Best Road Bikes Under 500 dollars 2017 – Reviews with Comparison

If you are looking to start with road biking, you don’t need to break your bank! There a lot of best road bikes under $500 on the market today.

Best road bikes under 500 $ .

Do you remember the feeling you got when wind raised you hair as you cycled after your young friends in the neighborhood? Well, for me I do remember those days when helmets were a reserve of the army and motorcycle riders. Not only was one seen as the coolest guy in the neighborhood cruising with a new bike and making several stunts but the bikes were expensive back then.

Now that you have grown up and have your own apartment, you may be planning to return to your roots and get to enjoy the same exhilarating experience. Today, you can finally fulfill your dream by selecting the budget road bikes .

There are lot of best cheap road bikes that are within one’s budget and furthermore, you don’t have to break bank in order to own one. They come with different features which not only extend the use of the bike but they ensure one gets to have a great experience outdoors.

10 Best Road Bikes Under $500 Comparison Chart

Bicycle’s name TypeMaterials
Vilano TUONO
Aluminum Bicycle
  1. Frame: 6061 ,
  2. Fork: 700C 1 1/8 inches
  3. Wheelset: 700c
Vilano TUONO Speed Shimano Aluminum Road BikeCheck price on amazon

Schwinn Men’s Volare

Men’s Bicycle
  1. Aluminum Frame,
  2. Alloy caliper brakes.
Schwinn White Men’s VolareCheck price on amazon

 Takara Kabuto

Single Speed Cycle
  1. flip flop hub,
  2. steel frame .
Takara Kabuto single speed road bikesCheck price on amazon

Commuter Aluminum

Commuter Cycle
  1. aluminum frame,
  2. A050 thumb shifters,
  3. Free pedals .
Commuter Aluminum Road BikeCheck price on amazon

Giordano Libero Men’s

Men’s Cycle
  1. 6061 aluminum frame,
  2. 32 Spoke Alloy Rims .
Giordano Libero Men’s Road BikeCheck price on amazon

Giordano Libero Women

Women’s Cycle
  1. Steel frame,
  2. 1 1/8″ Alloy Threadless,


Women Giordano Libero Acciao Road BikeCheck price on amazon

Merax Aluminum

Aluminum bicycle
  1. Sturdy 6061 Aluminum Frame,
  2. Quick-Release Front Wheels
Merax Speed Aluminum Road BikesCheck price on amazon

 Merax Classic

Fixed Gear Cycle
  1. Super Deep-V Double Wall.
  2. Aluminum Flip-flop frontRims,
Merax Classic Fixed Gear BikeCheck price on amazon

Schwinn Drop Bar

Men’s Drop Bar Cycle
  1. aluminum road frame,
  2. 14 speed rear derailleur
Schwinn Drop Bar Men’s Axios Road BikeCheck price on amazon

Huffy Bicycle

Women Bicycle
  1. 700C 18 inch frame,
  2. Steel linear pull brakes
Women’s Huffy Bicycle Savannah BikeCheck price on amazon

Top Road Bikes Under $500 Reviews of 2017

Vilano TUONO  Speed Shimano  Aluminum Road Bike review

Vilano TUONO Speed Shimano Aluminum Road Bike

Editor choice -recommended for you.

As an affordable entry level road bike, it is built with a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with an integrated headset and a Shimano drive train with handlebar mounted shifter.

This allows the cyclist to control the bike well and ensure that climbing uphill is an easy task to accomplish.

The Vilano TUONO Speed Shimano Aluminum Road Bike weighs 25 pounds making it the lightest in its class. The fork is of type 700C thread less while the front and rear derailleur is Shimano branded.

It comes with an alloy caliper brake system that assures one of safety when on the road. This is one of the top entry level road bike for beginner rider .

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Schwinn White Men’s Volare  Bike  review

Schwinn White Men’s Volare

Schwin is one of the longest respected and highly sought after brand when it comes to road cycle. The company is renowned world over for constructing road bicycle’s that are durable with high quality parts. The Schwinn Men’s Volare Bike, 700-c, White is an exceptionally attractive road cycle that features a white color scheme with red accents.

The road cycle comes with a standard black seat, seat post, tires, pedals, brake levers and handle bars. It has an aluminum road frame with a rigid fork. The aluminum frame is not only light but it’s also sturdy. The bike is able to support the weight of the rider well. So , It is fitted with 14 speed A050 shifters with Shimano rear derailleur which allow quick shifts. With the alloy caliper brakes, the cyclist can slow and stop the bike safely.  It is fitted with alloy wheels that have high profile rims.

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Single Speed Takara Kabuto Road Bike review

Takara Kabuto single speed road bikes

The Single Speed Takara Kabuto Road Bike is designed to be a great commuter bike which is designed for long term roads use especially when plying between home and work. It features a strong and handcrafted steel frame with horizontal dropouts which can handle everything especially when riding through the city and roadways. It has a flop flip hub which allows  rider to cycle on a fixed gear or standard free wheel under single-speed mode. Thanks to this feature, one does not need to worry about adjustments especially of temperamental components.

The frame is colored flashy green with the tires colored blue. It has a 58 centimeter center top tube that is suitable for many people. It has a tig welded steel frame and fork which is designed to support the weight of the user. So, With the alloy side pull brakes, the cyclist is assured of safe breaking at all times.

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Commuter Aluminum Road Bike review

Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

As one of most economical road bicycles, the  Commuter Aluminum Road Bike Bike Shimano Speed 700c is built with a light weight 6061 aluminum frame. Aluminum is known to be a light weight and sturdy metal. This assures the road bicycle owner of durability and high performance.

The Aluminum Road Bike Commuter Bike Shimano Speed 700-C features A050 Shimano  thumb shifters which are highly convenient. With the mount points on the frame suitable for a rear rack, the road cycle is an excellent commuter choice. The fork is made of Hi-Ten steel, the brakes are alloy caliper, the wheels are 700c double walled allow and the pedals are free, The bike weighs 41 pounds which is ideal  as one can transport the bike a few flights of stairs with ease.

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Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike review

Giordano Libero Men’s Road Bike

If you are looking for a beautifully hand crafted light weight aluminum framed road bike , then the Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike is a great choice. The road cycle comes fitted with Shimano Claris 16 speed STI shifters and derailleur’s which are matched with aluminum road 50-34 compact crank. This assures the bike owner of effortless climb uphill. It is fitted with lightweight and strong aluminum 700c wheels.

The road cycle weighs between 26 to 27 pounds which includes the kickstand and reflectors. It is a perfect road cycle for the weekend. It is designed to fit riders who have a height of between 5 feet 1 inch and 5 feet 8 inches. This is with an inseam of 28 to 30 inches. The seat tube measures 49 cm. So, A larger version is suitable for people with a height of between 6 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 5 inches with a stand over of 33 to 35 inches.

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Women  Giordano Libero Acciao  Road Bike review

Women Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

This is the perfect road bike for women. It offers a great fit and riding experience. It has the 14 speed Shimano STI drive train which provides reliable and crisp shifting. This helps to keep one focused on the road at all times.

The Acciao Giordano Libero Road Bike features a thirtytwo hole  alloy double V-profile  wall rims plus a tensile steel fork and  frame. With the Pro-Wheel compact road 170 mm aluminum cranks, it allows easier hill climbing at all times. It comes with Kenda 700 by 25c tires and a women’s specific saddle that ensures a comfortable ride at all times. It weighs 27.8 pounds without the kickstand although it is included with the package.

The bike is available in small and medium sizes. The small version is perfect for women with a height of 5 feet 5 inches.So, It has a 21.5 inch effective top tube and 28 inch stand over clearance.The medium size version fits women up to 5 feet 8 inches. So, It has a 21.7 inch effective top tube and 30 inch stand over clearance.

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Merax  Speed  Aluminum Road Bikes review

Merax Speed Aluminum Road Bikes

It comes with a strong and lightweight aluminum frame which makes the Merax Speed Aluminum Road Bikes Racing an attractive bike in price and quality. The aluminum frame not only makes the road bicycle to be incredibly light but it ensures long term usage and comfort. This makes it perfect not only when speeding around town but even when taking long road trips. It has a 700-c steel thread less fork with a Shimano front and rear derailleur.

The shifters are also Shimano which allow for changing of gears to be an easy operation. The alloy caliper brakes ensure one is able to slow down safely. The tires are Kenda 7by28C while the seat post is made of aluminum.In addition, The Merax  Speed 700-C Aluminum Road Bikes Racing weighs 27.5 pounds.

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Classic Merax  Fixed Gear Bike review

Merax Classic Fixed Gear Bike

The Classic Merax Fixed Gear Bike is Single Speed Road Bike with Disc Brake has a bar spin clearance, premium steel fixed hand built gear with speed track-frame and bar spin clearance. It has a stainless spokes  with super double wall rims . Also, With the aluminum flip flop front and rears wheel hub, the bike owner can be able to change from fixed gear  to single speed with ease.

The front mechanical disc brakes system ensures reliable braking. It comes with all tools that one needs to build and maintain the bicycle. In order to setup., you have to rotate fork for hundred and eighty degrees before grouping front-wheel. Check the arrow sticker on the fork to ensure correct assembly.finally, Once you have assembled it.., you need to make sure the disc brakes is on the left side.

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Schwinn  Drop Bar Men’s Axios   Road Bike review

Schwinn Drop Bar Men’s Axios Road Bike

As one of the top road bike under $500, the Schwinn Drop Bar Men’s Axios Road Bicycle will get you to your destination while being fit as a fiddle. Drop bar bike has a combination of features that make it the  road bike for fitness and group rides. It has an aluminum bike frame which is great for agile cycling especially on long road trips. It comes with Shimano 14 speed rear derailleur.

The drop style handle bars not only ensure comfort during pedaling but the cyclist body is angled forward in order to improve aerodynamics. It has alloy front and rear caliper brakes improving safety when the road. Cycling is known to be a great way of exercising and managing one’s weight. It is easier on the joints and feet especially when compared to running. So, The road cycle is medium size with a weight of 33.4 pounds.

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Women’s Huffy Bicycle  Savannah Bike review

Women’s Huffy Bicycle Savannah Bike

Huffy bicycle features a Hi-ten steel modern frame that is designed for comfortable rides around town and the neighborhood. It is fitted with a larger wheel size thus allowing the road bicycle to gain momentum without adding much effort. It features the SRAM twist shifting and Shimano rear derailleur which are combined to offer  great performance and easy shifting .

The Huffy Bicycle Women’s Savannah 700-C  Bike has a cruiser saddle that merges the comfort of springs and dense padding. It has an ultra comfortable pedals and  double density grips  which keep one comfortable during the ride. In addition, It comes with lightweight 700 C alloy rims and easy rolling road bicycles that make every ride to be a great experience. So , This is one of the best budget road bikes for women .

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How To Choose Best Cheap Road Bikes

Shopping for the top road bikes under budget is a daunting task,So, make no mistake about it. There are several things that one needs to consider. Selecting a great product takes time but with the factors listed below will help you make the right decision.

Frame and fork material

The frame and fork material is a great factor that should not be left out when purchasing the right road cycle for yourself. There are several materials used to make road bikes especially the frame and fork. One material commonly used is aluminum.


Aluminum has been found to be light thus the reason for use in constructing an airplane’s body. When it comes to a road bicycle, the use of aluminum not only ensures that the bike is able to travel faster but its light and supports the weight of the rider. This is a common material used for entry level road bikes. It is common to find aluminum framed bikes having a carbon fiber fork. This helps to deliver a great balance between reliability and robustness. The carbon fork helps to provide better vibration absorption too.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is an extremely strong and light fiber reinforced plastic that has carbon fibers. It is an expensive material to produce and is commonly used where high strength to weight ratio plus rigidity are needed. Some of the industries that use carbon fiber include aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, sports goods and other industries. The primary element is carbon filament, which is developed from a precursor polymer that includes polyacrylonitrile, petroleum pitch or rayon. A carbon fiber bike is known to weigh less than one made of steel, aluminum or titanium.

The carbon fiber

The carbon fiber is weaved in order to maximize stiffness and minimizes the chances of failure. The material can be molded into different shapes which are built in order to increase stiffness as well as allow aerodynamics tube section construction. Other parts of a road cycle made with the carbon fiber material include the suspension fork crowns, handlebars, seat posts and crank arms. The material has also been used on rims which help to reduce the need to re-true a wheel.

The carbon fiber is weaved in order to maximize stiffness and minimizes the chances of failure. The material can be molded into different shapes which are built in order to increase stiffness as well as allow aerodynamics tube section construction. Other parts of a road bicycle made with the carbon fiber material include the suspension fork crowns, handlebars, seat posts and crank arms. The material has also been used on rims which help to reduce the need to re-true a wheel.

The reduced mass of the rim helps to lower moment of inertia of the wheel because it is a rotating component.  Other bike parts made with carbon fiber include brake and shifter levers, cassette sprocket carriers, disc brake rotors, pedals and saddle rails among others.


This refers to an organized collection of mechanical parts which include all parts that make up a bike. This excludes the bicycle frame, the fork, stem, wheels, rims, saddle and handlebars. When you talk of groupset, one refers to the gear levers, brake levers, integrated brake levers or shifters, derailleur’s, crank set, chain and cogset. It is important to pay attention to the available groupset. There are several brands of road cycle’s available and each is fitted with a groupset that not only improves your performance but also ensures your safety when on the road.


Renowned groupset manufacturers include Shimano and Campagnolo. Each brand has developed a wide variety of products which cater for different price brackets, performance levels and bike weights. There are some groupsets that come with electronic gearing which are designed to cater for all riders – both beginners and pros. When shopping for the cheap road bikes  , here are some items to check out when it comes to group sets.

Gear levels

The shifters are used to change the gear levels providing improved performance when cycling uphill or on rough terrain. The most common brand is Shimano. With this brand, you can push the brake lever sideways in order to change into an easier gear. When you change down, you will use a second lever found behind the first one. In order to slow the road cycle, you need to pull both levers backwards.

Cable operated caliper brakes

Cable operated caliper brakes are the most common which are designed to engage with the wheel rim. By applying pressure on the brake levers, one is able to slow down the bike. Today, there are some road bicycles with hydraulic calipers although they are not widely used. Majority of road bicycle’s today are equipped with disc brakes instead. Other brake versions available include the direct mount calipers which offer superior performance but they are compatible with specific frames only.

Chain set

The chain set housing the front gears is available in two categories namely doubles and triple. Double chain sets are known to have different ratios with 53/39t being the standard combination. This is highly favored by pro racers. As an amateur, what you need to know is that the bigger the number of teeth, the bigger the gear. While it is quite difficult to push, it helps one attain high speeds.

Road Bike Size

Let’s face it, not everyone grows to be six feet tall and above. This is why bike size is an important consideration. Not only does it help to ensure safety but it allows one to cycle faster, be comfortable and handle the road cycle easier. According to experts, road cycle sizes are measured by the length of the seat tube. The seat tube is the metallic rod that supports the saddle or seat.

The way manufacturer’s measure bike sizes differ and this is why it is important to know what bike fits your height. In order to assist you select the right bike size, here are three factors you need to consider.

The Reach

The one thing you need to know is that your upper body dimensions consist of your reach. This affects how one stretches out along the top tube of the bike. The first thing you need to determine is your apex index. This refers to the length which is achieved by measuring the arm span minus one’s height. If you achieve a positive apex index which means that your arm span is larger than your height, you need to shop for a road cycle that is larger.

If you achieve a negative apex index which means that your height is larger than your arm span then you will probably be more comfortable with the smaller bike sizes.So, Let’s calculate this for better understanding.

Assuming you have an arm span of 150 cm and a height of 160 cm. When you subtract, you will achieve a value of 10. This means you have a negative apex index so you need to seek a smaller frame size.

Stand over height

To determine the stand over height, you need to be at a physical bike store. Select one budget road bikes ; pass one leg over so that you have the top tube between your legs. Is there room clearance between the top tube and your crotch? According to experts, in order to know if a bike is the right size for you, there should be a clearance of 2 inches. The reason for this is to ensure one can hop off the bike quickly.

Your Height

How tall are you? This is easy to find out. You can use a height measuring gadget or use the traditional method of standing by the wall and having someone mark your height. Determining your height will help you not only calculate your reach but also select the right bike size.

Other Considerations

There are other factors you need to consider when it comes to selecting the top road bikes . When it comes to wheels, you need to look for those made with a sturdy material for example aluminum or carbon fiber. This will ensure your bike is able to handle different terrains. In addition, Other considerations include the weight of the bike and the color. Remember there is some different between road and mountain bike sizing .

Where To Buy Cheap road bike

Have you been in that tricky situation where you need to get started but do not know where to start? You cannot explain well than when it comes to buying the entry level road bikes under 500. You want to hit the road in style, but being unsure you are getting the best quality and price in your search holds you back, right? Here are a few places I hit when I was in the search for my first road cycle, and am sure you can find them very useful as well.

Turn to online marketplace.

This is almost the only place you need to stop and shop. There is always something special about an online marketplace. To buy the top selling road bike takes consideration and decision-making. Here, you can find a wide variety of products for the scope of your shopping.

Besides, you can compare products to discern what suits your needs and budget the most. Do I have to mention that you can take your time and research until you are sure of what you want? Well, and there are ratings and reviews on these marketplaces too to help you decide. These marketplaces can be very handy.

  • eBay

eBay has been on the frontline in shaping online shopping. This has seen it become among the top online marketplaces globally. The online shopping website has localized its sites in over 24 countries the world over. Among the wide range of products, that you can find on eBay the great budget road bike, at relatively low prices and abundance of options, you will be spoilt for choice.

  • Bonanza

This marketplace is among the top options for shoppers. Since its launch in 2007, Bonanza has shown a steady growth. It has been named as the most appropriate alternative for eBay, according to Ecommerce. What’s more, this marketplace has also won awards and recognitions. E-commerce named it the “Most Recommended” and “Best Overall” online marketplace in 2014. This place cannot disappoint if you are seriously looking into buy top rated road bikes under budget.

  • amazon

Amazon is currently the United States’ largest online retailer. It offers many products and services, besides offering delivery of sales from third-party sellers. There is a wide variety in Amazon for your search.

Why buy from amazon..

Several things make this marketplace stand out from all else. As the largest market around, amazon offers the best option for product selection. Moreover, it has simple design interface for users that helps save you time. Above all, what I find most captivating about amazon is its personalized recommendations for customers based on their shopping history.

What are some of the top budget road bikes for sale ?

Among the cheap road bikes, you buy there is the Vilano Tuono, which goes for as low as under $500. If you love Shimano, you can also find one of their cheap bicycle there. Aluminum Shimano goes for under five hundreds. You may also get yourself a Takara Kabuto speed bike at under budget. There is every bike you need at amazon and in other online marketplaces as well.

There you have it. If you have been stuck for not knowing where to find the top budget road bikes , now you can confidently hit the button and ride. Just be sure to do some detailed research to get the top rated bike for your liking.

Final Thoughts/in conclusion..

Finally, Cycling is a great way to help one manage their weight as well as exercise the limbs while touring the city or the neighborhood. When cycling, you can meet fellow cyclists as you explore nature at a lower speed. In order to enjoy the benefits of cycling, you need to have the right bank.

As earlier said, there are several things one needs to consider.They include the group set, bike’s size and fit, frame and fork material. So, other things one needs to consider include the color , weight and the brand and bike accessories like the kick stand.

Selecting any of those above road bikes under 500 reviewed will not only ensure you experience something great but you will attain efficiency, speed and safety. Finally , I highly recommend the above best cheap road bikes reviewed here for a great experience.

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