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How To Size A Bike

If your question is how to size a bike for your comfort riding? Then You are in the right place. We made an easy solution for you. You can get your correct bike frame size before buying any bike. Keep Reading to know more details about our bicycle fitting calculator.

What Is Bicycle Size Calculator?

Bike sizing calculator is a calculator that will help you to know your bicycle frame size less than a minute. This is the ultimate solution for the biker who wants to know his/her frame size.

Why We Made This?

We are caring for a biker and the visitor to our site. if you search online for bike sizing ( Example: road bike size, mountain bike size or hybrid bike size), you will find some boring bicycle sizing chart.

In your busy lives, you may haven’t time to do a long research on bicycle size. We made it easy for you. You will get your perfect frame size less than a minute without reading anything.

How To Use Bicycle Frame Sizing Calculator?

It’s super easy to use. You need to put your information like weight, Height, preferred bicycle type and some other optional information like your name, email etc. Then just click on the button. You will get your bicycle size.
You can watch this video to know details on how to use this calculator.

How We Choose Correct Bike Size?

We calculate the bike frame size based on your height and weight. We calculate Frame Size for height mostly.You don’t need to read boring bicycle size chart to get your size.

How Do I know What Size Bike To Get?

After clicking the calculate button you will get a frame size table in centimeter and also a recommended bicycle based on your size. You can go through we recommend or you can choose another brand as your desired.

Who Can Use This Calculator?

Can anyone use this calculator? Man, woman, young boy/girl or even a child can use this calculator to know his/her frame size.

Why You depend on Us?

We made a lot of research before launching this calculator. Our calculator gives you is 98% correct frame size. You can compare our result with any other proven chart. So, We ensure you that you can depend on us. Thanks for your time and patient.