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Who Is Bikejar

Bikejar is a bicycle-related blog with bicycle resources, reviews, and news. We aim to provide you with the most reliable product reviews with all the necessary information to ensure you have the most suitable bicycle.

With Bikejar, We aim to build the best resource on the online/internet for cyclists, including road bikesmountain bikeshybrid bikeswomen’s bikes, men’s bikeskids bikesfat bikes, and bicycle accessories. We have many websites that don’t go into enough details or make enough bike comparisons. But we did. You will get enough details and unbiased comparison of the product you review here.

We want comprehensive and complete bike buying guides for every part of your bike. In our way, you can be sure that we will help you find the best bicycle and bicycle-related products, resources, and news. We want to find the best bike easily and quickly. Therefore, we make a list unbiasedly. If you want to know more about our writing, you can visit our blog page.

Meet BikeJar Team

As you know, we are a team of pro-level bikers. Over the last ten years, our professional cyclist team has been writing for you. Below are details on the BikeJar team:

Robert H. MooreRobert H. Moore

Working as a team leader & chief editor in the BikeJar team. He is a pro-level cyclist and has been riding a bicycle for the past ten years. Being a professional and champion biker, he understands bike quality and builds. Each article we published in our blog after Robert’s approval.
After graduating in Economics, he started working as a regular online blogger & writer in 2010.

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Working as a chief technical officer (CTO) in the BikeJar team. she completed his graduation in computer science and engineering in 2013 and started his career as a web programmer. Riding a bicycle is her passion. she rides to the office every day.

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Steve-DuncanSteve Duncan

Also a pro-level rider and working as a writer in the BikeJar team, he has ten years of working experience writing and regularly writing on an online bicycle blog.

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Over the last eight years, he has written bicycle reviews in various bicycle blogs and local newspapers. As a pro-level biker, he works as a full-time writer on the Bikejar team. In addition, he has been writing on the online blog for the past six years on bicycling.

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He is a pro-level bicyclist. Working as a writer in the Bikejar team. He has seven years of writing experience on bicycling. In addition, he regularly writes various online bicycle blogs and a local magazine. His experience with cycling improved our article to a professional level. His knowledge helps our readers to get real information and suggestion on biking.

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He is also a pro-level cyclist and works as a writer on the Bikejar team. His cycling knowledge helps our readers get good reviews and comparisons on various bicycle brands.

There are also nine more freelance writers on our team. We don’t hire a writer without professional knowledge of cycling. They regularly write on the bicycle-related blog as well as in the newspaper.

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You can also write to us
Suppose you are a professional cyclist with a vast knowledge of bicycling. Then, you can write to us. You can work with us full-time or part-time. We pay for high-quality and authority writing.

Write For Us

We care about a bicyclist and their need. If you have a vast experience in bicycling, and you want to share your knowledge, and experience with the cycling world, you can write to us. Our editorial team will review your article. If your article meets the requirement then they will publish it.

The topic should on bicycling. We pay for a high-quality article only. We will inform you about your article within a very short time. If you have any other questions about us, feel free to contact us.

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Last Updated: August 25, 2022