise the city with their smartphones. Riders use the phone to observe their performance. The question is how do they intend to secure the phone? This is where the best bike phone mount becomes very relevant. This can serve as your phone holder, and they Read More

Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bike Review

There are ordinary bicycles, and then there is the Mongoose Men’s Malus Fat Tire Bike. The fat tires are something I had never experienced before, and they did not disappoint. Hopping on the seat of this bad boy after being used to riding standard-width mountain bike tires for so long made it feel like, I Read More

best cheap fat bikes

Best Fat Bikes In 2023 – Cheap Fat Tire Bikes For The Money

Riding the fat bikes remains the perfect alternative for those who want to remain healthy. If you reside in wet and snowy areas, you need this kind of bike, especially in the wet season when it is extremely difficult to ride the usual regular tire bikes. This bike shares similar features with other kinds of Read More

best cycling backpacks

The 10 Best Cycling Backpacks For Commuting – BikeJar

Are you a student? Do you often cycle from home to office? Then you require a good cycling backpack for commuting. This is good for you because it can assist you to convey your books, goods, and laptops to your back without interfering with your ride. You require this kind of product more than a Read More

best hybrid bikes under 500

The 10 Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 In 2023

Are you the type that often commutes to school or work? Did you need a recreational bike to cruise around your neighborhood at weekends? High-quality and affordable hybrid bikes remain the best option for you. Hybrid bikes are the perfect alternatives for riders who want to get into cycling activity. There are different hybrid bikes, Read More

Schwinn Men’s Volare 1300 Drop Bar Bike Review

Schwinn Men’s Volare 1300 Drop Bar Bike Review

When it comes to looking for a road bike, Schwinn has made its brand is known to be of high quality in materials used, design, frame, and features. They produce a large variety of quality and versatile bikes for women and men. Their bicycles are long-lasting with solid construction. If you are in the market Read More

Best single speed bikes

The 10 Best Single Speed Fixed Gear Bikes In 2023

Days are gone when you spend all your savings to buy a bike. Many people now prefer to ride single-speed bikes. This kind of bike was used in the Tour de France, and it has become the perfect choice for many people. If you are looking for the most comfortable, safe, and affordable single-speed bike, Read More

best mountain bike trainers

Best Mountain Bike Trainer – 10 MTB Trainer List In 2023

If you want the best bike trainer for mountain bikes, you have come to the right place. I know that many people are looking for this kind of product. Searching for them online is not easy, because it will be extremely difficult to sift various information on the internet about indoor bike trainers. To make Read More

best mountain bike gloves

The 10 Best Mountain Bike Gloves In 2023

Mountain bike gloves are some of the most important parts of any biking gear. When you’re riding on Mtb trails, you want to make sure that every part of your body is protected, including your hands. This is exactly what mountain biking gloves can provide you—protection, comfort, and better performance. Using Mtb gloves can change Read More


Best Mountain Bikes Under $200 – Top 10 cheap MTB In 2023

If you are looking for the best cheap mountain bikes under $200, and it seems too difficult to choose the best one for you? Then, you are lucky to be here. Keep Reading to get your desired bicycle from our top 10 list. Are you thinking about picking up a new hobby this year? There Read More

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike Review

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Hybrid Bike Review

Going road racing, or racing around your city this summer and need a new ride? Look no further than the Vilano Diverse 3.0 Hybrid Bike. This is a fabulous bike geared toward the in-town biker and is used often for commutes. It has high ratings for its very strong disc brakes. Considered an easy ride, Read More

Diamondback Sorrento Mountain Bike Complete Review

Diamondback Sorrento Mountain Bike Complete Review

There is no better feeling than waking up during the weekend and taking your bike out for a ride around town or the countryside. Cycling offers a fun and easy way to work out all your body muscles. It helps burn off calories and keeps your body fit. For best results, you must purchase a Read More

best kid mountain bike

The 10 Best Kids Mountain Bikes In 2023

Nowadays, kids are showing interest in mountain biking. The best way to rekindle their interests is to ensure that they are successful in their first attempt with a good mountain bike. But searching for the good kid’s mountain bikes might not be an easy thing. There are various choices available to you. Moreover, it can Read More

Bicycling for Weight Loss

Bike Workouts – Bicycling For Weight Loss And Fitness

Bicycling comes with several benefits including physical well-being as well as provides health benefits. On the other hand, bicycling is also fun as well as considered a low-impact exercise. This makes it ideal for a weight loss routine. Bicycling for weight loss is ideal for the right for everyone, as it does not strain your Read More


The 10 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike In 2023

Mountain biking is the fastest way to get your adrenaline pumping. Whether you’re free-riding down steep hills, hopping over logs, or jumping off ramps at the local trail you’re going to need a bike as brave as you are. Constant bumps come with the territory in Mountain biking so to compensate for that you’re going Read More

Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 – 10 MTB For Any Terrain 2023

Mountain biking is a thrilling, adrenaline-boosting experience that’s going to build your fitness faster than any other form of cycling. I took up mountain biking two years ago and I’ve never looked back. My budget was so low and I choose my bike from the list of best mountain bikes under 300. Having commuted to Read More

best hybrid bikes under 300

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $300 In 2023 – Top 10 Comfortable Picks

When I first started cycling ten years ago I didn’t know what type of bike I needed or which type of bike I should get. Everything I looked at within a reasonable budget was labeled as perfect for the beginner. There was so much choice, sound familiar? In the end, I had to do lots Read More

Schwinn Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bicycle Review

Schwinn Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bicycle Review

Schwinn Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bicycle is the perfect bike for riding and commuting around your neighbor. In this article, I will cover every single consideration on this bike, this guide will help you to make a decision, whether you buy this model or not! Do you feel jealous, when you see someone riding on a Read More

best road bikes under 300

Best Road Bikes Under $300 – Most Reliable List in 2023

When I started as a ‘roadie’ the first thing I had to do was choose a bike. At the time I didn’t have much money and the number of choices was overwhelming. I bought several cheap bikes in my first few years of cycling. Some were good, others not so good. Choosing the right bike Read More

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike Updated Review

With the different types of bikes in the market, it can be difficult to choose which one to settle for especially if you are simply looking for one to simply commute or leisure in. This is because many will sell you right about any of the possible bicycles in a store. Well, from the Schwinn Read More

Diamondback Recoil 29er Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review

Riding down rugged hillsides by using older single-speed balloon tire sports became in vogue 1970s in Northern California, USA. For freewheeling down on mountain trails the best mountain bikes were modified. By using the idea of riding rugged hillsides with balloon tires Joe Breeze, a cycle frame maker develops the foremost mountain bike. Now the Read More

How to be a Mountain biker

How to Be a Mountain Biker – 5 Mountain Bike Park For Riding

Do you want to ride your bikes in the mountain area? Don’t you know how to be a good mountain biker? Don’t worry! You are in the right place. After reading our article you will be able to know details about mountain biking. Keep reading… There is something about grabbing your mountain bikes for under Read More

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike Review

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike Review (Updated)

Our expert explained every single thing about Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike-700c. You will get details about Giordano bikes from only our review. Are you searching for a well-designed bike that will not cost you a lot of money to purchase and yet be more dependable than many of the other bikes in its Read More

schwinn protocol 1.0 review

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

Are you looking at taking up mountain biking as a hobby or just for sports.? Or do you just want a way of having fun off-road? At the same time escaping the everyday annoying traffic congestions that keep delaying you and make you miss out on some important stuff? The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Read More

Merax Classic Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Road Bike Review

Merax Classic Fixed Gear Road Bike Review

The Merax Classic Fixed Gear Road Bike with Disc Brake has all of these qualities in spades. It’s also a bike that brakes well and shifts well. People will have an easy time with this bike from the beginning to the end. What’s the most important part of a bike? People will have different responses. Read More

Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Racing Road Bike Review

Merax 21 Speed 700C Aluminum Racing Road Bike Review

What makes a good racing bike? A lot of people would say that a good racing bike needs to be really light. A good racing bike cannot be so light that it is going to fall over, however. Good racing bikes need to be able to handle the contradictory dual patterns of being really light Read More

bike race

How To Prepare For Your First Bike Racing With Bike Racing Event Lists

Cycling is a very fun activity that can be partaken by a couple or even an entire family. There are countless reasons why one would wish to be part of a bike race. Many races are organized for fundraising purposes while others are merely for fun and sport. Regardless of the reason behind it, it’s Read More

Kent Thruster T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike Review

Kent Thruster T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike Review (29 Inch)

Kent Thruster T-29 Men’s Mountain Bike is one highly affordable bike for anyone working with a tight budget. In this article, I will cover all the details of this bicycle. Cruising around on your bike has to be one of the most exhilarating experiences one can experience. The feel of the wind on your hair, Read More

best beginner road bike

Best Beginner Bikes – 10 Bikes For Beginner In 2023

The Entry-level bike features a design intended for cycling at high speeds on paved surfaces. Most road bikes have gear combinations that allow the rider at various speeds and achieve ultimate high speeds. In addition, they are relatively lightweight with drop handlebars that keep the rider forwardly inclined to minimize wind resistance and improve aerodynamics. With the Read More

Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike Review

Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike Review – Updated 2023

Giordano Libero Acciao is a perfect road bike for men and for women. We have covered every single consideration of this Awesome bike. There is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a nice relaxed ride back home during those lazy summer evenings after a day at work. The Road bikes are a fantastic way to commute Read More

recumbent bikes

Best Recumbent Bikes – 10 Exercise Bike Unbiased List In 2023

There are hundreds of recumbent bikes and exercise machines on the market. These have exciting features, and they appear in different weights, styles, prices, and comfort levels. No matter what you think of yourself, once you search for it diligently. It is not possible for you to choose all the most suitable recumbent bikes you Read More

best bikes for women

Best Bikes For Women – 21 Lightweight Women Bikes In 2023

Are you looking for women’s bikes in 2023? If you are unsure whether to buy and look for reviews from the expert, you are in the right place. We have tested, researched, and identified the 21 best women’s bikes that will help improve women’s health and fitness levels with comfortable riding. Why You Need Women’s Read More

Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum Mountain Bike Review

Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum Mountain Bike Review

Alloy Wheel Mountain Bike Settling for a mountain bike from the several brands and models in the market can be a challenge. While they are aimed at meeting your objectives, they come with varying features and specifications. The variety is so wide that choosing one that will deliver on your desired speed. Mountain biking can Read More

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike Review

Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike is one of the top-selling hybrid bicycles on the market. It is the all-time best bicycle on a tight budget. In this article, I will cover all the necessary things you need to know before buying this bicycle. Have you ever walked into a shop just to look at the Read More

Kent Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle Review

Kent Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle Review

Kent Northwoods Springdale Women’s Hybrid Bicycle is one of the top-quality hybrid bicycles. We have covered every single consideration. It can be difficult to find a bicycle that gives you the best features of a street bike and of a mountain bike. Finding a tough and functional bicycle that will round up a female’s needs Read More

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

Mountain biking is one of the best activities and outdoor adventures out there. It enables you to feel the rush and the thrill of high speeds and going through challenging terrains. Mountain biking is also a great way to catch up with friends and simply commune with nature. With the benefits and memorable experiences you Read More

hybrid bikes

Best Hybrid Bikes – Rating Review and Comparison 2023

There are lots of bicycles available on the market. But choosing good-quality hybrid bikes is tough for you. We have researched and picked the top 10 bicycles that are recommended by our expert editor team. So, for sure our top 10 hybrid bikes review will help you to find the best from the top models. Read More

Best Mountain Bikes Under 500

Best Mountain Bikes Under $500 – Most Popular List In 2023

Are you looking for budget mountain bikes? If so, you have landed in the right place. We have researched and summarized the top class mountain bikes under $500 to assist you in making the right decision. According to the NBDA (National Bicycle Dealers Association) industry overview for 2015, specialty bicycles from dealers were sold for Read More


Best Road Bikes Under $500 – 10 Ideal Road Bicycles 2023

If you are a serious bike rider, and you are looking for the top class road bikes under $500 for riding, commuting, and even training, you have come to the right place. Five hundred dollars can acquire a solid bike that can serve your purpose, and which can last you for a long time. The Read More